Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Miniskirts, Spy Parodies, and Sociopolitical Commentary (The Enemy of the World)

After an unintentional hiatus, Shana and Daniel are back and continuing to discuss Patrick Troughton stories with this: The Enemy of the World, basically just looking through the lens of the massive and amazing cast of characters in the thing. Also: budding feminism and buried sexism, The Amazing Ass of Astrid, and how we decide as societies who has authority and who doesn't. 

Main Topic: The Enemy of the World. Volcanoes in Doctor Who. "The Incredibles" in ten years old. Troughton's dual role. Shana does not give a shit about technical specifications of black-and-white Who episodes. Helicopters. Skin-tight latex jumpsuits. Retro-futurism. Who does Bond. A prisoner in a corridor. Passing the Bechdel test. Salamander. Troughton as Tony Montana. Sandcastles and dictators. Jamie and Victoria. "For the Dads" characters. Daniel says something very non-PC about the way Victoria fills out her costume. Astrid and the Ass of Astrid. Salamander and Kent. Daniel spoils Orwell. Benek. Audio gifs? Badass Fariah. The richest black character in all of Doctor Who. The Amazing Reg Lye. Shana's Sam Seely obsession. The ordinary characters sell the worldbuilding. Federin the Jew? Jiri Pravda! The underground scientists. How meta is this episode? Wrapping up.  

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