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What is a Moral Person on Arrakis? (Dune)

In this episode of Consider the Ray Gun, Daniel is joined once again by James from Pex Lives to discuss Frank Herbert's Dune. They spend a lot of time on the experience of reading the book, as well as some of the structural issues, and go fairly deep on the way the politics of the world work. Also, the question of what, exactly a moral person in this universe would look like, which has obvious implications for the world in which we all live. 

Main Topic: Frank Herbert's Dune. Ambitious. Being Gene Mayes. Overall. Great not good. Not always. Warm blanket. Competence. Glossary. Ecology and philology. "Jihad." Islamophobia. Space white people. Oil and heroin. Time horizon. Democracy. Sympathetic. Callow Paul. Sequels and sex witches. Damn dirty Fremen. Twentieth-century Leto. Sympathetic Jessica. Gender essentialism. No misogyny. Alia. The mind and the world. Self-knowledge. Symbol versus referent. Moisture for the dead. Gay fat people are terrifying. Imperial politics. The Fremen as the win button. The psychology of personal combat. Physicality. The author by text. Barren versus hot. The ruling classes versus ordinary people. Is Herbert endorsing this? Critical of Muad'Dib? Call us HBO. Ruling classes murdering each other. Military tactics. MilSF. Structure. Skimmable. Alien. Extraneous George Washington. Rescuing the book from Herbert. Founding Fathers and moral equivalence. The Weirding Ways. The most moral man. What do we love? Wrapping Up. 

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Discussing Trumpism

Daniel, Jack Graham, and Kit Power discuss the 2016 American presidential election, and what Donald Trump means for the world.

Main Topic: The 2016 Election. Wrists. Fine. Clever. Remembrance. Catastrophe. Climate. Break. Pattern. Discovery. Savage. Memory. Map. Literally. Traits. Electorate. Popular. Godwin. Levity. Nazis. Rules. Material. Brownshirts. Movement. TV. Klan. Irrelevant. Disagree. Wolf. Shoulders. Scared. Shorthand. Toggle. Tipping. Ascension. Unusual. Superficial. Stability. Wind. Atwater. Dogwhistle. Able. Brexit. Chocolate. Establishment. "Intellectual." Mail. Ageist. Vulnerable. Shit. Neoliberalism. Leash. Numbers. Emails. Movement. Clooney. Black. Comprimised. System. Intentions. Bernie. Change. Jew. Lives. Marxist. Privilege. Education. Polls. Lawsuits. Ivanka. Animistic. Statistics. Silver. Yuge. Coverage. Table. Fox. Michigan. Factors. Suppression. Arrival. Notice. Incarceration. Slow-motion. 13th. America. Phenomenon. Hope. Sunshine. Safety-pin. Decency. Parent. Gesture. Virtue-signal. Social. Symbolism. Engage. Sandbox. Daleks. Feminism. Margin-of-error. Anonymous. Passports. Realpolitik. Godfather. Sympathy. Ratings. Conversations. Pence. Standard. Capital. Policy. Seriously. FTN. Deniability. Gas. Liminal. Psychology. Analysis. Seriously. Milo. Tone. Trolls. Positionality. We. Decency. Notice. Banned. Women. Photoshop. Attention. Helping. Apprentice. Entertaining. Thompson. L&O. Eastwood. Benghazi. Equivalence. Brush. Jackson. Hoover. Wall. First. BLM. Arc. Headline. Thatcher. Populist. Incoherence. Moving. Pollyanna. Coalition. 2008. Mess. Job-creators. Dick-Guillotines. Wrap-up. 

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Constructing the Self (RD: Thanks For the Memory)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Big Finish's Elliot Chapman in chatting Thanks For the Memory. This is another fairly dark episode of Red Dwarf, with plenty of meat on the bone regarding personal histories, (the lack of) consent in altering Rimmer's mind, how we construct our selves through our memories, and the way that sandwiches can be simultaneously very wrong and very right. Also, sad but friendly parties on desolate planetoids. 

Main Topic: Thanks For the Memory. With special guest Elliot Chapman. Fluffing my ego. Hugh Grant. Pretext. Elitist Elliot. British history of comedy. Low-budget entertainment. Discovery. BBC Hitchhiker's. Well-known edgy poet. Series Two versus Series One. Sad. Red Dwarf progenitors. Antagonistic. Death-day. Guitar. A sad party. Forced together. Rimmer the go-go dancer. Social lubricant. Cold, dark, and empty. The Ribos Operation of Red Dwarf. Bowel surgery or babies? Not laughing. Not the engine. Constructed Memory. Metatext. Drunken haze. Consciousness and strange loops. "Many." Changing Rimmer. Allonormativity. "Bomb-ass sex." Rimmer and love. Class in science fiction. Small-c conservative. Small-n representation. Romero reference. Confabulation. Consent in the eighties. Acting in Red Dwarf. The comic timing of Danny John-Jules. Alien speeches. Memory versus experience. Personality or experience? Wrapping Up.

Go pick up the latest Big Finish story featuring Elliot Chapman, The Genesis Chamber, and follow Elliot on Twitter. 

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Serious Strawberries (Bubble Buddies and Serious Steven)

Shana and Jane are back chatting Steven Universe yet again, this time with a slew of strawberry references as they discuss the two Steven Universe episodes "Bubble Buddies" and "Serious Steven." Connie is introduced, and Ingmar Bergman, the Beatles, and Red Dwarf all get extraneous mentions. 

Main Topic: Bubble Buddies and Serious Steven. Funky Flow. Connie. Wistfully so. Romantic gestures. Pearl and the Beaver. Garnet's positionality. Steven's bubble. Adolescent boy things. Mansplainy Steven. Plans and worms. Hubris. Rollercoaster. Foreshadowing. Mythology and depth. Flashbacks. Rose. Knot. Responsibility. Page-flipping. Moving on the Serious Steven. Strawberries. An extended aside on Bergman. Another extended aside on the Beatles. Butterflies. Adulting. Teacup ride. Temple metaphor. Murals. Organic worldbuilding. Giant strawberries. Buffy reference. Reminder. Serious is unemotional. Bigger on the inside. Earthy gems. Gravity puns. Tie-dye ukelele? Steven Pan. Faces of the pyramid. Prefiguring mythos. Extraneous Red Dwarf reference. Garnet and emotion. Garnet and Steven. Writing on the wall. Steven Universe is spreading. Next time: Tiger Millionaire and Steven's Lion. 

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Strawberries and Male Gaze

In this revamped pilot episode of Big Damn Shiny Heroes, Shana is joined by regular Oi! Spaceman guest Jessica from The Web of Queer in discussing the first episode of Firefly, "Serenity." Lots of discussion of gender norms, "Captain Tightpants," male gaze, and Kaylee are found within. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Serenity. Recasting the Pilot. More affable. Browncoats. Histories. Dragon*Con. Into the episode. Daniel versus Shana. Battle scene opening. PTSD Mal. Masculinity. Male gaze. Interrupted male gaze. Kitchen table. Jayne and the gynecology joke. Asshole actors and asshole characters. Brotherly love. Subject versus object. Interiority through direction. Nostalgia. Snappy Whedon. Performance. Ambassador versus whore. Zoe's rape joke. The Reavers are Chaotic Evil. Simon's disconnect from reality. The use of Chinese. Appropriation. Twitter would tear it apart. Family for the audience. Fanlore and approaching the show. Strawberries. "What the tattoed guy says." Unpopular opinions. Whedon's optimism. Singing the theme song. Character jigsaws. Preacher and whore dynamic. Whores and moral compasses. Grating will-they-won't-they. Sex work and social class. Wrapping Up. 

Find Jessica at The Web of Queer or on Twitter

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Child Abuse and Authoritarianism (RD: Better Than Life)

In this darker-even-than-usual episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the depths of Rimmer's on-screen personality as it's revealed in the Series Two episode "Better Than Life." There's a significant amount of conversation centering around child abuse, and mention of the book Addicted to Hate, which details the physical and emotional abuses heaped on The Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps onto his small children. Skip this one if such conversation will be too much for you. 

