Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism (Bonus (Not Doctor Who))
More Than Just Salty Parabolas (Ghostbusters 2016)

Shana's still out for this episode, but Daniel is joined by recurring guest Jessica from The Web of Queer to give their hot take on the misandrist masterpiece Ghostbusters (2016). Lots of queer identity politics to mull over here, but for the most part this is a fun movie that made for a fun podcast episode, although possibly not as much fun as listening to sax. 

Main Topic: Ghostbusters (2016). With special guest Jessica from Web of Queer. No Shana. Filler. Ruining childhoods. Jessica and 1984. Zeitgeist. Exploded. General thoughts. No buttons. Teenage boy. Why people come to Oi! Spaceman. The MRA villain. Not an MRA stereotype. Improv. Embedded. Power Rangers. Trading card. Boob armor. Gross internet. Racefail. West Side Story. Screwed up. First trailer. "Remember we have a nuke." Technobabble. Loving Kate Mackinnon. "I get it now." Force of nature. Salty parabolas. The Bill Murray. "Pansexual." Text versus subtext. Female friendship. Economics. Fanservice. Credits. Extras. Classified ghosts. Spoilers. Symbolic feminism. Four seconds. Body image. Listening to sax. Puppy. Reverse trope. Jessica does not agree. MRAs should or should not feel bad. Little girls. Kate as Scully. Looking forward. Heteronormativity trap. Any random Web of Queer. Clara feels. Square metalheads. Too explicit. Enjoying women. Wrapping up. Completely in the moment.

Kate McKinnon as Scully
Consider the Tea Cosy on queerness in Ghostbusters

The Dream of 90s Era Gender/Sexual Politics is Alive (Chasing Amy)

In this bonus episode, Shana and Daniel discuss Kevin Smith's 1997 film "Chasing Amy" through the lens of its sexual and gender politics. Shana is a cis queer woman, passionate about her identity, and while this film formed a huge portion of both Daniel and Shana's adolescence/young adulthood, it has *serious* problems if approached from a 2016 perspective. They also discuss Lela, a young lesbian woman who was featured in "Chasing Amy Politics" on the first "Evening With Kevin Smith" DVD. This is a heartwrenching look at a film, not for the faint of heart.

Main Topic: Chasing Amy. What if: Bisexuality didn't exist! A very brief introduction. Daniel's sadistic desire. General thoughts on Kevin Smith and Chasing Amy. "The only thing I can think is bi erasure." Smoking weed as his profession. Smith as a visual stylist. Daniel's first viewing of Chasing Amy. "You can say 'cumshot' in a movie?" El Paso to Franklin. You can never go home again. Joey Lauren Adams as queer crush. Typecast. Daniel's relationships with lesbians. Radical Kevin Smith. Rom-com dream disease. Kevin Smith makes films for Daniel. Shana loves Banky. Banky/Holden. Battle scars. The Archie Bunker theory. Two sides of Kevin Smith. 1997 vs. 2016. Hooper the voice of reality. Our podcast is the "White Hatin' Coon" of the Doctor Who podcasting world. Dating yourself three times. Fragility. Love for Hooper X. Arguing about the ending. Amy and Velvet. Studio interference. Alyssa's story? Cruel. "Fuck you back off you creepy stalker!" The anti-Annie Hall ending. Alyssa Jones, assault survivor. The fucking hockey game. The most common rape story. Alternate endings. Hooper and Bob. Her sexuality all about him. The One Penis Policy. "It was never about you." Rawness. All the angles. Heartbreaking. Facade. Asking for consent. Kevin Smith blind spots. Gwen Turner. Appropriation time. Lesbianism. Enough. Banky accepts Alyssa. No one considered polyamory. Twenty-six in 1997. Appropriating gay culture. A young lady named Lela. A PhD thesis. Kevin Smith and the marginalized. Knowledge has ruined this movie. The power of the internet. Two boxes. Balls and boobs. Homophobic permormativity. "Banky is a problem you can fix." Abusive Holden. Possibly doing Bound in a future episode? The Dream of the 90s is incomplete. Wrapping Up.

Chasing Amy on TMBDOS.
Lela confronts Kevin Smith on Chasing Amy's sexual politics.

"Falling Out of the Closet: Kevin Smith, Queerness, and Independent Film." 

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Coercive Relationships and Feminist Heroes (Jessica Jones Season One)

In this episode Shana and Daniel take a break from Doctor Who (partly because doing an hour on Earthshock made for an incredibly boring coversation) and instead do a bonus episode discussing the first season of the Netflix show Marvel's Jessica Jones. The show, and this this episode, contains significant material about abusive/coercive relationships, mind control, significant violence, and rape, so those triggered or upset by discussions of these topics should stay far away. 

Main Topic: Marvel's Jessica Jones, Season One. Shana leads. Why not Doctor Who? Tennant as a villain. Daniel's relationship with television. "Why do we even care about Moffat's Who right now?" Brian Michael Bendis. Comic book Jessica. Comic-to-television transition. Doctor Who is a writer's medium. Melissa Rosenberg. The MCU. Daniel doesn't know anything about postmodernism. A lowercase-v villain. Big-picture themes. Problematic racism. Jessica's powers versus Luke's. We love Rosario. Trish and her mother. Malcolm and intersectionality. Support groups. "That's not funny." Will Simpson and toxic masculinity. Will from the comics. Reuben and Robyn. The scale of masculinity. Military service as a moral intention. Kilgrave's masculinity? Three other female characters? Portrayals of a sexist world versus sexist portrayals of the world. Death of a thousand cuts. Albert Thompson. The horror of Kilgrave's powers. Kilgrave's powers and privilege. Mind control as plot device. Kilgrave as a metaphor for controlling relationships. A small number of seconds. Doesn't dance around rape. Mind control as mental illness. Luke as controlled by Kilgrave. Kilgrave's fandom. Prestige dramas and the white male antihero. Kilgrave uses Trish as an object. Enforced gender roles and kink. The language of coercive situations. Feminism in mass-market entertainment. Wrapping Up. Next week: The Husbands of River Song.


Rape, Consent, and Race in Marvel's Jessica Jones. 

Jessica Jones and Control

Watching Jessica Jones as a Trauma Survivor. 

We Don't Need Another Hero: How Jessica Jones Saved My Life

In Marvel's Jessica Jones, Women Get Stuff Done While Men Just Talk About Women. 

Netflix's Jessica Jones is a Complex Portrait of a Woman Come Undone

Marvel Show Jessica Jones Names a Most Evil Villain: Abuse.

Anita Sarkeesian: Some Thoughts on Jessica Jones. 

Folding Ideas on Toxic Masculinity in Fight Club

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