Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Your Death, and How to Cope With It (Red Dwarf: Future Echoes)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel contemplate the existential horror of death, gender performativity of hairstyle, and eating robot goldfish in their discussion of Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 2: Future Echoes. 

Main Topic: Future Echoes. Twice as many men. Explaining jokes. Downhill. Physical humor. General twattishness. Helen Shapiro. Fake references. Wobbly Chris Charles. Existential Seinfeld. Death and fear of death. Shaving cream. Lister and the mirror. Brown trousers time. Chaplin. Physicality. British slang. Suicidal father. Masculinity. Literary grotesque. Lister's father. Impeccable. Technical acting. Loneliness before death. All heart. Looking forward to Me2. "Gimboid." Schrodinger's Rimmer. Explaining Dwarf to virgins. Tripping the Rift. Maybe Futurama? Lennon, McCartney, and predestination. Lister's Found Future. Loose continuity. Aeon Flux. "Bits of you explode." Implications. Four thousand years. Priorities. Willie Loman in space. Old Lister. Rhymes with Little Miss Moffat. Low art and high art. Artificial intelligences. Wonky worldbuilding. Skutter design. Visual podcasting. "This and the other ten racks." Justifying the premise. Litmus testing his dates. Pope. Next time: Balance of Power with Jack Graham.

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Tripping the Rift has a fucking website
Full text of Alexander Pope's The Dunciad
End music: Helen Shapiro, "It Might As Well Rain Until September." 

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