Main Topic: Better Than Life. Not the book. Arnie, not Ace. Tripartite structure. "Rimmer's Abusive Past." Meanness. Skutter-blame. John Wayne and lambs. Look-and-feel. Hats. Lister and food. The Cat and utensils. "Before we knew he was a fascist." Transitioning to heavy shit. Cameron Crowe can learn some lessons. Abuse, torture, parenting, and authoritarianism. Malnourishment jokes. Withheld affection. "Aristotlian." Right-hand drive. Spores. "Trashy." Amatonormativity and the relationship escalator. Jam, ants, and brothers. Aspiring to be the top of the patriarchy. "I got my stomach pumped and I'm hungry!" Not anti-cunnilingus. Female speaking roles. Groovy Channel 27. MTV. Rimmer's news choices. Trying too hard. Happy wife. Grief. Rimmer ruins everything. Casablanca. Celebrity dictators. Krissie isn't in this. Playing admiral. Gordon and chess. Wrapping Up. 

Addicted to Hate can be found in full and for free, here

Willing Slaves and Dickish Protagonists (The Tripods)

In this episode of Consider the Ray Gun, Daniel is joined by Godbomb author and serious Robocop fan Kit Power in discussing a YA trilogy that meant a lot to Kit as a young man: The Tripods Trilogy. It's basically a romp through a faux-medieval Europe in which a century prior human beings were conquered by a race of invading aliens who use mind-control caps installed at puberty to create docility among the population. They have a wide-ranging conversation about the characters in the series, the way it's structured, what young adult fiction is meant to do, and the way slavery and imperialist ambition is portrayed in the series. They're also pretty sure John Christopher is a pretty right-wing asshole. 

Get the books here

Check out Kit Power's Patreon, where you can find links to all his other stuff. 

Zombie Marxist Things and Body Horror (Frybo and Cat Fingers)

In this episode, Shana and Jane are back chatting about all things Steven Universe. Namely, Shana chats a bit about the new Golden Book version of The Answer, and they move on to chatting the wages of capitalism in Frybo and the nature of body horror in Cat Fingers. Also: what does it mean when Steven touches himself?

Main Topic: Frybo and Cat Fingers. Taking charge. The Answer book. Metatext. Shana and Rebecca. "Girly." Interiority. More than a collector's item. Fry costumes and naked Steven. Relationships. Body horror. Crystal shards. Hidden backstory. "Something Jack would say." Exploited labor. Critique of capitalism. Marxist Zombie Thing. "Let's go be kids." Spaghetti Westerns. Pants. "Butt and gem." Musical cues. Pearl-centric. Birds? Hitchcock? Lost dead lovers. Scooby Doo kind of thing. Tentacles and capitalism. On to Cat Fingers. Use of magic. Shape-shifting. "Biorhythms yo." 80s Amethyst. Uncomfortable with the body. Personal confessions. Making it purr. Transformation. Leaving. Miyazaki reference. Monsters and sons. Fraught with tragedy. Puns? Internal and external pain. Awareness. Family dynamics. Mayormobile. Pearl smacking her ass. Attention. Friends of Steven. Cliffhanger. Steven touches himself. A particular sort of mind. Gender. Virginity metaphors. Sound. Pussyfooting. Very foreshadowing. "I guess we're watching 'Say Uncle'." Cosplay. Discipline. 

Class Anxieties and Dating Fascists (Kryten)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jb Anderton of the Who37 podcast in discussing the first episode of Red Dwarf Series II: Kryten. What it means to be an artificial life form, oppressed domestic servants, and why one shouldn't date a fascist are among the topic of conversation. Also, a random Spinoza reference if that's your thing. 

Main Topic: Kryten. With special guest JB Anderton of Who37. Coughing. Not the boys from the Dwarf. Correction. JB and Red Dwarf. Goofy ways to pass the time. Fits and starts. Why Kryten? Production value. Kryten the character. Soap opera. "Androids with BDSM clothes." David Ross. Design. Kryten's fanasies. Moldy coffee cup. "You threw the stick." Random Spinoza reference. Not on the pull. Clothes. "I serve, therefore I am." Rimmer the fascist. Marlon Fuckin' Brando. Esperanto. Part Odd-Couple-part-Buddhist. Non-human Kryten. "Does it matter?" Not slaves like dogs. Not ableist. Empathy. Cat interlude. Dating. So much pornography. Computer-laid. Setup and payoff. A Hitchhiker's reference. Socially constructed emotions. Why not to date a fascist. Structure. Hol Rock. Curtains. Rimmer's feminine side. The Cat and the spoon. Pouches. Rimmer's sense of smell. Remastering. Effects. Art college. Prince.

JB on Oi! Spaceman discussing Mindwarp.
Daniel on Who37 talking about City on the Edge of Forever.

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Ghosts of Victorianism (Doctor Who: Ghost Light)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined once again by Jack Graham, this time to discuss the very last Classic Who story ever filmed: Ghost Light. As expected, they have a hard time staying on-topic, and even have extended digressions on Steven Moffat and steampunk. It's a fun conversation about all things related to Victorian science, Victorian imperialism, the ghosts of the past, and problematic representations. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Ghost Light. The Bible. No one was asking for Daniel's input. Everything changes. Why? Peak cute. Jack catnip. Odd at thirteen. "Very British problems." Island people. Nimrod and Lot's wife. Rewatching. Logic. Dreamlike. Ace is really fucking queer. Wrestling, yes please. Two major problems. Snuffbox logic. "And now Jack feels pretentious." Radioactivity and intersubjectivity. The Doctor/Ace relationship. Professor/student. Relationships. Breakthrough? Delivering freeness. 2016 is not 1989. Context matters. Complaining to Andrew Cartmel. "You said it was cyberpunk, right?" Sublimated kink. Pop culture. Riffing on tropes. Ace versus Peri. Tooth and Claw. "We all know Daniel's a sadist." Ace/Gwendoline. Moffat-hate. Female friendship. "And all the chicks say fuck no." Victorian adventurer. Doctor as an ally to imperialism. Anti-patriarchy. "White guy bad." Civilization. Period ideology. Neither a lady nor a gentleman. Reductionism. Neanderthal. Annotations. Great Chain of Being. Paving the war for Empire. Nimrod's religion. Heaven Sent. Lot's wife. Self-reference (in a good way). Ace's journey. "Wicked." Hartnell and McCoy. Explicit. Bonnie the Zygon. Steampunk. Social Darwinism. Metaphor. Medium and Meaning. Emergence. Control. Steven Jay Gould. Ace and the dress. Social Darwinism a perversion of Darwin. Control's journey. Not didactic. Ghost of Victorianism. Religion and heirarchy. Low-hanging fruit. Co-opted by douchebros. Gothic. Control's pidgin English. Starbucks. Female diversity. Eternals in Enlightenment. The last Doctor Who. Shana's not sorry. Wrapping up. 

Find Jack Graham at Eruditorum Press, or on Twitter.

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Gooey Relationships (Laser Light Cannon, Cheeseburger Backpack, and Together Breakfast)

In this episode Shana and Jane are back and chat all about relationships, geodes, messiness, and breakfast food. 

Main Topic: Laser Light Cannon, Cheeseburger Backpack, and Together Breakfast. Doesn't make sense. "Mindful Education." Anxiety. Spirituality and meditation. "We'll probably cry." Laser Light Cannon. Dadliness. Amethyst the big sister. "Throw me at it!" Passive-aggressive Pearl. Leftovers. Rigid. Weak humans. Hot dogs. Flashlight. Compassion. Emotional labor. Apocalypse. The Tick. Imperfections. Buddhist packrats. Esoterica. Moving on to Cheeseburger Backpack. Goofy. Parenting. Mr. Queasy. Holograms. "Crystal Femmes." Hug. Fixed. Teleportation. Characterization through challenges. Moon goddess. Ascension. Together Breakfast. Disgusting. Map. "Is this a dream?" Time travel. Rose. Ruthie agrees. Out of control. Police. Not a mother. Steven's junk. Organic monster. Monstrous Steven. "Might call that four later." Relationships. Gooey-ness. Smoke Monster. Wild Strawberries? Fish and pizza. Suspicions. Beach City Con. Wrapping Up. 

Find all future episodes at oispaceman.com or eruditorumpress.com.

