Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism (Searching For Fuchal)
Save Your Ass or Get Some Ass? (Red Dwarf: Stasis Leak)

We're kinda-sorta back from hiatus, back in the sense that we've finally produced a new episode, and kinda-sorta not yet because this was recorded way back in November. 

Anyway, Daniel and Shana are joined all the way from Australia by Dom Kelly, a fan of the podcast whom they discovered when he started posting really insightful comments on the posts in the Oi! Spaceman Facebook group. One thing led to another, and here he is chatting about Stasis Leak, an episode that probably doesn't quite live up to the standard of the rest of the series. It's a fun conversation, though, and it was a blast to get to chat Dwarf with Dom. He'll back back. 

Main Topic: Stasis Leak. With special guest Dom Kelly. That's your joke? Felicity Kendall. Licorice and lint. Lister's dick. Not a lot of leftist Dwarf fandom. Dom's history with Red Dwarf. Ignoring Daniel. Australia facts! Filler. Daniel's love for Kochanski. Pre-disaster Dwarf. Banana. Black and White. Not fulfilling character promise. Facial hair. The Cat's romantic life. Ending on a joke. Failures of logic. Petersen and Lister. What constitutes living? Honest Rimmer. Rimmer/Lister cameraderie. Roguish heart of gold. Just say No to Freaky Fungus. Ouroborous problem. Lift service infomercial. The racial politics of the Jupiter Mining Corporation. Searching for Rimmer. Why only three weeks? Rimmer knows things? Rimmer's brilliant plans. Trusting of hallucinations. Over-rehearsed. Pervert-stache. Lister's class consciousness. Run For Your Wife. No beer. Off-book. Lister and class consciousness. One step away. Kochanski. Writing for women. Not a justification. Dick jokes and man-ass. Juvenile. Lemmings and helicopter wallpaper. Lister's childhood. Perpetual adolescence. "All my life I wanted to be a colonialist." A room full of dudes. "Old people don't have naked bums." Low-end artificial intelligence. Skutters as house elves.

Find Dom's writing at whom8.blogspot.com.

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Constructing the Self (RD: Thanks For the Memory)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Big Finish's Elliot Chapman in chatting Thanks For the Memory. This is another fairly dark episode of Red Dwarf, with plenty of meat on the bone regarding personal histories, (the lack of) consent in altering Rimmer's mind, how we construct our selves through our memories, and the way that sandwiches can be simultaneously very wrong and very right. Also, sad but friendly parties on desolate planetoids. 

Main Topic: Thanks For the Memory. With special guest Elliot Chapman. Fluffing my ego. Hugh Grant. Pretext. Elitist Elliot. British history of comedy. Low-budget entertainment. Discovery. BBC Hitchhiker's. Well-known edgy poet. Series Two versus Series One. Sad. Red Dwarf progenitors. Antagonistic. Death-day. Guitar. A sad party. Forced together. Rimmer the go-go dancer. Social lubricant. Cold, dark, and empty. The Ribos Operation of Red Dwarf. Bowel surgery or babies? Not laughing. Not the engine. Constructed Memory. Metatext. Drunken haze. Consciousness and strange loops. "Many." Changing Rimmer. Allonormativity. "Bomb-ass sex." Rimmer and love. Class in science fiction. Small-c conservative. Small-n representation. Romero reference. Confabulation. Consent in the eighties. Acting in Red Dwarf. The comic timing of Danny John-Jules. Alien speeches. Memory versus experience. Personality or experience? Wrapping Up.

Go pick up the latest Big Finish story featuring Elliot Chapman, The Genesis Chamber, and follow Elliot on Twitter. 

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Child Abuse and Authoritarianism (RD: Better Than Life)

In this darker-even-than-usual episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the depths of Rimmer's on-screen personality as it's revealed in the Series Two episode "Better Than Life." There's a significant amount of conversation centering around child abuse, and mention of the book Addicted to Hate, which details the physical and emotional abuses heaped on The Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps onto his small children. Skip this one if such conversation will be too much for you. 

