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Save Your Ass or Get Some Ass? (Red Dwarf: Stasis Leak)

We're kinda-sorta back from hiatus, back in the sense that we've finally produced a new episode, and kinda-sorta not yet because this was recorded way back in November. 

Anyway, Daniel and Shana are joined all the way from Australia by Dom Kelly, a fan of the podcast whom they discovered when he started posting really insightful comments on the posts in the Oi! Spaceman Facebook group. One thing led to another, and here he is chatting about Stasis Leak, an episode that probably doesn't quite live up to the standard of the rest of the series. It's a fun conversation, though, and it was a blast to get to chat Dwarf with Dom. He'll back back. 

Main Topic: Stasis Leak. With special guest Dom Kelly. That's your joke? Felicity Kendall. Licorice and lint. Lister's dick. Not a lot of leftist Dwarf fandom. Dom's history with Red Dwarf. Ignoring Daniel. Australia facts! Filler. Daniel's love for Kochanski. Pre-disaster Dwarf. Banana. Black and White. Not fulfilling character promise. Facial hair. The Cat's romantic life. Ending on a joke. Failures of logic. Petersen and Lister. What constitutes living? Honest Rimmer. Rimmer/Lister cameraderie. Roguish heart of gold. Just say No to Freaky Fungus. Ouroborous problem. Lift service infomercial. The racial politics of the Jupiter Mining Corporation. Searching for Rimmer. Why only three weeks? Rimmer knows things? Rimmer's brilliant plans. Trusting of hallucinations. Over-rehearsed. Pervert-stache. Lister's class consciousness. Run For Your Wife. No beer. Off-book. Lister and class consciousness. One step away. Kochanski. Writing for women. Not a justification. Dick jokes and man-ass. Juvenile. Lemmings and helicopter wallpaper. Lister's childhood. Perpetual adolescence. "All my life I wanted to be a colonialist." A room full of dudes. "Old people don't have naked bums." Low-end artificial intelligence. Skutters as house elves.

Find Dom's writing at whom8.blogspot.com.

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