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Fascism and Free Love (Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land)

Welcome to the first episode of Consider the Ray Gun. That's right, another day, another podcast thread. In a development that has been a long time coming, Daniel has decided to take a break from watching movies and television and is actually going to force himself to read books. This will be a catch-as-catch can kind of podcast, with a rotating series of guests, but in this one he's joined by friend of the show James Murphy of Pex Lives and City of the Dead, and together they chat about Robert Heinlein's controversial 1961 classic Stranger in a Strange Land

Main Topic: Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. Personal. Starship Troopers. Juveniles. Counterculture. "Grokked a wrongness." Clever enough. Heinlein's sexism. Introduction to Jill. Changing books. "What a shithead I used to be." A man named Stinky. Racism between editions. James's experience of reading. Changes in tone. Hugh Hefner. Mike the carney. Learning how to laugh. Stock characters. Cantankerous. Stag party. Manifestations of homophobia. Shipping male-male love. Amorphous secretaries. Fair Witness. Inventing Nancy Reagan. Astrology. Defining hippie culture. Tame. Playboy centerfolds 1961. Heinlein and Hubbard. Fosterites and Scientology. Suing the podcast. Southern California. The changing author. Futurism. Birchers. Leftist but anti-Communist. Libraries. Valentine Micheal Smith and the military. Referencing Star Trek. Heinlein and the UN. "I love nuclear war." Incest. Awakening of sexuality. Redheads, pregnant women, and female tears. The great triumph of the book. Death of the author. Dickhead Mike. Understanding Mike the religious leader. Why the Larkin decision? Legalism and imperialism. Changeling Ben Caxton. Jill's lessons. Naked Heinlein. Recognizing oneself. Pushing Free Love. James references Kevin Smith. The politics of open relationships. One-way polemics. Chatting about religion. Faith versus heirarchy. "Cult." The sexual politics of the Ninth Circle. Sapir-whorf. The intimacy of water-brotherhood. Boundaries. Sameness. The failure of the hippies. Mike the martyr. Violence. Wrapping up. 

Check out all our future episodes at oispaceman.com, and check out James's podcasts at pexlives.libsyn.com

Steven's Origin Story and Beach City Utopia (SU: Gem Glow and the Unaired Pilot)

Oh, look here, it turns out that instead of bowing to audience desires and actually continuing the Firefly content, Oi! Spaceman has started a new podcast thread. Oops. For those of you who are fans of animation and children's television and queerness but not particularly big fans of Daniel, this one is a real treat, as Jane (who many of you will remember from our The Time Monster episode, and a recent Moffat-oriented bonus) is joining Shana to discuss the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, and episode or two at a time. In this one they discuss "Gem Glow" and the unaired pilot episode, and basically set out a lens through which they'll view the entire series. 

Main Topic: Gem Glow and the Unaired Pilot. A Joke. Introductions. Alchemy. Sugar. Music. Dead Mom. "Cookie Cat." Unwilling square. Adorable Steven. Emotive Steven. Non-binary. Lars and Sadie. Character design. Introduction of the Gems. Emotional Garnet. Visuals. Foreshadowing. Centipeetles. Racial caricatures? Relationships. "Gems of color." Stole and then paid for. Steven's problematic fave. Origin story. Cookie Cat as a metaphor for Steven. Density. Nose-picking Amethyst. "Next podcast!" Comparison to Avatar. Personalities through powers. Petals falling. Rich. Moving on to the unaired pilot. Tone. Design. Representations. Childish Amethyst. Unaired Sadie and Lars. "Crystal Femmes." Dark and Edgy. Utopian Beach City. Queer. Geared towards children. Not moralistic. Three-dollar bill. Containment versus defeat. Balance. Songs. Cookie Cat and Lion. Depth. "Steveny." Crazy theory. Why take care of Steven? Credits. Looking forward to Connie. Revolution. Jim Henson. A donut store near you.  

Check out all our future episodes at oispaceman.com

Charles Rimmer Kane (Me2)

After a couple of weeks off from podcasting together, Daniel and Shana return to discuss the final episode of Red Dwarf Series One: Me2. Which should really have a superscript but does anyone care in this medium? Maybe it should be transliterated as "Me-Squared" on social media? Grammar pedants speak out on this monumentally important issue. 

Anyway, Daniel and Shana discuss Gazpacho soup as a sort of Rosebud for understanding Rimmer's life, and question whether it was really as big a deal as Rimmer seems to think it is. Also, classism in food choices, Rimmer vs. Todhunter, unpaid electric bills, and possibly the greatest performance Danny John-Jules has given us yet. 

Main Topic: Me2. Mugs Murphy. Naming convention. "Oh, Rimmer!" Control. April Fool's. Mission. Futurama plots. Critics. Never JFK or Ductwork or Prison. Invasion. Continuity. Specific. Stuck. Breakup. Legacy. Devices. Bubbles. A step back from literalism. Bashing the Skutter. Dickish. Cunt error. Performance. Feline. Charles Rimmer Kane. Hot Gazpacho. Taj Mahal. "How Rimmer of him." Competitive swimmer. Meditative. Socially awkward. Obvious. IT Crowd jokes. Pranks. Todhunter. Terrible. Post-scarcity. Not masturbation. Seven jerks. Status. The Meaning of Life. Execution. Tropes. Alternate. Morality. Dude, existence. Star Trek crap. Military versus ocean. Eastern. Wrapping Up. Balance. Straight. Writing. Pleather. 

Check out all our future episodes at oispaceman.com.

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More Than Just Salty Parabolas (Ghostbusters 2016)

Shana's still out for this episode, but Daniel is joined by recurring guest Jessica from The Web of Queer to give their hot take on the misandrist masterpiece Ghostbusters (2016). Lots of queer identity politics to mull over here, but for the most part this is a fun movie that made for a fun podcast episode, although possibly not as much fun as listening to sax. 

Main Topic: Ghostbusters (2016). With special guest Jessica from Web of Queer. No Shana. Filler. Ruining childhoods. Jessica and 1984. Zeitgeist. Exploded. General thoughts. No buttons. Teenage boy. Why people come to Oi! Spaceman. The MRA villain. Not an MRA stereotype. Improv. Embedded. Power Rangers. Trading card. Boob armor. Gross internet. Racefail. West Side Story. Screwed up. First trailer. "Remember we have a nuke." Technobabble. Loving Kate Mackinnon. "I get it now." Force of nature. Salty parabolas. The Bill Murray. "Pansexual." Text versus subtext. Female friendship. Economics. Fanservice. Credits. Extras. Classified ghosts. Spoilers. Symbolic feminism. Four seconds. Body image. Listening to sax. Puppy. Reverse trope. Jessica does not agree. MRAs should or should not feel bad. Little girls. Kate as Scully. Looking forward. Heteronormativity trap. Any random Web of Queer. Clara feels. Square metalheads. Too explicit. Enjoying women. Wrapping up. Completely in the moment.

Kate McKinnon as Scully
Consider the Tea Cosy on queerness in Ghostbusters

Fun with Dan and Jane (A Casual Chat About Steven Moffat)

Shana was out of town this week, so Daniel took the opportunity to pull out some bonus casual conversation he recorded back when Jane co-hosted on this podcast for The Time Monster. Despite beginning the conversation proclaiming his dislike of discussing the Moffat era, they ended up chatting about just that for most of the nearly two-hour running time of this podcast. Also you'll hear some of the Oi! Spaceman origin story and some very goofy jokes. Enjoy.

Main Topic: A Casual Conversation About Steven Moffat. Krotons. Sleamball. Condescending Wendy. Alcohol. Titties. Punch-Drunk. "Okay, Steven Moffat." Aesthetics. 1992. "Blink" and humanity. Matt Smith hate. Listen is brilliant. Relationships. Asylum. Trauma. Pointed to. Chibnall and the writer's room. Puzzles. Series 6. Not Richard Hurndall. "Jack discovered us basically." Caitlin and Clara. "Control freak." Costuming. Jo. Progressivism. Wonder Woman. Essentialism. Problematic Davies. Moffat the feminist. Donna. Subverting tropes. Matt Smith. Forgetting. Serialized. Bidmead and J-NT. The Leisure Hive. Nodding along. Class issues. Series 10. Performance. Karen Gillan. The only reasonable opinion. Why not The War Machines? Tegan's fabulous. Obsessive. Hitler the hot mess. Revisitation. Minotaur. Misogynistic Capaldi. Round.

TMBDOS on Punch-Drunk Love.
Shana on sex work and ableism.
Our "Fish Fingers and Custard Bullshit."
The Stephen Thompson Conversation.
Oi! Spaceman on Chasing Amy.
Happy Slaves.

You can find Jane at Jane Says and you can find all future episodes of Oi! Spaceman either at Eruditorum Press or at oispaceman.com.

Does The Brig Have a Point? (Doctor Who and the Silurians)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel chat about the Third Doctor's second story: Doctor Who and the Silurians. Genocide (maybe), laggy pacing, and fucking adorable married couple antics reign supreme. 