Main Topic: Better Than Life. Not the book. Arnie, not Ace. Tripartite structure. "Rimmer's Abusive Past." Meanness. Skutter-blame. John Wayne and lambs. Look-and-feel. Hats. Lister and food. The Cat and utensils. "Before we knew he was a fascist." Transitioning to heavy shit. Cameron Crowe can learn some lessons. Abuse, torture, parenting, and authoritarianism. Malnourishment jokes. Withheld affection. "Aristotlian." Right-hand drive. Spores. "Trashy." Amatonormativity and the relationship escalator. Jam, ants, and brothers. Aspiring to be the top of the patriarchy. "I got my stomach pumped and I'm hungry!" Not anti-cunnilingus. Female speaking roles. Groovy Channel 27. MTV. Rimmer's news choices. Trying too hard. Happy wife. Grief. Rimmer ruins everything. Casablanca. Celebrity dictators. Krissie isn't in this. Playing admiral. Gordon and chess. Wrapping Up. 

Addicted to Hate can be found in full and for free, here

Class Anxieties and Dating Fascists (Kryten)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jb Anderton of the Who37 podcast in discussing the first episode of Red Dwarf Series II: Kryten. What it means to be an artificial life form, oppressed domestic servants, and why one shouldn't date a fascist are among the topic of conversation. Also, a random Spinoza reference if that's your thing. 

Main Topic: Kryten. With special guest JB Anderton of Who37. Coughing. Not the boys from the Dwarf. Correction. JB and Red Dwarf. Goofy ways to pass the time. Fits and starts. Why Kryten? Production value. Kryten the character. Soap opera. "Androids with BDSM clothes." David Ross. Design. Kryten's fanasies. Moldy coffee cup. "You threw the stick." Random Spinoza reference. Not on the pull. Clothes. "I serve, therefore I am." Rimmer the fascist. Marlon Fuckin' Brando. Esperanto. Part Odd-Couple-part-Buddhist. Non-human Kryten. "Does it matter?" Not slaves like dogs. Not ableist. Empathy. Cat interlude. Dating. So much pornography. Computer-laid. Setup and payoff. A Hitchhiker's reference. Socially constructed emotions. Why not to date a fascist. Structure. Hol Rock. Curtains. Rimmer's feminine side. The Cat and the spoon. Pouches. Rimmer's sense of smell. Remastering. Effects. Art college. Prince.

JB on Oi! Spaceman discussing Mindwarp.
Daniel on Who37 talking about City on the Edge of Forever.

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Charles Rimmer Kane (Me2)

After a couple of weeks off from podcasting together, Daniel and Shana return to discuss the final episode of Red Dwarf Series One: Me2. Which should really have a superscript but does anyone care in this medium? Maybe it should be transliterated as "Me-Squared" on social media? Grammar pedants speak out on this monumentally important issue. 

Anyway, Daniel and Shana discuss Gazpacho soup as a sort of Rosebud for understanding Rimmer's life, and question whether it was really as big a deal as Rimmer seems to think it is. Also, classism in food choices, Rimmer vs. Todhunter, unpaid electric bills, and possibly the greatest performance Danny John-Jules has given us yet. 

Main Topic: Me2. Mugs Murphy. Naming convention. "Oh, Rimmer!" Control. April Fool's. Mission. Futurama plots. Critics. Never JFK or Ductwork or Prison. Invasion. Continuity. Specific. Stuck. Breakup. Legacy. Devices. Bubbles. A step back from literalism. Bashing the Skutter. Dickish. Cunt error. Performance. Feline. Charles Rimmer Kane. Hot Gazpacho. Taj Mahal. "How Rimmer of him." Competitive swimmer. Meditative. Socially awkward. Obvious. IT Crowd jokes. Pranks. Todhunter. Terrible. Post-scarcity. Not masturbation. Seven jerks. Status. The Meaning of Life. Execution. Tropes. Alternate. Morality. Dude, existence. Star Trek crap. Military versus ocean. Eastern. Wrapping Up. Balance. Straight. Writing. Pleather. 

