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In which Shana and Daniel discuss the second set of three episodes in Series 7: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and The Snowmen. Amy and Rory leave, Clara shows up for real, and lots of silly sexist jokes. 

Show NotesMain Topic: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and the Snowmen. Catching up with a bit from last episode. Comparing Brian to Wilf. The Second Doctor only *feinged* being incompetent. Capaldi's comments about the upcoming Series 8. The most famous quote from Power of Three. Amy's relationship with the Doctor. The Eighth Doctor has Will Sasso burned onto his hearts. "He Doesn't Like to See You Age." Too Little Too Late. Earlier Doctors and Patience. Our headcanon about Kate Stewart. Social media and the cubes. We're not even talking about the plot holes in The Angels Take Manhattan. Talking about the meaning of marriage and the Amy/Rory/Doctor love triangle. The theme of storytelling in Moffat's era. Heroic adventurer River Song. An overly extended pre-credits sequence. We're going to get sued by Disney. Talking about P.S. Cheating on the emotional content of the series by letting characters of the hook. Headcanoning about Amy and Rory's quite life in the past. Jenny, Vastra, Strax, and the Snowmen. Daniel likes letting Shana do all the work for once. Having very little context on Jenny and Vastra. Lipstick lesbians. Should have been a spinoff. The Doctor not caring was an idea from the late seventies. The Childish God. Can't we just let the Ponds go? Shana does like these characters in The Snowmen. Shana and Daniel rank these three episodes. Calling back to "The Abdominable Snowmen." Shana really likes Strax. Looking forward to Capaldi.  

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Don't Shoot Your Dinosaur, Kids!

In which Shana and Daniel begin our re-watch of Series 7 in preparation for the new Series in August. Lots of Moffat-hate goodness below. (In this episode we take a brief look at Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and A Town Called Mercy.)


Main Topic: Series 7 Rewatch Part One: General thoughts about what we'd like to see in Series 8. Series 7 episodes as mini-movies. Breakneck pacing. Discussing "Asylum of the Daleks." Amy's character feels random for Shana. Oswin is a wonderful character... if this was her only episode. "Ood on the loo." A marriage breaks up in a sixty-second short. Rory/Amy/Doctor love triangle. The worst episode ending with "...of the Daleks." The Daleks are wasted here. Ballerina Dalek. Introducing Oswin Oswald. "Total Screaming Genius." Whendonesque funny quips. Mugging for the camera. The New Robomen? Human allies of the Daleks. Robot henchmen in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Homoeroticism between Amy and Nefertiti? Why are Nefertiti and Riddell even in this episode? The childish sex-negative Doctor. The villain and the narrative both treat Nefertiti as an object. Hating only the first half of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Wishing Amy and Rory had been written out at the end of Series 6. Rory and Brian are awesome. Robert Holmes died thirty years ago. Effects and makeup in Dinsouars on a Spaceship. Side characters in Doctor Who. The kick the dinosaur moment. The Doctor kills Solomon. Caught between two factions. Meeting Brian. Wishing for more of the Silurians. Shana's initial thoughts on A Town Called Mercy and Nazi allegory. Daniel loves Westerns and Western tropes. Character inconsistencies in Moffat-era Who. Avoiding overt sexism by removing all the female characters! Reading our quote from A Town Called Mercy a bit early so we can discuss it. Mobs are the most evil thing in the universe. On the nose writing. Ranking these three in terms of quality. Transgender issues in A Town Called Mercy. Calling out a few things we liked in these three episodes. 

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Queerness and Bye Bye Donkeyface!

Shana was a bit tired at the beginning of this one, but once we started talking about sexy Tom Baker and Lis Sladen she perked right up. Where we've been the last couple of months, a new direction for the podcast, imperialist racism, and The Pyramids of Mars.

Main Topic: Pyramids of Mars. A long absence. Turning 30. Queerness. Interrupted by one of our cats. Queerness and Doctor Who. Leaked Series 8 scripts. Moffaty goodness (if you're into that sort of thing). Doctor Who costumes. The Donkey Head of Doom. Shana's attraction to the Fourth Doctor. Shana summarizes Pyramids of Mars. Shana is a bad fan. Daniel doesn't like mummy movies as done by Doctor Who. The "Sam Seely character." The Scarman Brothers. Sarah Jane and sexism. The chemistry between Lis Sladen and Tom Baker. "I walk in eternity." Is Sutekh imprisoned on Mars or in Egypt? Discussing the fate of Sutekh. The late great Robert Holmes. Sutekh as a great villain. Laurence Scarman and the radio telescope. A trivia question for Shana. Sarah Jane shoots a rifle! Pyramids of Mars and the pop culture of 1975. "Chariots of the Gods" and racism. "Vaguely swarthy" as a racial characteristic. Indiana Jones meets Doctor Who. Shana answers her trivia question. Sarah Jane and the Unit Dating Controversy. Ending with a quote from Sarah Jane Smith. 

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