Main Topic: Doctor Who and the Silurians. Nazi Godzillas. Titles. Hate having guests. Daniel was right. Pacing. Black and white. Pigtails. So married. Liz. Fulcrum. A37 and Z13. Squishy-squishy. "White Man Sit Down and Think." IT Crowd reference. Greatness. Lesbian innovation. "More like Twelve Monkeys." Noir Who. Peter Myles. Compression. White guys with clipboards. "Not my kink!" No sonic. Coup. The Upside of Dragging Ass. The Chick and the Doctor. Is the Doctor Right? Twilight. Alternate Hulke. Does the Brig have a point? Litter. Not genocide. Interpretation. Ambiguity. Palestinians. Allegory. Complication. Shades of gray. Bessie. One day, even here.... Excuse. Paperwork. Pet dinosaur. Missing. The one peacemaker. Nuance. Mind power in the bedroom. Jabberwocky. Boring biowarfare. Stupid faux-science. Continental drift. A more relevant statement. The Tenth Planet. Shut up. Mistaken title. Daniel was right. What this era looks like. "Is this why we have guests?" 

Daniel and Shana discuss Spearhead From Space: "Thunderballs and the Dirty Old Box." 

Find all our future episodes at oispaceman.com.

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Right After "Learn Portuguese" (Confidence and Paranoia)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by James Murphy of the Pex Lives and City of the Dead podcasts. They certainly are not currently sharing posting duties on a media criticism website owned and operated by a Blakean Marxist occultist. Certainly not. 

Main Topic: Confidence and Paranoia. With special guest James Murphy of Pex Lives. Cute. Groovetown. Kind of a shit. James and Red Dwarf. Fetishizing VHS. Fort. That old thing. Child James and The Cat. Isolated. Hit record. Raised by Craig Charles. Depth. Racial politics. Grim. Mobius Strip of Writing. Critical distance. Pyschology. Not a space bum. Insecurities. Colors. Distaste. Stabim and Portugese. Integration. Motivation. Dialectic. Class. Lister's Found Future. (Dog noise.) Not the cool kids. Sociopathy. Sarcasm. Cheap seats. It's the eighties. Pig-headed. Representation. Jim Crow. The Inevitable Bit About Rape. Yvonne. MGTOW. Rimmer and the Internet. Caring Rimmer. Rape and comedy. Keegan. Craig Ferguson. American doofuses. Ruby Rhod. Chipper and fever. Humanity. Addiction. Insightful Rimmer. Creepy or romantic? Exploding heads. Reagan. Extreme romantic love. Distance. Kochanski. Gendered insults. 'Cause duh. Pegging. Tomboy versus Cheeses. The Cat likes Lister. Impulse. Dreams. Longevity. (Puppy growls.) Rimmer's ally. Kochanski's box. Appendage. Remake. Christie. Not into e-readers. Losers. 


Esoterica, Power, and Dick Jokes (DW: The Time Monster)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jane Campbell of Eruditorum Press to chat about The Time Monster. Much merriment and queerness ensues. 

Main Topic: The Time Monster. With special guest Jane Campbell. Awful. Gay wine glass. Love for late-stage capitalism. Beauty and monstrosity. Heathers. Dealbreaker. Justifiying The Time Monster. Structure. Never twenty-five when you can take ninety. Grad students. Balls. Misandry doesn't exist. The power that matters. Academia. Ruth and Stewart. Trickster Stewart. Cis male defense. Infantalized. Parallels. Capaldi reference. Couldn't do it to Ruth. The Daemons. Benton. Gender roles. Beside the point. Rebirth. Baby Brigadier? Benton and alternative masculinity. Naively aggressive. Absolutely nothing. Ruth the Doctor. Delgado. Missy and Delgado. Bond babes. Time Ramming with the Doctor and Master. Dick jokes. Superpenis! Time Lord physiology. Meta timewasters. Third Doctor Binro. The Daisiest Daisy. Buddhism. Esoterica. Mythology. Jo the bird. "Venerable." Lord Master. Conversation. Shippy. Paganism. Issues with the bird. Compassionate. Inconsistent. Myths of Atlantis. Moral. Power. Destroying a myth. Twenty minutes less. Precipice of annhialiation. Chronovore. "That's Jane for you." Queering. Costumes. Polyamorous Galleia? Overdramatic. Hippy? Roids.

Jane's two pieces on Beauty and Monstrosity at Eruditorum Press.

Find all future episodes and other ways to contact us at oispaceman.com.

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Humanistic Existentialism (Red Dwarf: Waiting For God)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel finally get around to chatting about everyone's favorite topic: religion. And what kind of man might really deserve to be worshipped as a god. 

Main Topic: Waiting For God. Delays. Column. Polycule. Religion. Beckett. Toaster. Garbage. Priest. Troughton. Feline. Typical. Spot. Production. Colors. Characters. Files. Eleven. Surreal. Existential. Aliens. Imperialist. Fucking. Contrast. Indigenous. Odor. Interpretation. Pictograms. Sniff. Illustrations. Curry. Apostate. Shiny. Underwritten. Budget. Unexamined? Underappreciated. Archetype. Ability. Enjoyable. Meta. Tonto. Underestimated. Continuity. Suicide. Parents. Empathy. Cult. Faith. Trash. Hat. Last. Weak. Green. Manufactured. Nature. Wrong. Hamfisted. Anthropology. Switched. Rastabilly. Worthwhile. Fuchal. Limitations. Jokes. Scrumptuous. Spoon. Shirt. Infected. Punctuation. Comma. Chicken. Acting. Quarantine. Doubt. Funny. McCoy. Next time: Confidence and Paranoia.

All our episodes can be found at oispaceman.com. We also blog weekly about sexuality and gender issues at Eruditorum Press

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Adorably Eviscerating Edwardian Social Mores (DW: Horror of Fang Rock)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by author extraordinaire Kit Gonzo in discussing the first story of the Graham Williams era, Horror of Fang Rock. At least in theory. Conversation ranges all over, but mostly focuses on the incredibly complicated role that Leela plays in Doctor Who. Racism, sexism, colonialism, classism, spoonerisms, and more. 

Main Topic: Horror of Fang Rock. With special guest Kit Gonzo. Being not-funny. Richard Dawkins or a Rutan? Writing. Commercialism. Academic writing. Browbeating Shana. Getting back on-topic. Fang Rock as a script. Haiku and cliffhangers. Pertwee's dignity. Upstairs, downstairs. Not overexplained. Dialogue and business. Lovely Louise. Leela versus Jo. Actresses imposing feminist interpretations. Costumes. Kit's background with Leela. Leela versus River. Knives versus guns. Leela's agency. Threatening evisceration. Leela stands against Edwardian values. Modern versus classic Doctors vis a vis violence. Co-showrunner Peter Capaldi. "Slay me." Dickhead Four. Ableist shit. Picking up the ball. Leela the noble savage. How are we going to approach Talons of Weng-Chiang. Racism and sexism. "It's still objectification, it's just not *actually* male gaze!" The White Guardian. Contextualized. Better to believe in science. Astrology. Foghorn. Oil versus electricity. Spoonerisms. AAVE. Shana impresses Daniel. Whitesnake. Paddy Russell. Sociopathic characters. Colonel. Indian "savages" and colonialism. The revolutionary Victorian inventor. Problematic Thanksgiving. Forgiving your grandparents. Nobody should listen to that. "Trumpface." A more depressing podcast. Modern Fang Rock. The Rutan should murder everybody. Edwardian oxygen. Daniel's favorite episode ever. Racial encoding. Servants. Working-class superstition. Shana has to leave. Longest episode to date. Rational actors. Internal divisions and external threat. Weird electricity. Sandifer. Jack and James. War of the Worlds. Blind spots and positionality. H.G. Wells. Cliche-ridden. Ludditism. Unreliable electricity. Unassailable businessmen. Go poke Phil Sandifer. Wealth. Talking about Jesus. Alien Doctor. Superman and the Doctor. Demanding perfection. The American Slave Coast. Fuckhole Founding Fathers. Wrapping up. 


Kit's book Godbomb! at Amazon.
Kory Shrum's Dying For a Living at Amazon.

Find all future episodes of all the podcasts of the Oi! Spaceman family at oispaceman.com. Daniel and Shana are also now writing a weekly column about sex and gender at Eruditorum Press. The first essay, considering Four/Leela as a D/s couple, is entitled "Good Girl, Smash the Patriarchy." 

Class, Gender, and the Ziggurat (Red Dwarf: Balance of Power)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are (shockingly, I know) joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham to discuss the third episode of Series One: Balance of Power. Capitalism, class, gender, The Fappening, and Craig Charles's acting chops are all at least mentioned. 

