Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism (Eleventh Doctor)
Fun with Dan and Jane (A Casual Chat About Steven Moffat)

Shana was out of town this week, so Daniel took the opportunity to pull out some bonus casual conversation he recorded back when Jane co-hosted on this podcast for The Time Monster. Despite beginning the conversation proclaiming his dislike of discussing the Moffat era, they ended up chatting about just that for most of the nearly two-hour running time of this podcast. Also you'll hear some of the Oi! Spaceman origin story and some very goofy jokes. Enjoy.

Main Topic: A Casual Conversation About Steven Moffat. Krotons. Sleamball. Condescending Wendy. Alcohol. Titties. Punch-Drunk. "Okay, Steven Moffat." Aesthetics. 1992. "Blink" and humanity. Matt Smith hate. Listen is brilliant. Relationships. Asylum. Trauma. Pointed to. Chibnall and the writer's room. Puzzles. Series 6. Not Richard Hurndall. "Jack discovered us basically." Caitlin and Clara. "Control freak." Costuming. Jo. Progressivism. Wonder Woman. Essentialism. Problematic Davies. Moffat the feminist. Donna. Subverting tropes. Matt Smith. Forgetting. Serialized. Bidmead and J-NT. The Leisure Hive. Nodding along. Class issues. Series 10. Performance. Karen Gillan. The only reasonable opinion. Why not The War Machines? Tegan's fabulous. Obsessive. Hitler the hot mess. Revisitation. Minotaur. Misogynistic Capaldi. Round.

TMBDOS on Punch-Drunk Love.
Shana on sex work and ableism.
Our "Fish Fingers and Custard Bullshit."
The Stephen Thompson Conversation.
Oi! Spaceman on Chasing Amy.
Happy Slaves.

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Myths and Legends and Memories and Relationships and Loops (The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Mikayla from The Web of Queer to discuss The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. It becomes a bit of a discussion of the Matt Smith era in general, and there's even a bonus rant about the Zygon two-parter at the end. 

Main Topic: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. With special guest Mikayla of The Web of Queer. Anniversary. Not the Web Planet. Mikayla at Gally 2016. The Asexuality of the Doctor? Asexual and Nonsexual. Quieted voices. Thanking Mikayla. Loops? Why this two-parter? Highs and Lows. Not going to fight the whole time. More of this River. Not a love triangle. Kissing Rory now. Hey, heteronormativity! River as femme fatale? Is River even canonically queer? Immature and superficial Sexy Italians. Rebooting the Universe and Relationships. Rory and the Box. Not okay with Rory's death. Rory has "the girl role." Nice guy Rory. Amelia's agency. Loopy Pandorica. Myths and legends and fairy tales. Erasure. Consistency? The Reversal of the Pandorica. Consequences. Mikayla and Moffat. Are we too rough on the Moffat years? It got so much worse. The Zygon rant. US gun culture. Sandifer and oversignification. Wrapping Up. Next week: Planet of Fire.

Mikayla on Two Minute Time Lord

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Stupid Moffat Tricks

Winding up the discussion of the previous year of Doctor Who, Daniel and Shana discuss the 50th Anniversary special Day of the Doctor, the Christmas Special Time of the Doctor, and in addition the online special Night of the Doctor. Despite making an active intent to stay positive, much discussion of plot holes, silly family jokes, and the sexual activity of the Doctor ensue. 