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Right After "Learn Portuguese" (Confidence and Paranoia)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by James Murphy of the Pex Lives and City of the Dead podcasts. They certainly are not currently sharing posting duties on a media criticism website owned and operated by a Blakean Marxist occultist. Certainly not. 

Main Topic: Confidence and Paranoia. With special guest James Murphy of Pex Lives. Cute. Groovetown. Kind of a shit. James and Red Dwarf. Fetishizing VHS. Fort. That old thing. Child James and The Cat. Isolated. Hit record. Raised by Craig Charles. Depth. Racial politics. Grim. Mobius Strip of Writing. Critical distance. Pyschology. Not a space bum. Insecurities. Colors. Distaste. Stabim and Portugese. Integration. Motivation. Dialectic. Class. Lister's Found Future. (Dog noise.) Not the cool kids. Sociopathy. Sarcasm. Cheap seats. It's the eighties. Pig-headed. Representation. Jim Crow. The Inevitable Bit About Rape. Yvonne. MGTOW. Rimmer and the Internet. Caring Rimmer. Rape and comedy. Keegan. Craig Ferguson. American doofuses. Ruby Rhod. Chipper and fever. Humanity. Addiction. Insightful Rimmer. Creepy or romantic? Exploding heads. Reagan. Extreme romantic love. Distance. Kochanski. Gendered insults. 'Cause duh. Pegging. Tomboy versus Cheeses. The Cat likes Lister. Impulse. Dreams. Longevity. (Puppy growls.) Rimmer's ally. Kochanski's box. Appendage. Remake. Christie. Not into e-readers. Losers. 


Humanistic Existentialism (Red Dwarf: Waiting For God)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel finally get around to chatting about everyone's favorite topic: religion. And what kind of man might really deserve to be worshipped as a god. 

Main Topic: Waiting For God. Delays. Column. Polycule. Religion. Beckett. Toaster. Garbage. Priest. Troughton. Feline. Typical. Spot. Production. Colors. Characters. Files. Eleven. Surreal. Existential. Aliens. Imperialist. Fucking. Contrast. Indigenous. Odor. Interpretation. Pictograms. Sniff. Illustrations. Curry. Apostate. Shiny. Underwritten. Budget. Unexamined? Underappreciated. Archetype. Ability. Enjoyable. Meta. Tonto. Underestimated. Continuity. Suicide. Parents. Empathy. Cult. Faith. Trash. Hat. Last. Weak. Green. Manufactured. Nature. Wrong. Hamfisted. Anthropology. Switched. Rastabilly. Worthwhile. Fuchal. Limitations. Jokes. Scrumptuous. Spoon. Shirt. Infected. Punctuation. Comma. Chicken. Acting. Quarantine. Doubt. Funny. McCoy. Next time: Confidence and Paranoia.

All our episodes can be found at oispaceman.com. We also blog weekly about sexuality and gender issues at Eruditorum Press

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Class, Gender, and the Ziggurat (Red Dwarf: Balance of Power)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are (shockingly, I know) joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham to discuss the third episode of Series One: Balance of Power. Capitalism, class, gender, The Fappening, and Craig Charles's acting chops are all at least mentioned. 

