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Ghosts of Victorianism (Doctor Who: Ghost Light)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined once again by Jack Graham, this time to discuss the very last Classic Who story ever filmed: Ghost Light. As expected, they have a hard time staying on-topic, and even have extended digressions on Steven Moffat and steampunk. It's a fun conversation about all things related to Victorian science, Victorian imperialism, the ghosts of the past, and problematic representations. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Ghost Light. The Bible. No one was asking for Daniel's input. Everything changes. Why? Peak cute. Jack catnip. Odd at thirteen. "Very British problems." Island people. Nimrod and Lot's wife. Rewatching. Logic. Dreamlike. Ace is really fucking queer. Wrestling, yes please. Two major problems. Snuffbox logic. "And now Jack feels pretentious." Radioactivity and intersubjectivity. The Doctor/Ace relationship. Professor/student. Relationships. Breakthrough? Delivering freeness. 2016 is not 1989. Context matters. Complaining to Andrew Cartmel. "You said it was cyberpunk, right?" Sublimated kink. Pop culture. Riffing on tropes. Ace versus Peri. Tooth and Claw. "We all know Daniel's a sadist." Ace/Gwendoline. Moffat-hate. Female friendship. "And all the chicks say fuck no." Victorian adventurer. Doctor as an ally to imperialism. Anti-patriarchy. "White guy bad." Civilization. Period ideology. Neither a lady nor a gentleman. Reductionism. Neanderthal. Annotations. Great Chain of Being. Paving the war for Empire. Nimrod's religion. Heaven Sent. Lot's wife. Self-reference (in a good way). Ace's journey. "Wicked." Hartnell and McCoy. Explicit. Bonnie the Zygon. Steampunk. Social Darwinism. Metaphor. Medium and Meaning. Emergence. Control. Steven Jay Gould. Ace and the dress. Social Darwinism a perversion of Darwin. Control's journey. Not didactic. Ghost of Victorianism. Religion and heirarchy. Low-hanging fruit. Co-opted by douchebros. Gothic. Control's pidgin English. Starbucks. Female diversity. Eternals in Enlightenment. The last Doctor Who. Shana's not sorry. Wrapping up. 

Find Jack Graham at Eruditorum Press, or on Twitter.

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Candy-Colored Totalitarianism, Gender, and Margaret Thatcher (The Happiness Patrol)

In this (slightly-delayed) episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by a first-time guest, Josh from The Web of Queer. It's a wide-ranging conversation that doesn't even begin to cover the story completely, but touches on issues of depression and music, enforced frivolity, the horror of the Thatcher years, and the nature of top-down authoritarian rule. Also: the aesthetics of the Kandyman and some discussion of set design. And whether or not Shana ships Ace with Susie Q. The answer may shock you, but probably not.

Main Topic: The Happiness Patrol. "Way to make a super-sexist joke, husband." With special guest Josh from Web of Queer. Not nonagenerian. Introducing Josh. Simple Happiness Patrol. Horrible Margaret Thatcher. Not wholly Thatcherite. "That we know of." Surveillance state. "But dude that hair defies physics!" Queering the discussion. Section 28. Promoting homosexuality. Robert Palmer's Happiness Patrol. Makeup. Standard in the 80s. Helen A's force of personality. Flipping everything. Slippery Slope. Ace gets privilege. The Friends of Earl Sigma. Solidarity. Castes. The Jews alone. Enforced normativity and self-denial. Fifi. Cutest little killer ever! Humanized dictators. Trevor Sigma. Waiting rooms. Ace sideyes. Each wig is different. Susie Q. Daniel references Atwood. Following the characters. "The pointy nosed bitch, and chick with the hard lines on her jaw, and the chick who has mostly blush..." Gender coding of costumes. Big picture opinions of The Happiness Patrol. The Kandyman can.... The poisoning of Earl. Gluing and ungluing. The Fondant Surprise has no fondant. Why this episode was a month late. Stage production. Disneytown. Accurate 1984. Daniel is wrong about the snipers. Wrapping up. "Left leaning people in the BBC?" Josh wasn't prepared for the political conversation. State-run television. "I should be protesting shit!" Music. Depression. 

Find Josh at his regular podcast The Web of Queer here, and find him on Twitter here. Find all of Daniel and Shana's regular content (at least going forward) at oispaceman.com.

Ace... and Her Dimples (Dragonfire)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel announce a new direction for the podcast (to be starting in about a month) and discuss the Seventh Doctor story "Dragonfire." Was there ever any doubt that Shana was going to fall in love with Ace?

Main Topic: Dragonfire. Glitz as Han Solo. A fuck-you to Robert Holmes. Drinking today. Daniel the dominant male patriarchal figure. Shana the flirt. A podcast announcement. "If you don't like it, let us know." Shana cackles. Jack Graham and Hamilton. Steven Universe. From McGann to David Lister. Moving on to Dragonfire. The least important element. Mel and Glitz? Mel and Ace. "Grandfather seems to be enjoying himself!" Stupid rich lady. Cyberpunk. Daniel's bad Magenta pun. Ace a genderswapped Dave Lister. Working-class Ace. Seven treats women as people. It factor. Sylvester McCoy can juggle. Whither Dibber? Ace... and her dimples! "Do you remember Dodo at all?" Dragonfire or Caves of Androzani? Creating fuck fantasies. "You are attracted to the Slitheen." The worst Ace episode? Psychoanalyzing Mel. "This is what we call 'my type'." Ace's sexual past. "I think this is completely appropriate." "It was a bad idea! You should have left it alone!" Kane, Space Nazi. Magenta Planet. The Professor. "There is no Turlough, only fan-Turlough." Ace vs. Tegan. A very happy Tegan. "Okay, whatever." The dragon. Wrapping up. 

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