Main Topic: The Night, Day, and Time of the Doctor. Excited about Series 8. The announcement that Jenna Coleman will be leaving the show. Trying to be more positive in this episode. Our favorites and least favorites from the main Series 7. Shana gets the numerous "...of the Doctors" confused. Daniel chooses not to make a bad pun. We are very positive on Night of the Doctor and Paul McGann. Loving the almost-companion and the worldbuilding of NotD. Narcissistic Eleven. The Sisters of Karn are a perfect example of a Classic Who reference. "Spooge-fest." Day of the Doctor is efficiently told. Harkening back to previous anniversary specials. Shana asks the perfect Daniel-puncturing question. Referencing The End of Time Part 2. The context of the end of the Time War. Shana doesn't understand the plot. Cleverness. The time travel stuff actually works here. Overstuffed with plot. Could have been a whole series. Speculating about why people like Moffat's writing. Fairy tale conflicts with slapstick. McGann's inner performance. The Eleventh Doctor is a big kid. Angry Eleven throws tantrums. Daniel doesn't think Matt Smith is the greatest actor. Shana doesn't want to be friends with Eleven. Daniel has superficial reasons to like John Hurt's Doctor. A parody of the Tenth Doctor. Jazz Fingers Ten. Zygon Ten and a shout-out to the moffat hate tag on tumblr. Why did Tennant come back for the anniversary? Talkin' about Zygons. Generic Moffat henchmen. The Tenth Doctor's relationships with women. The Doctor and the class struggle. Authoritarian Eleventh Doctor. Daniel summarizes Time of the Doctor. Turkeys and nudity. Inconsequential nudity. An interesting idea at the core of TotD. A comparison to Pertwee. When did Matt Smith decide to leave? Tasha Lem and the sexual behavior of the Doctor. Moffat needs a dominatrix. Sitcom sexuality. The collapsible plot. "It was all a dream." Clara's family. A thousand years defending Christmas. Worldbuilding fail. Consent fail. "The first face this face saw." We simply don't have an emotional connection to the Eleven/Amy relationship. An iniebriated commentary track for Time of the Doctor? Daniel ends with a quote from an interview with Matt Smith (with a bonus Christopher Eccleston quote). 

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The Dickishness of the Doctor

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the end of Series 7, with much misogynist writing, some shoddy stories, and some overall entertaining acting. Also comparisons between the Eleventh Doctor and Gregory House. And philosophizing. 

Main Topic: The last four episodes of Series 7: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, and The Name of the Doctor. We Don't Do Social Media Very Well. Looking Ahead to Series 8. Shana calls Capaldi "The Thirteenth Doctor." A quote from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor Reboots the Universe. The Doctor is overbearing and creepy. "The Doctor Lies." The Doctor isn't Han Solo. The Dickishness of the Doctor. Comparing the Doctor and Gregory House. Shana mistakes "The Name of the Doctor" with "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS." Liking much of the set design in "Journey." Learning more about the TARDIS. Sensawunda. Everybody knows women can't drive the TARDIS. Great to have an entire supporting cast made up of people of color, but boy are they problemmatic stereotypes. Overall a fluffy and cute episode. No quote for The Crimson Horror. Shana's process for looking for quotes. Steampunk and this weird leech puppet thing. A nearly all-female cast. Praise for Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling. There's not really a big "What If" idea at the core of most of Series 7. Shana didn't like the character design of Mister Sweet. You Fail Biology Forever. A Pilot for a Paternoster Gang series. The Doctor's Hard Cock. A Man Kisses a Lesbian. An entertaining forty-five minutes of television. A lot of time in Victorian England. Why can't Jenny and Vastra be full-time companions? Interrupted by our pets. "...squeezed into a skirt that's just a little bit too tight." Neil Gaiman's responsibility for Nightmare in Silver. Eleven is an asshole. Shana forgets which episode we're talking about. Warwick Davis. The Gaiman-ness of the episode. The cybermites are effectively gross. The borgification of the Cybermen. The haplessness of the punishment platoon. Mister Clever. The Seventh Seal is the fucking Seventh Seal. Matt Smith should have played the Master. Big Finish in twenty years. Name of the Doctor solves the Mystery Girl Arc. Shana sings about Red Herrings. #shanashutthefuckup. What if it hadn't been approached as a mystery? Daniel name-drops The Web Planet. We like River Song in this episode. The conference call and the presence of the Paternoster Gang are basically wasted time. Moffat is the writer of no consequences. Talking about John Hurt. It Should Have Been Paul McGann. Daniel likes a lot of the stuff on Trenzalore. Taking a few minutes to philosophisize about why we do this podcast. "It's for kids," is a ridiculous defense of the silliness of recent Who. Cotton Candy Who. "New Earth" and the Omelas. Trying (and failing) to rank these four episodes. Next episode: the 50th anniversary special and the most recent Christmas special. 

