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Fascism and Free Love (Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land)

Welcome to the first episode of Consider the Ray Gun. That's right, another day, another podcast thread. In a development that has been a long time coming, Daniel has decided to take a break from watching movies and television and is actually going to force himself to read books. This will be a catch-as-catch can kind of podcast, with a rotating series of guests, but in this one he's joined by friend of the show James Murphy of Pex Lives and City of the Dead, and together they chat about Robert Heinlein's controversial 1961 classic Stranger in a Strange Land

Main Topic: Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. Personal. Starship Troopers. Juveniles. Counterculture. "Grokked a wrongness." Clever enough. Heinlein's sexism. Introduction to Jill. Changing books. "What a shithead I used to be." A man named Stinky. Racism between editions. James's experience of reading. Changes in tone. Hugh Hefner. Mike the carney. Learning how to laugh. Stock characters. Cantankerous. Stag party. Manifestations of homophobia. Shipping male-male love. Amorphous secretaries. Fair Witness. Inventing Nancy Reagan. Astrology. Defining hippie culture. Tame. Playboy centerfolds 1961. Heinlein and Hubbard. Fosterites and Scientology. Suing the podcast. Southern California. The changing author. Futurism. Birchers. Leftist but anti-Communist. Libraries. Valentine Micheal Smith and the military. Referencing Star Trek. Heinlein and the UN. "I love nuclear war." Incest. Awakening of sexuality. Redheads, pregnant women, and female tears. The great triumph of the book. Death of the author. Dickhead Mike. Understanding Mike the religious leader. Why the Larkin decision? Legalism and imperialism. Changeling Ben Caxton. Jill's lessons. Naked Heinlein. Recognizing oneself. Pushing Free Love. James references Kevin Smith. The politics of open relationships. One-way polemics. Chatting about religion. Faith versus heirarchy. "Cult." The sexual politics of the Ninth Circle. Sapir-whorf. The intimacy of water-brotherhood. Boundaries. Sameness. The failure of the hippies. Mike the martyr. Violence. Wrapping up. 

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Steven's Origin Story and Beach City Utopia (SU: Gem Glow and the Unaired Pilot)

Oh, look here, it turns out that instead of bowing to audience desires and actually continuing the Firefly content, Oi! Spaceman has started a new podcast thread. Oops. For those of you who are fans of animation and children's television and queerness but not particularly big fans of Daniel, this one is a real treat, as Jane (who many of you will remember from our The Time Monster episode, and a recent Moffat-oriented bonus) is joining Shana to discuss the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, and episode or two at a time. In this one they discuss "Gem Glow" and the unaired pilot episode, and basically set out a lens through which they'll view the entire series. 

Main Topic: Gem Glow and the Unaired Pilot. A Joke. Introductions. Alchemy. Sugar. Music. Dead Mom. "Cookie Cat." Unwilling square. Adorable Steven. Emotive Steven. Non-binary. Lars and Sadie. Character design. Introduction of the Gems. Emotional Garnet. Visuals. Foreshadowing. Centipeetles. Racial caricatures? Relationships. "Gems of color." Stole and then paid for. Steven's problematic fave. Origin story. Cookie Cat as a metaphor for Steven. Density. Nose-picking Amethyst. "Next podcast!" Comparison to Avatar. Personalities through powers. Petals falling. Rich. Moving on to the unaired pilot. Tone. Design. Representations. Childish Amethyst. Unaired Sadie and Lars. "Crystal Femmes." Dark and Edgy. Utopian Beach City. Queer. Geared towards children. Not moralistic. Three-dollar bill. Containment versus defeat. Balance. Songs. Cookie Cat and Lion. Depth. "Steveny." Crazy theory. Why take care of Steven? Credits. Looking forward to Connie. Revolution. Jim Henson. A donut store near you.  

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Charles Rimmer Kane (Me2)

After a couple of weeks off from podcasting together, Daniel and Shana return to discuss the final episode of Red Dwarf Series One: Me2. Which should really have a superscript but does anyone care in this medium? Maybe it should be transliterated as "Me-Squared" on social media? Grammar pedants speak out on this monumentally important issue. 

Anyway, Daniel and Shana discuss Gazpacho soup as a sort of Rosebud for understanding Rimmer's life, and question whether it was really as big a deal as Rimmer seems to think it is. Also, classism in food choices, Rimmer vs. Todhunter, unpaid electric bills, and possibly the greatest performance Danny John-Jules has given us yet. 

Main Topic: Me2. Mugs Murphy. Naming convention. "Oh, Rimmer!" Control. April Fool's. Mission. Futurama plots. Critics. Never JFK or Ductwork or Prison. Invasion. Continuity. Specific. Stuck. Breakup. Legacy. Devices. Bubbles. A step back from literalism. Bashing the Skutter. Dickish. Cunt error. Performance. Feline. Charles Rimmer Kane. Hot Gazpacho. Taj Mahal. "How Rimmer of him." Competitive swimmer. Meditative. Socially awkward. Obvious. IT Crowd jokes. Pranks. Todhunter. Terrible. Post-scarcity. Not masturbation. Seven jerks. Status. The Meaning of Life. Execution. Tropes. Alternate. Morality. Dude, existence. Star Trek crap. Military versus ocean. Eastern. Wrapping Up. Balance. Straight. Writing. Pleather. 

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