Main Topic: Balance of Power. With special guest Jack Graham. A capitalist joke. Avoiding culture. Shana rises above. Shana's boobs. Teenagerhood. Jack's early Dwarf. Power. "I've been fished to death!" Craig Charles, Actor. Okaaaayyy... Challenging each other. Rimmer the goof-off. Re-ordering episodes. Lister the socialite. Loser's club. Post-apocalyptic. Ghosts. Exactly what a cat would do. Thematically dense. Recurring themes. Roko's Basilisk. Quasars. Horrible Rimmer. Kinship to Rimmer. Metaphorical hologram. Slut-shaming. Potential Rimmer friendship. Turning Rimmer on. Thinking it through. Being brought back. Stuff. Economics and artificial scarcity. Marxism not capitalism. Slave skutters. Fantasies of power and achievement. Class structure. Officer Kochanski. Misogyny or general disrespect? Private military. East India Company. The Inevitable Bit About Thatcher. Truckers in space. Class issues and the Cat. Teasing. Story versus ideas. "Middlebrow." A shallow reading of Jane Austen. Sartre. Government health warnings. Passing the chef's exam. "Sometimes you make those bullshit dreams work!" Ziggurat. Death video. Unemployed Lister. "Oh JPS!" Geeky Lister? No Exit. The end of heirarchy. Kochanski the muse. Purses. Waking Kochanski. Alternate directions for the show. Holograms in society. Creepy. "The Fappening." Easy to be a girl. What girls want. Clare Grogan's role in the show. Problems and opportunities. Dudebros getting drunk. Clever Lister. Density. Dumbest joke ever. Getting in touch with his feminine side. Wrapping up. The Double Rimmer. 

Roko's Baslisk on Rationalwiki

Shabcast 20

Find Jack's blog Shabogan Graffiti at Eruditorum Press. 

All our future content you can find at oispaceman.com. We also have a Facebook group for those so inclined. 

Candy-Colored Totalitarianism, Gender, and Margaret Thatcher (The Happiness Patrol)

In this (slightly-delayed) episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by a first-time guest, Josh from The Web of Queer. It's a wide-ranging conversation that doesn't even begin to cover the story completely, but touches on issues of depression and music, enforced frivolity, the horror of the Thatcher years, and the nature of top-down authoritarian rule. Also: the aesthetics of the Kandyman and some discussion of set design. And whether or not Shana ships Ace with Susie Q. The answer may shock you, but probably not.

Main Topic: The Happiness Patrol. "Way to make a super-sexist joke, husband." With special guest Josh from Web of Queer. Not nonagenerian. Introducing Josh. Simple Happiness Patrol. Horrible Margaret Thatcher. Not wholly Thatcherite. "That we know of." Surveillance state. "But dude that hair defies physics!" Queering the discussion. Section 28. Promoting homosexuality. Robert Palmer's Happiness Patrol. Makeup. Standard in the 80s. Helen A's force of personality. Flipping everything. Slippery Slope. Ace gets privilege. The Friends of Earl Sigma. Solidarity. Castes. The Jews alone. Enforced normativity and self-denial. Fifi. Cutest little killer ever! Humanized dictators. Trevor Sigma. Waiting rooms. Ace sideyes. Each wig is different. Susie Q. Daniel references Atwood. Following the characters. "The pointy nosed bitch, and chick with the hard lines on her jaw, and the chick who has mostly blush..." Gender coding of costumes. Big picture opinions of The Happiness Patrol. The Kandyman can.... The poisoning of Earl. Gluing and ungluing. The Fondant Surprise has no fondant. Why this episode was a month late. Stage production. Disneytown. Accurate 1984. Daniel is wrong about the snipers. Wrapping up. "Left leaning people in the BBC?" Josh wasn't prepared for the political conversation. State-run television. "I should be protesting shit!" Music. Depression. 

Find Josh at his regular podcast The Web of Queer here, and find him on Twitter here. Find all of Daniel and Shana's regular content (at least going forward) at oispaceman.com.

Classic Doctors and Companions (Classic Doctor Who)

In this episode Daniel and Shana return to Doctor Who and... chat. What was supposed to be a fairly concise look at the experience of looking at all the Classic companions turned into a long and meandering conversation about pretty much everything Who. Shana even says nice things about Steven Moffat! Each Classic Doctor and companion is at least mentioned, although some not for very long....

Main Topic: Classic Doctor and Companion Overview. Ninety. Daniel sucks. Big softie. Looking ahead. Dirty sneaky pirate things. Region coded DVD problems. Positive response. Comprehensive review. Joe. Really cool women. Scrutiny. Learning. History. Unique. Six in the Trial. Shana says something nice about Moffat. Jaws 5000. Test of time. Fallen out of love with Ten. Nine. Powerful and vulnerable. Pearl Mackie. "Let's see how Moffat fucks it up." Capaldi on a family show. Tennant the fanboy. Writer's room. Cautious optimism. Platinum Hartnell. "One day, I shall come back." Grandpa General. Disney reference. Troughton haircut. Cosmic hobo? Cosmic hippie. If Shana were to travel with a Doctor. Meeting Fraser Hines. Only a few companions. Sex symbol Pertwee. Austin Powers. Pumpkinhead from Space. "That's my Doctor." Tom's swag. Big Finish? Understated Davison. Matt Smith. Paired with Tegan. Sixie. McCoy's skill set. Chessmaster Seven. Tennantishness to Shana's fandom. Not going to talk about Matt Smith. Barbara is an inspiration. Manly man Ian. Zapp Brannigan! Oh, Susan. Vicki with her pigtails! "You're gonna have to show me pictures of Steven." No functional memory of Daleks' Master Plan. Or Dodo. Ben and Polly. A bit Aryan Nation. Polly and fashion. Adorable Jamie. Elliot Chapman. "The Piper!" Victoria in the kitchen. Period. Daniel's biggest crush is Zoe. Cosplay. Love letter to Liz Shaw. Our greatest podcast title to date. Shipping the Brig and Liz. Problematic Brig. Shana doesn't care about Yates or Benton. Cute Jo Grant. Fun uncle. Sarah Jane Motherfucking Smith. Fuck him in his stupid fucking face. Racist makeup. K-9 sucks. Romanas in a line. Heartbreaking Adric. Misused Nyssa. Tegan and Nyssa. Tegan and Eleven. Five answers to Tegan. Tegan the anti-Saward. Gay Turlough. Kamelion waste of time. Don't need to hear Shana's Peri rant again. Ace and them dimples and that leather outfit. Coming soon.... Next week: The Happiness Patrol.

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Your Death, and How to Cope With It (Red Dwarf: Future Echoes)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel contemplate the existential horror of death, gender performativity of hairstyle, and eating robot goldfish in their discussion of Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 2: Future Echoes. 

Main Topic: Future Echoes. Twice as many men. Explaining jokes. Downhill. Physical humor. General twattishness. Helen Shapiro. Fake references. Wobbly Chris Charles. Existential Seinfeld. Death and fear of death. Shaving cream. Lister and the mirror. Brown trousers time. Chaplin. Physicality. British slang. Suicidal father. Masculinity. Literary grotesque. Lister's father. Impeccable. Technical acting. Loneliness before death. All heart. Looking forward to Me2. "Gimboid." Schrodinger's Rimmer. Explaining Dwarf to virgins. Tripping the Rift. Maybe Futurama? Lennon, McCartney, and predestination. Lister's Found Future. Loose continuity. Aeon Flux. "Bits of you explode." Implications. Four thousand years. Priorities. Willie Loman in space. Old Lister. Rhymes with Little Miss Moffat. Low art and high art. Artificial intelligences. Wonky worldbuilding. Skutter design. Visual podcasting. "This and the other ten racks." Justifying the premise. Litmus testing his dates. Pope. Next time: Balance of Power with Jack Graham.

Oi! Spaceman Facebook group.
Tripping the Rift has a fucking website
Full text of Alexander Pope's The Dunciad
End music: Helen Shapiro, "It Might As Well Rain Until September." 

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Forever White Knights (Firefly: Serenity)

It's finally happened. Shana has convinced Daniel to start podcasting Joss Whedon. They start with what is probably his most interesting series, Firefly, and will be doing all the episodes of the series plus the theatrical film over the next few months.

In this episode then, they discuss the two-part pilot "Serenity," introduce all the major characters, and discuss the use of gender within the show. Daniel picks a few bones with worldbuilding, and sets out the general complaint that the series' Western setting (along with the military background of two of its main characters) implies a connection to the American Confederacy that the show never really deals with authentically. It's going to be a very controversial ride.

