Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism (Eighth Doctor)
Time Paradox and Class Structure (Chimes of Midnight)

Shana and Daniel are joined by Dr. Paul Booth of Depaul University in their discussion of "Chimes of Midnight," an Eighth Doctor audio adventure from Big Finish. Lots of general discussion of Big Finish ensues, along with a discussion of why the Doctor can be such a revolutionary figure on other worlds but must let simmering issues like class oppression alone.

Main Topic: Chimes of Midnight. Introducing Paul Booth. "Pretend it's midnight and you're stoned, and it will make perfect sense." Daniel's claim to fame: Robert Shearman at least briefly followed him on Twitter. Shana's experience in listening to Chimes. The use of audio as a medium. Paul recommends "Ish." Repetition. Sideways in time. Time travel in Chimes. Downton Abbey as a window to the past. Comparison to Nightmare on Eden. Really. Meta-meandering. Chimes as drawing-room drama. 1920s in fiction. Doctor Who has commentary on genre. Big Finish as Classic Who Updated. The modernized companion. Spilling some love for Charlie and McGann. "The book is better than the movie" syndrome. The fan culture around Big Finish. What is the Doctor's responsibility towards oppressive cultures? The Doctor as a figure who inspires individuals to change the world for themselves. Fannish love for Chimes. Nick Briggs as the next showrunner? We lost Shana. Wrapping up. 

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