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Postmodern Who (The Pirate Planet)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel explore the first credit on Doctor Who of the late, great Douglas Adams. Does his signature style work well within the Whoniverse? Furthermore, is the Fourth Doctor just turning into kind of a dick? Also: why do people hate Romana I so much? A theory is proposed. 

Main Topic: The Pirate Planet. Shana gets the plot. Robot parrot. Talk like a pirate. Neil Gaiman. Bruce Purchase. Moons of Madness! Adams and Moffat. Jelly babies. Named female characters. The awesomeness of the Nurse. Postmodernism and visual indicators. It doesn't look opulent. Formula. Not pasta. Text versus performance. Not following the plot. Contradicting forces. Tom Baker chews scenery. Pacing pacing pacing. Moving on to the positive. Romana the grad student. "People think she's a bitch." Openly misogynist criticism. He fakes it 'til he makes it. Not talking about the pirates as capitalist metaphor. A Pirate Ruling Class? Whither the Mentiads? Shana references Curse of the Black Spot. The 1978 Christmas Tape. Mary Tamm's outfit. "If you want to dress like a pirate at Studio 54." Beating a dead horse. The Fourth Doctor is a dick. Shana's leading the next episode. Wrapping Up. Next Week: The Stones of Blood. 

The Tom Baker/Mary Tamm Vodka Commercial

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