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Creepster Eleven and Pretty Girls Don't Drink Whiskey

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the first four episodes of Series 7B: The Bells of Saint John, the Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, and Hide. These are four quite good episodes, but the Mystery Girl arc, the increasing sexism, gender essentialism, and heteronormativity, and the overall schmaltziness of "love conquers all" in every episode continue to vex us. 

Main Topic: Series 7b, Part One. The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, and Hide. Shana Summarizes the Plot of The Bells of Saint John. Briefly. Burger King. The Mystery of Clara arc. Introduced to Clara for the third time. A cat cries on Daniel's end. Jenna Coleman is very cute. A wonderful moment from the actress who plays Ms. Kislet. Super creepy Eleventh Doctor. Fairy tale Doctor. Seeing the world through Clara's story, but not from her perspective. Clara gets her computer knowledge with no cost. A drunk MST3K-style commentary for Bells of Saint John. Daniel has a jokey moment about creepy Eleventh Doctor. A brilliant quote about supernovae and uniqueness that captures whimsy in the right way. That quote is completely undercut. The music in Rings is amazing. Daniel becomes a pedant about the economics of the world. Matt Smith yelling at the sky. Confronting the cosmic Jack O'Lantern. We get verklempt thinking about The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. The "Star Trekkiness" of the sonic screwdriver. Inconsistency in the writing of the sonic screwdriver. Creepster at the grave. Nice creature design in Rings. Marital banter. Shana has an impressively long quote from Cold War. The Triumph of Intellect and Romance over Brute Force and Cynicism. The return of the Ice Warriors. The Cold War is the exact same story as "Dalek," but not as well done. The possibility of an alliance between the disloyal executive officer and the Ice Warrior. Lascivious Daniel likes Clara's big jacket, skirt, and headphones. Well-written Clara. What if Cold War had been a two-parter? Daniel does a meta-commentary on this very podcast episode. A shorter quote from "Hide." Shana has a forever crush on Dougray Scott. Half ghost story, half time travel story. The power of love story is fairly effective here. They keep giving numbers of minutes in the pocket universe that are not reflected on screen. Shana makes a comic book reference. Mispronouncing "Metebelis." A misplaced love story. A queerbaiting moment. Pretty girls don't drink whiskey apparently. Daniel asks Shana a question women and invasiveness in relationship conversations. The damseling of Clara. Gender Essentialism. No women behind the camera right now. A shout-out to the Verity! podcast. Examining the scale of the universe through science fiction. Next episode: the end of Series 7. 

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I've Traveled Far and Wide and Come Back With Really Cool Band-Aids

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the second set of three episodes in Series 7: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and The Snowmen. Amy and Rory leave, Clara shows up for real, and lots of silly sexist jokes. 

Show NotesMain Topic: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and the Snowmen. Catching up with a bit from last episode. Comparing Brian to Wilf. The Second Doctor only *feinged* being incompetent. Capaldi's comments about the upcoming Series 8. The most famous quote from Power of Three. Amy's relationship with the Doctor. The Eighth Doctor has Will Sasso burned onto his hearts. "He Doesn't Like to See You Age." Too Little Too Late. Earlier Doctors and Patience. Our headcanon about Kate Stewart. Social media and the cubes. We're not even talking about the plot holes in The Angels Take Manhattan. Talking about the meaning of marriage and the Amy/Rory/Doctor love triangle. The theme of storytelling in Moffat's era. Heroic adventurer River Song. An overly extended pre-credits sequence. We're going to get sued by Disney. Talking about P.S. Cheating on the emotional content of the series by letting characters of the hook. Headcanoning about Amy and Rory's quite life in the past. Jenny, Vastra, Strax, and the Snowmen. Daniel likes letting Shana do all the work for once. Having very little context on Jenny and Vastra. Lipstick lesbians. Should have been a spinoff. The Doctor not caring was an idea from the late seventies. The Childish God. Can't we just let the Ponds go? Shana does like these characters in The Snowmen. Shana and Daniel rank these three episodes. Calling back to "The Abdominable Snowmen." Shana really likes Strax. Looking forward to Capaldi.  

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Don't Shoot Your Dinosaur, Kids!

In which Shana and Daniel begin our re-watch of Series 7 in preparation for the new Series in August. Lots of Moffat-hate goodness below. (In this episode we take a brief look at Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and A Town Called Mercy.)


