Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
False Equivalence and Antifeminist Holmes (The Power of Kroll)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel spend quite a bit of time responding to some listener email, defend their general lack of respect for the Moffat era, discuss the Bechdel test as it relates to Robert Holmes, and find a few minutes somewhere to discuss The Power of Kroll

Show Notes:

Main Topic: The Power of Kroll. Giant Vagina Cthulhu. Letter from Lee on UNIT and sexual attraction to Daniel. The Knowing Viewer. Letter from WhoBranigan, our very first super-fan. Schpansky. Does there exist a specificically libertarian Doctor Who podcast? Thrift store finds. A more negative email from David. Going against fan consensus. Rejecting false equivalence. No consequences. Statements from creators. Moffat and J.J. World-class expert. Toxic masculinity and the Ninth Doctor. The Ninth Doctor's ultimatum. Nine into Ten. The Ten/Martha relationship. RTD mothers as "screeching harpies." Postmodernist Moffat. Moving on to The Power of Kroll. A massive fart joke. Swampies. Kroll the Cthulhu Vagina. Don't fuck over Bobby H-Dawg. Power of Kroll as a joke. Mensch. A Third Doctor story? Political subtext. Special effects. Robert Holmes and the Bechdel Test. Holmes and Moffat. Vintage Moffat. Shana speculates on the Key to Time. Next Week: The Armageddon Factor. 


Find a discussion of the Bechdel test in all eras of Doctor Who at The Incoherent here. (That link also links to the previous entries detailing the author's rules for the project.) Claudia Boleyn's video "Families in Doctor Who" is also referenced in the podcast.

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