Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism (Politics)
Discussing Trumpism

Daniel, Jack Graham, and Kit Power discuss the 2016 American presidential election, and what Donald Trump means for the world.

Main Topic: The 2016 Election. Wrists. Fine. Clever. Remembrance. Catastrophe. Climate. Break. Pattern. Discovery. Savage. Memory. Map. Literally. Traits. Electorate. Popular. Godwin. Levity. Nazis. Rules. Material. Brownshirts. Movement. TV. Klan. Irrelevant. Disagree. Wolf. Shoulders. Scared. Shorthand. Toggle. Tipping. Ascension. Unusual. Superficial. Stability. Wind. Atwater. Dogwhistle. Able. Brexit. Chocolate. Establishment. "Intellectual." Mail. Ageist. Vulnerable. Shit. Neoliberalism. Leash. Numbers. Emails. Movement. Clooney. Black. Comprimised. System. Intentions. Bernie. Change. Jew. Lives. Marxist. Privilege. Education. Polls. Lawsuits. Ivanka. Animistic. Statistics. Silver. Yuge. Coverage. Table. Fox. Michigan. Factors. Suppression. Arrival. Notice. Incarceration. Slow-motion. 13th. America. Phenomenon. Hope. Sunshine. Safety-pin. Decency. Parent. Gesture. Virtue-signal. Social. Symbolism. Engage. Sandbox. Daleks. Feminism. Margin-of-error. Anonymous. Passports. Realpolitik. Godfather. Sympathy. Ratings. Conversations. Pence. Standard. Capital. Policy. Seriously. FTN. Deniability. Gas. Liminal. Psychology. Analysis. Seriously. Milo. Tone. Trolls. Positionality. We. Decency. Notice. Banned. Women. Photoshop. Attention. Helping. Apprentice. Entertaining. Thompson. L&O. Eastwood. Benghazi. Equivalence. Brush. Jackson. Hoover. Wall. First. BLM. Arc. Headline. Thatcher. Populist. Incoherence. Moving. Pollyanna. Coalition. 2008. Mess. Job-creators. Dick-Guillotines. Wrap-up. 

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