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Adventures in Close Reading (In the Forest of the Night)

In what is probably the most literary-discussion episode of our Doctor Who podcast ever, Shana and Daniel discuss "In the Forest of Night." Is Danny an irresponsible teacher? How should we treat mental illness in fiction? What is Clara's role in this story? Plus an extended discussion of poetry, all in this latest podcast episode. Also: Series 8 finale discussion. 

Main Topic: In the Forest of the Night. Not awake just yet. Millions. Annoying kids are a good thing? First female director of Doctor Who in four years. Moffat's checklist. Shana goes full-on writing instructor. Minor directorial complaints. Tigers and wolves. "Meh." The coke metaphor. Certified Poetry. Good/evil dichotomy. How many species exist on Earth that are "always and forever" in the Whoniverse? Heteronormativity rules. Wolves and tigers don't act like that. "I shined a flashlight at a tiger so I deserve Clara's pussy." Annoying children. Daniel makes a Harry Potter reference. Regionalism in Doctor Who. Maebh and mental illness. Dealing sensitively with mental illness in fiction. "Fear Her." Telegraphing hand movements. Mental illness in the American SciFi series "Alphas." Paring away the crap in "Forest." Danny the Scoutmaster is horrifyingly irresponsible. A deep read of the "forgetting wars and babies" line. Adam Sandler. A distinct lack of worldbuilding. Foreshadowing a future podcast episode. Shana has a very specific prediction about the two-part series 8 finale. "BDSM Mary Poppins." Familiar storylines. Peter Capaldi's interactions with the children. Wrapping up. 

You can read "The Tyger," the William Blake poem from which this episode gets its title, here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/172943

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This Podcast Does Not Support Orson Scott Card's Homophobia and General Wingnuttery (Flatline)

Another episode, another recording style. And another Doctor Who episode (Flatline) we both really liked. Score another point for Jamie Mathieson. Here we discuss what we want the Doctor to be, how the simple matter of the show being remarkably less sexist and problemmatic affects our enjoyment, and the ethics of dealing with alien species with whom one can have little hope of clear communication. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Flatline. Interfering audio. Jamie Mathieson for showrunner! Additional thoughts on Mummy of the Orient Express. Moving past the sexism. Scientist Capaldi. Turning a corner. What traits do the companions pick up from the Doctor? The companion as Doctor-surrogate. The puppy starts to play with a toy. The dog goes outside. A more competent Clara. The prongs of the Bechdel test. Clara lies. Daniel references Neil Labute. Shana is an easy sell on the 20s and trains in space. Visual elements of Flatline. Shana quotes from badass Capaldi. Choosing to play a role. Daniel references the Ender's Game series, but this podcast does not support Orson Scott Card. Daniel ruins the end of The Iron Giant. Riggsy's final moments. Class distinctions in Doctor Who. Speculating about Missy. What we want from special effects. Verity Fucking Lambert. Moral ambiguity. Jamie Mathieson come back! Shana loves Selena Gomez. Did the Pandorica come from Gallifrey? Not just angry eyebrows. Comparisons to Tom Baker. Shana says "dang." Looking forward to the final three. Wrapping up. 

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A Scientist Not a General (Mummy of the Orient Express)

We had some technical problems and life pressures, so this one is a bit shorter than usual. Let us know if you like the shorter format. In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 8: "Mummy on the Orient Express." 

Main Topic: Mummy on the Orient Express. An all-too brief synopsis. A slightly longer synopsis. Guest stars. A completely different Doctor. A completely different Clara. Felt like David Tennant. Not a general but a scientist. Not misogynistically weak. Jamie Mathieson. Paternalistic Twelve. Glitchy smiles. Caring Capaldi. Heroic Twelve. Not wanting to burst the bubble. Addiction to the Doctor. Holding out hope. Why is Clara traveling with the Doctor again? Comparison to McCoy. Lying. Agency, consent, and moral culpability. Shipping Maisie and Clara. Clara's magic hair and the TARDIS wig room. Praise for Jenna Coleman's acting. Cinematography. A rushed ending. Justification of the Doctor's decisions. Exploring darkness intelligently. Wrapping up. 


Foxes covers "Don't Stop Me Now." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-OTYT02W7E


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Moon Abortion and You Fail Physics and Biology Forever (Kill the Moon)

This one's going up much later than we wanted, but better late than never? Hopefully. This time, Shana and Daniel discuss "Kill the Moon," in particular some horrifying science content and the inherent sexism of certain elements of fandom. Also: the abortion of the moon.


Main Topic: "Kill the Moon." Bad Astronomy. Question: sexism on Doctor Who versus other similar shows? If you're on Tumblr.... We expect better from Doctor Who. "You cis-het white dude." The science of "Kill the Moon." Not ranting about numbers. Summarization. Laughing Shana. If Martha was in this episode. You Fail Biology Forever. You Fail Physics Forever. Gravity. Amniotic Fluid. Age of the moon. Prokaryotic spiders. 99 Biology Problems. Talkin' about eggs. Parody science? A promise of math. Clara tells off the Doctor. Shana paraphrases a long quote. Unique in Doctor Who history. Dudebro fan response to Kill the Moon. Dragon abortion. A boy's club on Doctor Who. Not the hero. "I think you look like giants." The Trolley Problem. Patting ourselves on the back. Forgetting Martha Jones. "Are you high right now?" Talking about plot arcs. As angry as Clara. As feminist as Sarah Jane. The Voice of Reason. Deb Stanish gets a shout-out. The ends do not justify the means. "Would the Doctor think I'm fat?" The Pixar comparison. "Not bad for a girl from Coal Hill School." President Courtney and Blinovitch. 

"Would the Doctor think I'm fat?" http://rointheta.tumblr.com/post/98044754716/i-am-so-heartbroken-by-the-convo-i-just-had-with-my-cuz

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I Did Gymnastics So I Deserve Clara's Pussy (The Caretaker)

A bit of a long episode mostly about the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics in Series 8 of Doctor Who (so far). Some really disturbing stuff is lurking under the surface here, and frankly this episode might be tough to listen to for people who may be triggered by bad relationships. That said, there's a lot of fun stuff in this episode, and probably the only Doctor Who podcast ever to reference both Nabokov and queer porn icon Courtney Trouble. 

Main Topic: "The Caretaker." Feeling right in the moment. Yay nerds! Creep factor number one. A behind the scenes look. "Didn't we already do this?" Undercover. Gareth Roberts. Otherness. The trouble with having trouble fitting in. Soldiers and PE Teachers. Moffat canon won't sink in. The Eleventh Doctor was not a geek. "Nabokovian." Father figures in Doctor Who. Sexism. Danny is a patriarchal view of masculinity. The (lack of) agency of Clara. Communication and consent in relationships. "Danny Penis." The Overbearing Doctor. The non-Dalek Dalek. Gymnastics. The Doctor endagers children. Emotionally damaged characters and Clara as an addict. Consequences. Daniel's excited to see the Moon in Doctor Who again. Talking about Courtney. And her parents. Daniel's trying to be optimistic. Racial stereotypes? More people of color should listen to us (and write in). Headcanon. PE Teachers in society. Time Lords and Marxism. Some notes on Jenna Coleman. General thoughts on Series 8. 


The TARDIS Wiki entry for this episode: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Caretaker_(TV_story)

An interesting review of "The Caretaker" referenced by us: http://tomandlorenzo.com/2014/09/doctor-who-the-caretaker/


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