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Classic Doctors and Companions (Classic Doctor Who)

In this episode Daniel and Shana return to Doctor Who and... chat. What was supposed to be a fairly concise look at the experience of looking at all the Classic companions turned into a long and meandering conversation about pretty much everything Who. Shana even says nice things about Steven Moffat! Each Classic Doctor and companion is at least mentioned, although some not for very long....

Main Topic: Classic Doctor and Companion Overview. Ninety. Daniel sucks. Big softie. Looking ahead. Dirty sneaky pirate things. Region coded DVD problems. Positive response. Comprehensive review. Joe. Really cool women. Scrutiny. Learning. History. Unique. Six in the Trial. Shana says something nice about Moffat. Jaws 5000. Test of time. Fallen out of love with Ten. Nine. Powerful and vulnerable. Pearl Mackie. "Let's see how Moffat fucks it up." Capaldi on a family show. Tennant the fanboy. Writer's room. Cautious optimism. Platinum Hartnell. "One day, I shall come back." Grandpa General. Disney reference. Troughton haircut. Cosmic hobo? Cosmic hippie. If Shana were to travel with a Doctor. Meeting Fraser Hines. Only a few companions. Sex symbol Pertwee. Austin Powers. Pumpkinhead from Space. "That's my Doctor." Tom's swag. Big Finish? Understated Davison. Matt Smith. Paired with Tegan. Sixie. McCoy's skill set. Chessmaster Seven. Tennantishness to Shana's fandom. Not going to talk about Matt Smith. Barbara is an inspiration. Manly man Ian. Zapp Brannigan! Oh, Susan. Vicki with her pigtails! "You're gonna have to show me pictures of Steven." No functional memory of Daleks' Master Plan. Or Dodo. Ben and Polly. A bit Aryan Nation. Polly and fashion. Adorable Jamie. Elliot Chapman. "The Piper!" Victoria in the kitchen. Period. Daniel's biggest crush is Zoe. Cosplay. Love letter to Liz Shaw. Our greatest podcast title to date. Shipping the Brig and Liz. Problematic Brig. Shana doesn't care about Yates or Benton. Cute Jo Grant. Fun uncle. Sarah Jane Motherfucking Smith. Fuck him in his stupid fucking face. Racist makeup. K-9 sucks. Romanas in a line. Heartbreaking Adric. Misused Nyssa. Tegan and Nyssa. Tegan and Eleven. Five answers to Tegan. Tegan the anti-Saward. Gay Turlough. Kamelion waste of time. Don't need to hear Shana's Peri rant again. Ace and them dimples and that leather outfit. Coming soon.... Next week: The Happiness Patrol.

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In this slightly delayed episode, Shana and Daniel discuss The King's Demons and The Five Doctors and basically just giggle. King John as a cartoon lion and a proposed Susan Foreman: PI spinoff are both mentioned.

Main Topic: The Five Doctors and The King's Demons. In the US first. Magna Carta. A ton of face makeup. Tegan's costume. Turlough's missing backstory. Kamelion. Constipated stare fight. Tegan is cold. King John. Robot of Sherwood. A rollicking good time. Sexist First Doctor? Christmas. Grandfather! Kitchen sink syndrome. Nostalgia vignettes. Emo hair and fucking Queen Elizabeth. Sarah Jane and Pertwee. Fascinating coats. Shada? Classic Who fan-girl. Susan Foreman: PI. Who didn't come back? The price of being an artist. Not truly iconic. Flavia. No reason for trivia. Borusa: the Twat-Lord. Wrapping Up. 

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A Silly Story Deserves a Silly Podcast Episode (The Three Doctors)

In this appropiately menadering and off-topic podcast episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the tenth anniversary story The Three Doctors. Much merriment was had by all, both onscreen and off. Plus: Omega and hagiography. 

(Note: Around the thirty-minute mark there is a brief mention of Thomas Jefferson and his relationship with Sally Hemings that may be triggering for some listeners. It's brief but those easily triggered by such topics should be aware it's coming. Thanks.)

Main Topic: The Three Doctors. The Bristol Boys. Answering machine adorableness from married couples. The first of the N Doctors Stories. Jo Grant is very Twiggy. Katy Manning is blind. Jo's longevity. The Brig satires himself. Omega was nearly Ohm. Benton is the Rory of the classic series. Jo just hanging out. The humor of The Three Doctors. A satirical sign? Austin Powers. All of the anniversary stories are silly. The Second Doctor plays the comic relief role. Emo Tenth Doctor and Jazz Hand Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3. A cheerleader movie reference. William Hartnell. What if the First Doctor met the Eleventh Doctor? Shana does her Susan impersonation. Hartnell's last performance. A scientist and a Sam Seely character. Cooking tips with Oi! Spaceman. Reminding the audience of what a "Sam Seely character" is. Scooby Doo. Time Lords from Tron! A section of Daniel's notes. Why the Doctor left the Time Lords. Paradise Lost in a silly story. Omega. The sympathetic villain. Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves. Comparing Omega to the Mind Robber. The Bubble Wrap Crap Octopi? The Amber Crab Blob? Family entertainment. The deeper ideas of "The Three Doctors." Deferring to the wisdom of my fifteen-year-old-self. Time Lord Mind Meld. Official versus unofficial anniversary stories. Daniel complains. Wrapping up. 