Main Topic: Balance of Power. With special guest Jack Graham. A capitalist joke. Avoiding culture. Shana rises above. Shana's boobs. Teenagerhood. Jack's early Dwarf. Power. "I've been fished to death!" Craig Charles, Actor. Okaaaayyy... Challenging each other. Rimmer the goof-off. Re-ordering episodes. Lister the socialite. Loser's club. Post-apocalyptic. Ghosts. Exactly what a cat would do. Thematically dense. Recurring themes. Roko's Basilisk. Quasars. Horrible Rimmer. Kinship to Rimmer. Metaphorical hologram. Slut-shaming. Potential Rimmer friendship. Turning Rimmer on. Thinking it through. Being brought back. Stuff. Economics and artificial scarcity. Marxism not capitalism. Slave skutters. Fantasies of power and achievement. Class structure. Officer Kochanski. Misogyny or general disrespect? Private military. East India Company. The Inevitable Bit About Thatcher. Truckers in space. Class issues and the Cat. Teasing. Story versus ideas. "Middlebrow." A shallow reading of Jane Austen. Sartre. Government health warnings. Passing the chef's exam. "Sometimes you make those bullshit dreams work!" Ziggurat. Death video. Unemployed Lister. "Oh JPS!" Geeky Lister? No Exit. The end of heirarchy. Kochanski the muse. Purses. Waking Kochanski. Alternate directions for the show. Holograms in society. Creepy. "The Fappening." Easy to be a girl. What girls want. Clare Grogan's role in the show. Problems and opportunities. Dudebros getting drunk. Clever Lister. Density. Dumbest joke ever. Getting in touch with his feminine side. Wrapping up. The Double Rimmer. 

Roko's Baslisk on Rationalwiki

Shabcast 20

Find Jack's blog Shabogan Graffiti at Eruditorum Press. 

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Your Death, and How to Cope With It (Red Dwarf: Future Echoes)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel contemplate the existential horror of death, gender performativity of hairstyle, and eating robot goldfish in their discussion of Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 2: Future Echoes. 

Main Topic: Future Echoes. Twice as many men. Explaining jokes. Downhill. Physical humor. General twattishness. Helen Shapiro. Fake references. Wobbly Chris Charles. Existential Seinfeld. Death and fear of death. Shaving cream. Lister and the mirror. Brown trousers time. Chaplin. Physicality. British slang. Suicidal father. Masculinity. Literary grotesque. Lister's father. Impeccable. Technical acting. Loneliness before death. All heart. Looking forward to Me2. "Gimboid." Schrodinger's Rimmer. Explaining Dwarf to virgins. Tripping the Rift. Maybe Futurama? Lennon, McCartney, and predestination. Lister's Found Future. Loose continuity. Aeon Flux. "Bits of you explode." Implications. Four thousand years. Priorities. Willie Loman in space. Old Lister. Rhymes with Little Miss Moffat. Low art and high art. Artificial intelligences. Wonky worldbuilding. Skutter design. Visual podcasting. "This and the other ten racks." Justifying the premise. Litmus testing his dates. Pope. Next time: Balance of Power with Jack Graham.

Oi! Spaceman Facebook group.
Tripping the Rift has a fucking website
Full text of Alexander Pope's The Dunciad
End music: Helen Shapiro, "It Might As Well Rain Until September." 

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Lister's Lost Future (Red Dwarf: The End)

Away we go. In this first episode of the long-awaited (by Daniel at least) new podcast "Red Dwarf: Searching For Fuchal" Shana and Daniel discuss the pilot episode of the classic sci-fi comedy series: "The End." Racial and gender politics, existential dread, and what it might mean to "interfere with a woman" are all discussed.

Main Topic: Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 1: "The End." A bad Doctor Who reference. Don't sully with Moffat. Introducing the podcast. "You're making me read?" How Shana found Red Dwarf. Attracted to Lister. Actors' names. Cat evolution. Minstelry. Gender imbalance. Existential Everyman, but funny. Daniel's introduction through Infinity. Disappointing. Sassy CP. Lister's dream. Kochanski/Lister. Potential future. Form versus content. Prestige is a made-up social thing. Trapped in a social milieu. Rosencrantz and Guilderstern. Worldbuilding. Working class audience and characters. The 80s sucked. Alcoholism. Officers and enlisted men. Rising in social class. Existential dread. Todhunter the hero. Rimmer's culpability. Density. Structure. Credits. Paint. Has to be science fiction. Pipe cleaners. A bro thing. Unappreciative Lister. "Interfere with a woman sexually." Frankenstein is out of fucks. Shana imitates the Cat. "Everyone is dead Dave." Black box theater. The Rimmer salute. Wrapping up.  

Right now we're working on the upgrade, but eventually you'll be able to find links to all our stuff (and all of our new episodes) at oispaceman.com.

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