Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Einstein and Mengele (The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar)

In this episode, which was recorded late and was edited minimally -- forgive the animal noises and the verbal tics please -- Daniel and Shana discuss the first two-parter of Series 9: The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar. It's a fairly rambling conversation but Shana and Daniel actually disagree to some degree about the overall merits of the episode, but agree on Michelle Gomez's performance, myriad pacing and structural issues, and the anarchist rock star Doctor. Is Davros the Dark Lord of Skaro? Is the Doctor dying? Is Clara queerbaited and fridged? All that and Shana does a Dalek impression besides. 

Main Topic: The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar. Star Wars. Hogwarts. Dalek impersonation. Mostly Wednesday. Titles. Positives. Clever symbolism. Performances. Genesis. Who's the best Master? Michelle Gomez and Moffat's writing. Parallels. Mysteries. Giffable. Q. Pacing. One big story. Rule of cool. Rock-star Doctor. #planeshavestopped. Queer-baiting. Unit incompetence. Daniel mansplaination. Taking orders from the villain. A comparison to Daleks' Master Plan. A reading from Jack Graham. Cliches. Einstein and Mengele. The Xanatos Gambit. Mixed Metaphors. Rockstar anarchist. Missy's mythmaking. Magic sunglasses. Shana finally understands Matt Smith fans. Tank Girl. Leather dyke Clara. House M.D. Asshole lines. Shana likes characterization. Daniel feels more negative than Shana. Dog noises. Daniel wants space opera. Colony Sarff and the DWP. Pigfucking Doctor Who. Global politics. Dalek casings and political ideologies. Fridging Clara. Racist Doctor. The confession dial. Next week: Carnival of Monsters.

Jack Graham's essay on "The Magician's Apprentice." 

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