Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Science Versus Oligarchy (The Ice Warriors)

Can you discuss a story called "The Ice Warriors" and barely talk about the Ice Warriors? When there's a fascinating underlying sociopolitical context you can. Also: Jamie likes short skirts and yet another Arnold Rimmer reference.

Main Topic: The Ice Warriors. An abbreviated introduction. Jack didn't like our discussion last week. Bad fan Daniel. A shoutout to Pex Lives. The Ice Warriors not so generic. The Abdominable Snowmen is unlistenable. Season 5. Political Troughton. Brian Hayles. Well-rounded characters in The Ice Warriors. Competent Arnold Rimmer. "Miss Garrett." Unspecified far future. "Snowball Earth." The Day After Tomorrow. The politics of global ecology. Ecological thrillers. Comparison to "In the Forest of the Night." Twelve weeks of ice. "Fake Buddhism and Robot Yeti." Claustrophobic. Production. Malthusian Caves of Steel. Oligarchy. Africa. Daniel the Ice Warrior. Design, direction, and purpose. Klingons. Shana falls into a pit of Moffat-Hate. A battle of ideologies. Compuerization. The ruling class. Skepticism. Penley and responsibility. Smartass Troughton. Raising, not answering, questions. Consequences. Artistic expression of science. Radically individualistic science. Being right is enough. Victoria. Wrapping Up. Next week: The Ribos Operation. 

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