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Tom Baker Gives Zero Shits (The Invasion of Time)

This time Daniel and Shana discuss Louise Jameson's last story The Invasion of Time, and speculate as to how little Tom Baker actually cared about the show at this point. Also, our first female Time Lord, neutered Sontarans, Milton Johns being creepy, and much discussion of writing structure. 


Main Topic: The Invasion of Time. "Tom Baker throws his weight around, and Leela's nipples are almost exposed." Rockin' it in the Middle Ages. Goading the Sontarans. Doctor Who stories with the word "Time." There are years of this. Hopscotching down the hallway. Williams and Read. Simpleton Leela. Bathing Suit Leela. Not the best Leela stories. Leela's costume. Meeting the Shabogans. Marrying Arnold Rimmer. Rodan: the Romana tryout. Rodan and Leela. The Sontaran battle fleet. The ruling classes and the Shabogans. "Everything hurts out here." Flase dichotomy. High and low. "Why must we talk about the plot?" Elucidating the plot. A pretty good structure. Milton Johns is good at playing skeevy. Charismatic actors. A four-parter and a two-parter. A Giant Skull Potato. Toothless Sontarans. The TARDIS Interior. Justification for Leela's tits. Leela/Andred. Borusa. Hoping our fans have watched Red Dwarf. Tom Baker Jesus. Next Week: The Ice Warriors.  


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