Peter Capaldi and Katy Manning recreate a photo from the Pertwee years.

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We missed a week there. Sorry! Having some difficulties with podcast scheduling and editing. 

In any case, this week Shana and Daniel talk about two mindfuck episodes, The Mind Robber from the Second Doctor's run, and the God Complex from Series 6 of the new series. Also: Is Shana Daniel's spunky female companion? Tune in to find out.

Show Notes

Main Topic: The Mind Robber and The God Complex. Mind-fuckery. Is Shana Daniel's "spunky female companion?" Shana jumps into the gutter very early in the episode. The length of episodes in The Mind Robber. Daniel summarizes the story of The Mind Robber. The famous shot of Zoe's ass. "Sex pests." General kinds of enemies it's possible to send after the Doctor. Shana's feelings about Jame and Zoe. Sexualization of Zoe and her age. Zoe as the "new and improved Susan." Jamie's absence for a couple of episodes. The Doctor picking the wrong face (and being assisted in the correction by Zoe) as a revealing character moment. Back to Harry Sullivan and "old girl." Frazier Hines adding "Jamie-isms." Talkin' about the Karkus. Fetishy Rapunzel. We're on Tumblr too much. Admiring the Gulliver's Travels influence in the Mind Robber. Raiding the costume closet at the BBC. Daniel name-drops June Hudson like a boss. Summarizing the God Complex in a few sentences. The rich history of minotaurs in fiction. "The God Complex" makes Daniel's head hurt, and not in a good way. Not a Moffat-friendly podcast. Lazy writing. Daniel likes to surprise Shana with things on this podcast. Not wanting to revisit Moffat-era episodes. Rita as a great side character. Talking about Toby Whithouse, Being Human, and shallow characterization. Liking lots of stuff in The God Complex, but not much happens and there's a lot of padding. Pacing problems. Alien species as comic relief and make no sense otherwise. Shana thinks the God Complex is Not Scary. Personal fears as idiosyncratic choices. "The God Complex" as a sort of bottle episode. Perhaps the episode should have been a two-parter? Shoutout to the TARDIS Tavern. Talking about the ending. Rory could have solved the plot in ten seconds. The dying minotaur. Lots of sighing. Things we liked about The God Complex. Matt Smith's costume. A bit of confusing direction. Wrapping up. 


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In which Daniel and Shana talk about Doctor/Rose Shipping, the nature of the Space Nazi as a villain, similarities between the Daleks and the Doctor, and erotic tension as a Ganatus/Ian/Barbara love triangle forms in "The Daleks." Also: a hypothetical 90s "grunge Doctor" and a (mostly) sincere request for fanfiction.

Show Notes:

Main topic: Hartnell's "The Daleks" and Eccleston's "Dalek." Is Shana a Doctor/Rose shipper? Eccleston as Shana's favorite Doctor? Hanky-panky in the Tardis? Nine playing the musical instrument in "Dalek." Sexual tension in Series 1 of New Who. Shana plays with her plush Dalek. Daniel is a Bad Fan. Then explains the origin of "Bad Fan." The pacing of the Hartnell era. Shana sings "Homoerotic tension." Spelunking in Terry Nation scripts. The pacing of "The Daleks" and the personalities of the Daleks in "The Daleks." The ultimate evil businessmen. Daniel forgets Sydney Newman's name, but talks a bit about the educational origins of Doctor Who. What might this episode had been without the Dalek design? The arc towards humanity in the Dalek race. Political activism in Doctor Who, particularly in the Verity Lambert and Russell T. Davies eras. The Daleks as Nazi analogues. "Dalek" as a metaphor for Bush/Blair-era warmongering. Shana plays with the plush toy again. Bringing the show thematically to America as a commentary on Americans. A brief mention of RTD-era diversity policies. Van Statten as the man-child capitalist genius. These two episodes as showing the Doctor showing "non-Doctorish" characteristics. Empathy and emotionality in "Dalek." Philosophical questions posed by many Dalek episodes. Daniel isn't a huge fan of the Master. The lasting effects of the Time War on the New Series narrative. The monsters inside of us all, and a Vonnegut reference. The hidden (and perhaps unintentional) humor of "The Daleks." Susan as a useless character, not to the fault of Carole Anne Ford. Fashion victims: The Thals. The amazing richness of "Dalek" and Eccleston's performance. Historically speaking, the way the show changes specifically at the turn of each decade. Matt Smith is "Hipster Who." What would a hypothetical 90s Who have looked like? Imaginary casting decisions. The Doctor Wears Flannel? A request for fanfic. Wrapping up with three excellent quotes from "Dalek."

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