Main Topic: Serenity. Hirsute and handsome. Shana versus Daniel. Whedonite. Introductions. Pandering. History with Buffy. History with Firefly. Lexx and Cleopatra 2525. Fan cultures. "Walt Whitman is 'feel my manliness?'" Characters. Sitcom writing. "Han Solo The Series." Two introductions. Needing a male counterpart. Zoe should shoot Mal in the face. First and last. Comic book structure. "Like a Civil War kinda?" Pacing. Adorable Alan Tudyk. "Star Wars Meets Country Buffy." Chinglish. Earthy, dirty, sweet, feminine Kaylee. The fragile masculinity of Captain Tightpants. The de-virginator. Heinlein. A failure of worldbuilding. Book defined by his sexuality and moral compass. What is worldbuilding? Badger. Strawberries. The Tams. Kitchen. Ooh, subplot! Kaylee/Inara. Sex and the City? Prayer. Mal an alternative model of masculinity? Ritualistic bathing. The Patriarch says it's okay. Kaylee gets shot. Peckinpah. Out of chaos River is born. The innocent savage. A more interesting story. Attractive Simon. Conflating intelligence with morality. Shana rolls her eyes. Zoe/Wash and Amy/Rory. Reavers! Brotastic. Pornstache. Economics. Alliance as an imperial power. Confederate iconography. Jayne. 

Find all future episodes of Big Damn Shiny Heroes at oispaceman.com

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Lister's Lost Future (Red Dwarf: The End)

Away we go. In this first episode of the long-awaited (by Daniel at least) new podcast "Red Dwarf: Searching For Fuchal" Shana and Daniel discuss the pilot episode of the classic sci-fi comedy series: "The End." Racial and gender politics, existential dread, and what it might mean to "interfere with a woman" are all discussed.

Main Topic: Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 1: "The End." A bad Doctor Who reference. Don't sully with Moffat. Introducing the podcast. "You're making me read?" How Shana found Red Dwarf. Attracted to Lister. Actors' names. Cat evolution. Minstelry. Gender imbalance. Existential Everyman, but funny. Daniel's introduction through Infinity. Disappointing. Sassy CP. Lister's dream. Kochanski/Lister. Potential future. Form versus content. Prestige is a made-up social thing. Trapped in a social milieu. Rosencrantz and Guilderstern. Worldbuilding. Working class audience and characters. The 80s sucked. Alcoholism. Officers and enlisted men. Rising in social class. Existential dread. Todhunter the hero. Rimmer's culpability. Density. Structure. Credits. Paint. Has to be science fiction. Pipe cleaners. A bro thing. Unappreciative Lister. "Interfere with a woman sexually." Frankenstein is out of fucks. Shana imitates the Cat. "Everyone is dead Dave." Black box theater. The Rimmer salute. Wrapping up.  

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The Dream of 90s Era Gender/Sexual Politics is Alive (Chasing Amy)

In this bonus episode, Shana and Daniel discuss Kevin Smith's 1997 film "Chasing Amy" through the lens of its sexual and gender politics. Shana is a cis queer woman, passionate about her identity, and while this film formed a huge portion of both Daniel and Shana's adolescence/young adulthood, it has *serious* problems if approached from a 2016 perspective. They also discuss Lela, a young lesbian woman who was featured in "Chasing Amy Politics" on the first "Evening With Kevin Smith" DVD. This is a heartwrenching look at a film, not for the faint of heart.

Main Topic: Chasing Amy. What if: Bisexuality didn't exist! A very brief introduction. Daniel's sadistic desire. General thoughts on Kevin Smith and Chasing Amy. "The only thing I can think is bi erasure." Smoking weed as his profession. Smith as a visual stylist. Daniel's first viewing of Chasing Amy. "You can say 'cumshot' in a movie?" El Paso to Franklin. You can never go home again. Joey Lauren Adams as queer crush. Typecast. Daniel's relationships with lesbians. Radical Kevin Smith. Rom-com dream disease. Kevin Smith makes films for Daniel. Shana loves Banky. Banky/Holden. Battle scars. The Archie Bunker theory. Two sides of Kevin Smith. 1997 vs. 2016. Hooper the voice of reality. Our podcast is the "White Hatin' Coon" of the Doctor Who podcasting world. Dating yourself three times. Fragility. Love for Hooper X. Arguing about the ending. Amy and Velvet. Studio interference. Alyssa's story? Cruel. "Fuck you back off you creepy stalker!" The anti-Annie Hall ending. Alyssa Jones, assault survivor. The fucking hockey game. The most common rape story. Alternate endings. Hooper and Bob. Her sexuality all about him. The One Penis Policy. "It was never about you." Rawness. All the angles. Heartbreaking. Facade. Asking for consent. Kevin Smith blind spots. Gwen Turner. Appropriation time. Lesbianism. Enough. Banky accepts Alyssa. No one considered polyamory. Twenty-six in 1997. Appropriating gay culture. A young lady named Lela. A PhD thesis. Kevin Smith and the marginalized. Knowledge has ruined this movie. The power of the internet. Two boxes. Balls and boobs. Homophobic permormativity. "Banky is a problem you can fix." Abusive Holden. Possibly doing Bound in a future episode? The Dream of the 90s is incomplete. Wrapping Up.

Chasing Amy on TMBDOS.
Lela confronts Kevin Smith on Chasing Amy's sexual politics.

"Falling Out of the Closet: Kevin Smith, Queerness, and Independent Film." 

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Ace... and Her Dimples (Dragonfire)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel announce a new direction for the podcast (to be starting in about a month) and discuss the Seventh Doctor story "Dragonfire." Was there ever any doubt that Shana was going to fall in love with Ace?

Main Topic: Dragonfire. Glitz as Han Solo. A fuck-you to Robert Holmes. Drinking today. Daniel the dominant male patriarchal figure. Shana the flirt. A podcast announcement. "If you don't like it, let us know." Shana cackles. Jack Graham and Hamilton. Steven Universe. From McGann to David Lister. Moving on to Dragonfire. The least important element. Mel and Glitz? Mel and Ace. "Grandfather seems to be enjoying himself!" Stupid rich lady. Cyberpunk. Daniel's bad Magenta pun. Ace a genderswapped Dave Lister. Working-class Ace. Seven treats women as people. It factor. Sylvester McCoy can juggle. Whither Dibber? Ace... and her dimples! "Do you remember Dodo at all?" Dragonfire or Caves of Androzani? Creating fuck fantasies. "You are attracted to the Slitheen." The worst Ace episode? Psychoanalyzing Mel. "This is what we call 'my type'." Ace's sexual past. "I think this is completely appropriate." "It was a bad idea! You should have left it alone!" Kane, Space Nazi. Magenta Planet. The Professor. "There is no Turlough, only fan-Turlough." Ace vs. Tegan. A very happy Tegan. "Okay, whatever." The dragon. Wrapping up. 

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Thankfully He Saved All the Rich White People (Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined once again by Elliot Chapman to discuss the end of the Sixth Doctor era in Terror of the Vervoids and the Ultimate Foe. History should be your guide here; they don't much discuss the details of the actual storyline, in favor of general conversation about acting and many examples of Shana's Mel impersonation. 

Main Topic: Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe. With special guest Elliot Chapman. Not as bad as she'd thought. Castrovulva. Brian Blessed. Casting Mindwarp. Feeling bad for Peri. Bonnie Langford's "It Factor?" Shana's Mel impression. Mel as tonic. Lynda Bellingham. Performativity in the courtroom. Platonic Six. The Ultimate Time Lord. Pushing the Trial idea further. The show shouldn't go on. Dissecting the Trial season. Budgeting Who. Not the fundamental issue. Daniel forgets a title. Noticing economics. Dramatic failure. Target novelizations. Turn the lights down! "A penis and a clit." "Pollinate me!" Explaining accents. Working-class Vervoids. Hybrids. Honor Blackman, 80s stereotype. "We didn't talk about that at all last week." The end of Bobby H-Dawg. An aside about Tim Burton. Pregnable Matrix. Better than The Deadly Assassin. The obligatory Kafka reference. The speech. Should've stayed home. Dichotomy. The Valeyard rejects the counterculture. The ultimate Bart Simpson. Thankfully he saved all the rich white people. Defending the Sixth Doctor. Eye performance. The costume. Agreeable Colin Baker. Capaldi versus Smith. Genderswapped Six. Yay Elliot has work! Next week: Dragonfire.