Main Topic: Series 7 Rewatch Part One: General thoughts about what we'd like to see in Series 8. Series 7 episodes as mini-movies. Breakneck pacing. Discussing "Asylum of the Daleks." Amy's character feels random for Shana. Oswin is a wonderful character... if this was her only episode. "Ood on the loo." A marriage breaks up in a sixty-second short. Rory/Amy/Doctor love triangle. The worst episode ending with "...of the Daleks." The Daleks are wasted here. Ballerina Dalek. Introducing Oswin Oswald. "Total Screaming Genius." Whendonesque funny quips. Mugging for the camera. The New Robomen? Human allies of the Daleks. Robot henchmen in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Homoeroticism between Amy and Nefertiti? Why are Nefertiti and Riddell even in this episode? The childish sex-negative Doctor. The villain and the narrative both treat Nefertiti as an object. Hating only the first half of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Wishing Amy and Rory had been written out at the end of Series 6. Rory and Brian are awesome. Robert Holmes died thirty years ago. Effects and makeup in Dinsouars on a Spaceship. Side characters in Doctor Who. The kick the dinosaur moment. The Doctor kills Solomon. Caught between two factions. Meeting Brian. Wishing for more of the Silurians. Shana's initial thoughts on A Town Called Mercy and Nazi allegory. Daniel loves Westerns and Western tropes. Character inconsistencies in Moffat-era Who. Avoiding overt sexism by removing all the female characters! Reading our quote from A Town Called Mercy a bit early so we can discuss it. Mobs are the most evil thing in the universe. On the nose writing. Ranking these three in terms of quality. Transgender issues in A Town Called Mercy. Calling out a few things we liked in these three episodes. 

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Episode 7: Fish Fingers and Custard Bullshit

In which Shana and Daniel get their Moffate Hate on and do a full hour talking about Matt Smith's first episode, The Eleventh Hour, and the Steven Moffat Era of Doctor Who in general. Sexism, feminism, puzzle-box storytelling, lack of respect for others... all are discussed herein. Lovers of Steven Moffat be forewarned.

Main Topic: The Eleventh Hour. Shana's annoyed at Doctor Who Legacy. But she's having a good time looking at cool Doctor Who cosplay online. Daniel's been showing Shana dirty Ten/Rose fanarts. Daniel's been hanging out in the Moffat Hate tag on tumblr. What if Caroline John had played the first female Doctor, with Jon Pertwee as her goofy assistant? Comparing the context of the Eleventh Hour with Spearhead From Space. Talking about our history of watching Doctor Who in general, and The Eleventh Hour in particular. Being distracted by problemmatic elements in Moffat era Who. Daniel was really excited to enter the Matt Smith era when first watching it. Daniel and Shana really test the patience of the listeners. Daniel really likes about twenty-five minutes in the middle of this episode. Fish fingers and custard bullshit. Shana is passionate about bacon. The fundamental change from RTD/Gardner to Moffat. Obsessive geekiness about fiddly details in Moffat's Doctor Who. (Reference: How Steven Moffat ruined Doctor Who.) Puzzle-boxy Who. Getting into Shana's notes about The Eleventh Hour. How small moments that feel wrong can totally ruin your experience of an episode. The Eleventh Doctor is a bully. Rory: "Hello, weird!" Daniel's epic rant about sexual immaturity in the Moffat era. Silly porn jokes in The Eleventh Hour. The travesty of Amy as a kissogram. We can rely on Moffat to always make the wrong choice. Moffat shoots himself in the foot in interviews. Talking about the "Queen should be a man" comment. Shana doesn't like the Doctor being able to write the computer virus and Fermat's last theorem. Daniel really likes the central conflict in The Eleventh Hour. Why couldn't Matt Smith have been a MacGuyver Doctor? Murray Gold's score being awesome but a bit misused here. Inconsistency in The Eleventh Doctor's character. Metatextual elements of the dates in The Eleventh Hour? Wrapping up with a quote that shows what Matt Smith does really well. Can't wait for the hate mail. 


How Steven Moffat Ruined Doctor Who: Part one and two.

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