Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Female Objectification and Cold War Allegory (The Armageddon Factor)

In this episode Daniel and Shana are finishing up the Key to Time with The Armageddon Factor. It's the end of Mary Tamm, the beginning of Lalla Ward, and K-9 gets taken over by an alien menace. Also there's some fairly obvious Cold War stuff going on, a supercomputer that can't be stopped, and some discussion of distant godlike beings. 

Main Topic: The Armageddon Factor. Finishing up the Key to Time. The Bristol Boys. The very last six-parter. Not The Odyssey. (Not) ranking the episodes. Baker/Martin and Holmes switching. Predictable plot. Astra the damsel. Black Guardian is the White Guardian. Good and evil. Fake Buddhism. Drax. Comic relief. Drax the plot device. Is the Marshall mind-controlled? Metatextuality. The Mentalis. The objectification of Astra. Evil K-9. The end of Mary Tamm in Doctor Who. Missed opportunities. The Fourth Doctor/Romana relationship. Ambivalence. Next week: City of Death. 

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