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Fan Sexism Then and Now (Mindwarp)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast to discuss "Mindwarp." In theory, that's what they do. In practice the conversation becomes much more wide-ranging, covering issues of sexism in media, the treatment of Peri by the show and Nicola Bryant by the production team, convention misbehavior, and even Donald Trump's candidacy. It's a long but fruitful conversation.

Main Topic: Mindwarp. With special guest JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast. Masturbation. Patreon? C2E2. Artists and geek cons. Convention politics. Shameless plug. Chicago TARDIS and cosplay. Panels at C2E2. Hugging Alan Tudyk. Tweeting at Noel Clarke. The Rose/Mickey/Martha threesome. Welcoming fandom. Alex Kingston and Elliot Serrano. "Fuck you, you're a misogynistic asshole!" Moving on to Mindwarp. JB's history with Mindwarp. "30 years later not so much...." Brian Blessed, the big scary teddy bear. Christopher Ryan. Mad scientist. Execution. The Trial as device. Jiminy Cricket. Companions in danger. Behind the scenes. The Valeyard is the Master? Removal of Peri's femininity. The Doctor's sympathy for Peri. Turncoat Doctor. Peri and Clara. Lord Kiv, CEO. Rewriting "Mindwarp." Susan and Peri impressions. Metanerrative. A Peri/Yrcanos sitcom. Rewriting Peri. Ambiguity. Nicola Byrant and Colin Baker. "You had to be there." Dehumanization. Peri and Polly. Peri's backstory. Fanon. Actress pay. Representation issues. Tegan and Peri. Growling at Gatiss. Avoiding gendered language. Failing the counterculture. Giving up on fandom. "Fuck the feels." Belittling not saccharine. Problematic Who. A random aside about Donald Trump. The Fearmonger. The bright light is coming. Looking forward to The Happiness Patrol. A giant feminist rant. Next week: Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe.

JB's girlfriend Darlene's art page
Alex Kingston sexually harassed at Chicago TARDIS 2015.
Hell You Talmbout.

Find JB's podcast Who37 at who37.com, and find him on Twitter at @who37podcast.


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The Zack Morris Effect (The Mysterious Planet)

In this episode, Shana is finally exposed to the many-colored coat as Daniel forces her to endure The Mysterious Planet. For some reason she insisted on watching The Twin Dilemma first, so both stories are covered here. 

Main Topic: The Mysterious Planet. Loud animals. The Twin Dilemma. Cosplay. Way more than kind of a dick. Unreliable. Sexist flamboyant gay man. Peri as the lead character. Baker's performance. "Whether you like it or not!" Double the Adric. Clara as a verb. The most 80s set. Mental health in Doctor Who. Delicious peanuts in a pile of shit. Elton Johnnie Doctor. Chemistry. Caves of Androzani or Twin Dilemma? Back to The Mysterious Planet. Not Shana's era. Nuanced. Distracted by makeup. Aesthetics. Showing its age. Boring production background. The Trial of Doctor Who. The Inquisitor. The Doctor narrates his own story. The Zack Morris Effect. Meta. Shana breaks out in ragtime. Peri. Technical changes. Projecting onto Colin Baker. Glitz and Dibber. Philanthropy. Intermission from a cat. "Better fucking look better than The War Machines!" Robert Holmes' Greatest Hits. Arcs. Valeyard. "Never mind I don't like this story anymore." Fangirl Shana. Next week: Mindwarp. 

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Jack and Daniel Confront Their Male Privilege (The Caves of Androzani)

In what is sure to be the single most controversial episode of Oi! Spaceman to date, Shana doesn't much care for The Caves of Androzani. Basically for predictable gender politics reasons, but it's broader than that. They are joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham once again to discuss the story, Holmes's legacy, Withnail and I, and other off-topic things. 

Main Topic: The Caves of Androzani. Mamet. Gender politics. "Super gay and Jack." Podcast boyfriends. One thing about Castrovalva. Frontios and the tractators. Nostalgia. A query to Shana. The greatest? Fourth Doctor as performed by Davison. "You had to be there." Snarky and caustic. Sympathy for Matt Smith. Jek and Davros and Vaughn and Chen. Costuming. Out-Sawarding Saward. Suffocating. "Killing the Fifth Doctor." Fibro fog. Best ever? Androzani and Ribos. Cocktail party Jek. Empathy. Shakespeare. Rapey Jek and damseled Peri. "She does not have big tits!" One-note Peri. Adorable bunny. Opposite ends. Holmes and the marginalization of women. Timmin and Diana Goddard. "Adric." "I can hear Shana's eyes rolling from here." American. The politics of Caves. Thatcher's eighties looks like utopia. Cynicism. Holmes' navel. Chain reaction. Androzani lacks a Binro. Expecting better of the eighties. Withnail and I. The sound of a man getting old. Hugo-nominated Jack. Shabogan Graffiti Conglomerate. Next week: The Mysterious Planet.

Shana on Shabcast 17 talking about Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal.

Jack's Shabogan Graffiti blog can be found at Eruditorum Press and his Twitter is here.

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Turlough and His Short Shorts (Planet of Fire)

Shana and Daniel take a break from the series of guests and actually chat just between themselves about the Fifth Doctor's penultimate adventure, Planet of Fire. Turlough and Kamelion leave, the Master shows up in miniaturized form, and Peri shows off her acting chops. Also, a response to an email from a regular listener who has a problem with Oi! Spaceman's implicit racism. 

Main Topic: Planet of Fire. Johnny Cash. No guest! Shana and Jack. The Oi! Spaceman way. Plugging stuff. River Song's lipstick. Racist Oi! Spaceman. Definitely not cowardly. "I check the email and you don't." MLK and me. Turlough and his short shorts. Not too Tina Belcher. "Just queer." Didn't care about the plot. A big happy polyam fam. Turlough's privilege. Subtext. Turlough and River. Shana doesn't engage with fan culture. Very 1985. Hired for her tits. Rock-climbing Peri. Annoyed Shana. Cerebro. Dialed-down Ainley. General Master thoughts. The metaphor of the monster. Kamelion murdered. Missing Tegan. Numismatic versus pneumatic. Religion. Pacing. Next week: Caves of Androzani.

Shabcast 16 on the Matrix Trilogy.
The Androzani Critic Presents.
Never Cruel or Cowardly.
Daniel on Pex Lives.

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Myths and Legends and Memories and Relationships and Loops (The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Mikayla from The Web of Queer to discuss The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. It becomes a bit of a discussion of the Matt Smith era in general, and there's even a bonus rant about the Zygon two-parter at the end. 

Main Topic: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. With special guest Mikayla of The Web of Queer. Anniversary. Not the Web Planet. Mikayla at Gally 2016. The Asexuality of the Doctor? Asexual and Nonsexual. Quieted voices. Thanking Mikayla. Loops? Why this two-parter? Highs and Lows. Not going to fight the whole time. More of this River. Not a love triangle. Kissing Rory now. Hey, heteronormativity! River as femme fatale? Is River even canonically queer? Immature and superficial Sexy Italians. Rebooting the Universe and Relationships. Rory and the Box. Not okay with Rory's death. Rory has "the girl role." Nice guy Rory. Amelia's agency. Loopy Pandorica. Myths and legends and fairy tales. Erasure. Consistency? The Reversal of the Pandorica. Consequences. Mikayla and Moffat. Are we too rough on the Moffat years? It got so much worse. The Zygon rant. US gun culture. Sandifer and oversignification. Wrapping Up. Next week: Planet of Fire.

Mikayla on Two Minute Time Lord

Find The Web of Queer here, and find Mikayla on Twitter here

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Of Davros and Kitchen Sinks

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Lee Russell of the They Must Be Destroyed on Sight podcast to discuss Resurrection of the Daleks. This was Lee's first exposure to the Fifth Doctor era, so lots of general Davison stuff is discussed in lieu of trying to specifically analyze this mess of a Doctor Who story. Although Shana ships Tegan and Laird pretty hard. 

Main Topic: Resurrection of the Daleks. With special guest Lee Russell of They Must Be Destroyed on Sight. Not the premier Davison episode. Davison not ready. Bland. "The Tegan era." Tegan and Laird. Turlough on the Dalek ship. Everybody dies. Davros. Rasta Androids. "A Dalek With Sour Cream." Kinda shallow. Too ambitious? "I'm sure Moffat would say that." Office-appropriate punk. "Let's go have some sex and then try to save things." Metal detector. Lytton. Kind of a Nazi vibe, but not in a racist way. Should the Doctor kill Davros? Rehashing Genesis. Better-handled in the New Series. Darker Doctor. Davison's interiority. Clip show. Smith and Davison. Diversity. The Daleks and their human helpers. Stein the Stutterer. Biological essentialism. The Nazi race in metal form. Rewriting. Davros without the Daleks. They've got legs. Turlough. Dalek Bukkake. Tegan and Janet. Next week: The Eleventh Hour/The Big Bang. 

Find They Must Be Destroyed on Sight here. Lee's Twitter handle is @Houghly_Reviews, and his Youtube channel is here

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Middle Class Establishment Values (Series 9 Recap)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jessica from The Web of Queer to do a general recap of Doctor Who Series 9. They meander a bit, but basically circle around issues of representation, queerness, and gender, specifically as they relate to Ashildur, the Zygons, and of course the "Schrodinger's Queer," Clara. Also briefly discussed is the announcement that Chris Chibnall will be the next showrunner of Doctor Who.

(CORRECTION: Minor technical problems on first upload, corrected 2016-02-18.)

Main Topic: Series 9 Recap. With Jessica from The Web of Queer. Laryngitis. Chibnall. Broadchurch. No more streaming. We are but poor podcasters. Tumblr gifs. Moving on to Series 9. Ashildir and her through-line. Enlightenment and immortality. Constructed memory. The Clara/Doctor relationship. The fourth wall. Liking Twelve? Series 9 versus Series 8. Sleep No More. Heaven Sent. Moffat two-parters. The Zygon Speech. Identifying with the Other. Political Who. In Hiding. On the side of the oppressors. "Don't Make the Iowans Uncomfortable." "Leave that to the progressives." Digging into Clara. Queerness a joke. River and Clara. Jack and Clara. Should we take Who seriously as a social justice show? Doctor Who versus Steven Universe. Mainstream TV. "White privileged douchebag." Musical Doctor Who? Looking forward to Series 10. Eye candy. How to introduce a trans character. Queerness as ideology. Trickle-down. Wrapping Up. Next week: Resurrection of the Daleks. 

Daniel on Pex Lives.
Daniel on Who37.
Daniel on the Shabcast.

Find Jessica on Twitter, and her podcast The Web of Queer at thewebofqueer.com

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In this slightly delayed episode, Shana and Daniel discuss The King's Demons and The Five Doctors and basically just giggle. King John as a cartoon lion and a proposed Susan Foreman: PI spinoff are both mentioned.

Main Topic: The Five Doctors and The King's Demons. In the US first. Magna Carta. A ton of face makeup. Tegan's costume. Turlough's missing backstory. Kamelion. Constipated stare fight. Tegan is cold. King John. Robot of Sherwood. A rollicking good time. Sexist First Doctor? Christmas. Grandfather! Kitchen sink syndrome. Nostalgia vignettes. Emo hair and fucking Queen Elizabeth. Sarah Jane and Pertwee. Fascinating coats. Shada? Classic Who fan-girl. Susan Foreman: PI. Who didn't come back? The price of being an artist. Not truly iconic. Flavia. No reason for trivia. Borusa: the Twat-Lord. Wrapping Up. 

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Hipsters of the Universe (Enlightenment)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the final part of the Black Guardian Trilogy: Enlightenment. Believe it or not but gender politics and sexual orientation actually come up once or twice. Also awesome Tegan, the campy Captain Wrack, class structure, and the boredom of the Eternals. 

Main Topic: Enlightenment. Shortest ever. No longer about Doctor Who. Disney geek. Argumentative. Teacher voice. Bowie. The art and artist. Moving on to Enlightenment. Men wearing leggings. Bird hats. Maybe Jim Henson saw Enlightenment. Costuming. Tegan's butt and Wrack's Rack? Repressed gay Turlough. X-men. The Black Guardian as a metaphor for repressed homosexuality. Choosing Turlough. Turlough and Ashildir. Turlough and River. The Eternals. Shana remembers The Mind Robber. Bored Eternals. Hellenistic. Tegan's costume change. "The gobby Australian." Non-hetero Five. Querulous Five. Shana's Four and Ten. Davison was wrong. Stinkers. Hard to root for the Doctor. Wanted it to be longer. Super-creepy Ken Doll. Shana facepalms. What Enlightenment means to an Eternal. Richard Jackson. The Doctor the ephemeral. Captain Wrack. Shana doesn't want to do The Gunfighters. Linda Barron is good for the jews. "The cliche I love." Mindwipe versus mind control. The hipsters of the universe. Upstairs, downstairs. Eternal Doctor? The Black Guardian Trilogy as a trilogy. Turlough to date. "I didn't say her boobs jiggled." The Overcrowded Tardis. Direction. Wrapping Up. Next week: The King's Demons and The Five Doctors. 

Play with Shana on Tsum Tsum by searching for inkyosa. 

Daniel appeared on Shabcast 15 and "The Nattering."

Phil Sandifer on Terminus

Shana mentions poet Richard Jackson. 

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Slavery, Theology, and Cosmology (Terminus)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Nicole from the Terminus podcast. She's a big fan of the Moffat era (and hates RTD with a burning passion) so obviously that becomes a topic of conversation. They then move on to discussing the redheaded stepchild of the Black Guardian Trilogy, Terminus, with some discussion of Nyssa's characterization, the portrayal of slavery, and a bit of Norse mythology to boot. 

Main Topic: Terminus. With special guest Nicole from the Terminus Podcast. Daniel's terrible joke. Turlough is so gay. All the good ones are taken. "Reach out and touch someone." The dreaded Moffat discussion. No consequences. Having it both ways. Clara's death. On-screen emotion. Being told how to feel. Soap opera versus sitcoms. Companions in New Who. Feminized Amy? The cannot be whole without a man trope. The RTD/Moffat debate. Moving on to Terminus. "Fairly entertaining." "Fairly interesting ideas." Campy. The half-watching experience. Digging into Nyssa. Smart companions. Why did Nyssa take her clothes off? Agency. More than just goodbye. Tegan/Nyssa. A comparison to Steven Universe. Gaslighting Turlough. Proto-Draco Malfoy. The Black Guardian as gay metaphor. Camp Valentine. The Ineffectual Assassin. Turlough can't stand having the feels. Steve Gallagher's themes. Hydromel. The Walter White of Terminus. Rule from afar. Terry Gilliam. Mindful Vanirs. Norse mythology. Cosmology. Garm Unchained. Kink and Terminus. Steve Gallagher was a kinkster. Colin Baker's wife. There are pirates? Next week: Enlightenment.

The Tumblr post Nicole mentions on Moffat's deaths and man-pain. 

Nicole also mentions the documentary The Celluloid Closet and points us to this conversation on subjectivity of interpretation. 

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Find Nicole's podcast Terminus at terminus.libsyn.com.

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Fascism, Feminism, and Timey-Wimey Turlough (Mawdryn Undead)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Phil Sandifer of Eruditorum Press in discussing Mawdryn Undead. First they discuss Phil's new book Guided By the Beauty of Their Weapons and the horrible politics of Vox Day, and then a bit on their obvious disagreements on Moffat and feminism. Also: gay Turlough, the Brig as a character, and a brief puppy interlude. 

Main Topic: Mawdryn Undead. With special guest Phil Sandifer of Eruditorum Press. The worst joke ever on Oi! Spaceman. Militias in Oregon. Phil's new book and anger at Vox Day. The Hugos. Moffat and Vox. Shana invents an adjective. PhDs are meaningless. Phil on Moffat and feminism. "When you're talking about feminism always listen to the woman in the room." Fan culture in 2010. Queering characters. Moffat's back catalogue. Representation matters. Uncomfortable. Superficial. Production. Explicitly political science fiction. Pulp adventure and the valorization of colonialism. Moby Dick. What is the political? Don't pay attention to Vox Day. The alt right. Moving on to Mawdryn Undead. Gay Turlough. Couply Tegan and Nyssa. Production and writing. The invention of timey-wimey. Classic SF time travel tropes. A weak Part Four. Mawdryn and the Mutants. Mortal Doctor. The Brig as a character. Courtney versus Redgrave. Ian then Harry then Brig. The UNIT dating controversy. Mawdryn's place in the canon. The aesthetics of 1980s television. Turlough's first boyfriend. Tegan. Unearthly Children. Character development in the 80s. Puppy interlude. Next week: Terminus.

Buy Guided By the Voices of Their Weapons at Amazon. 

Vox Day interviewed on Pex Lives. 

Phil Sandifer's book on Wonder Woman

Phil's entry on Enlightenment and Gay Turlough

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