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In this episode, Daniel and Shana discuss all of the New Who Companions, starting with the six "main companions" and moving on to a discussion of the more minor characters. We should have split this into two parts, but figured what the hell? Consider it a bonus-sized episode of Oi! Spaceman.

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Show Notes:

Main Topic: New Who Companions. Introducing ourselves with Twitter and Tumblr. A multilingual podcast. Shana ruins the surprise. Does Shana think there should be a female Doctor? Ignoring Moffat's writing. A thank-you to the couple of dozen listeners we've accumulated. Moffat shouldn't write a female Doctor. Blindsiding Shana. Female representation behind-the-scenes in Doctor Who. "Enlightenment" and the Black Guardian Trilogy. The Six Major New Who Companions. Wilf is in surprisingly many episodes. Rose and kissing in Doctor Who. Daniel makes an overly-gendered assumption. Comparing the Doctor to James Bond. Family TV and representations of sexuality. Kissing as a fundamental difference between Clasic and New Who. Shana wishes some of the New Who Companions were more developed. Shana loves how Rose changes over her time in the series. All of the New Who companions are able to rise to the challenges set before them. Martha takes a lot of flack for replacing Rose. Shana wants to pretend she's friends with Freema Agyeman. The Doctor as a character who is by his nature sexually attractive. Shana identifies with Martha's relationship with the Doctor. Martha's romantic feelings for the Doctor being a very small part of the character. Shana wishes for a bit more action-oriented screentime for Martha. Martha should have been the spin-off show. Donna is our favorite, but Daniel has a very healthy heterosexual attraction to Martha. Donna works as a character because of Catherine Tate and David Tennant's great chemistry. Shana is a huge Ood fangirl, and calls "Planet of the Ood" her favorite New Who episode. Donna not being a "hot piece of ass," but just a really good friend of the Doctor. Talking about Catherine Tate's fame in Britain versus her presence in Doctor Who. David Tennant and Peter Capaldi as fanboys versus someone less familiar with the content. Amy and Rory as a unit. Daniel proves his inability to read. Drawing direct parallels between Rose and Amy. Shana is confused about what happens with Amy. Unmotivated changes in Amy's profession. Policewoman Amy. Amy and male gaze. No emotional change at the fact of losing a daughter. Rory as "Amy's companion." Imagining switching the genders of Amy and Rory. Rory and Amy's relationship as a unhealthy one. Comparing the number of Clara's episodes with other (much more minor) Doctor Who characters. Clara as a very classic-looking companion. Basic questions about Clara's experience being left unanswered in the last couple of episodes. Hating on the Mystery Girl storyline. Moving on to the "minor companions." Mickey the Idiot eventually gets to be a badass who marries Martha. Drawing a line between Mickey and Rory. We like to see companions grow and discover greatness because of their time with the Doctor. Daniel and Shana fucking love Jack Harkness. Jack Harkness as portrayed as a sort of ideally open-minded human. Jack as a foil for the Ninth Doctor. Daniel has no idea which episode Shana is talking about around 1:03. Jack Harkness as a straight line to River Song. Daniel and Shana really WANT to love River Song. Loving Chantho. Talking about the bottom-most tier of companions. Shana doesn't count Adam as a companion; he's a puppy on the TARDIS. A love letter to Wilfred Mott. Covering the one-off companions from the specials. Astrid Peth as Rose 2.0. Astrid and Lady Christina as models for one-off companions. We've basically forgotten the whole of "Planet of the Dead" and "The Waters of Mars." Shana loves Craig and Daniel hates sitcom-Who. Daniel can't pronounce "apotheosis." Then Daniel makes a joke that falls completely flat. Wishing we could see a Vastra/Jenny spinoff. Sarah Jane is a New Who companion thanks to "School Reunion," dammit! The companions as possible models for what a female Doctor might be like. Telling versus showing in RTF versus Moffat.  


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In which Daniel and Shana talk about Doctor/Rose Shipping, the nature of the Space Nazi as a villain, similarities between the Daleks and the Doctor, and erotic tension as a Ganatus/Ian/Barbara love triangle forms in "The Daleks." Also: a hypothetical 90s "grunge Doctor" and a (mostly) sincere request for fanfiction.

Show Notes:

Main topic: Hartnell's "The Daleks" and Eccleston's "Dalek." Is Shana a Doctor/Rose shipper? Eccleston as Shana's favorite Doctor? Hanky-panky in the Tardis? Nine playing the musical instrument in "Dalek." Sexual tension in Series 1 of New Who. Shana plays with her plush Dalek. Daniel is a Bad Fan. Then explains the origin of "Bad Fan." The pacing of the Hartnell era. Shana sings "Homoerotic tension." Spelunking in Terry Nation scripts. The pacing of "The Daleks" and the personalities of the Daleks in "The Daleks." The ultimate evil businessmen. Daniel forgets Sydney Newman's name, but talks a bit about the educational origins of Doctor Who. What might this episode had been without the Dalek design? The arc towards humanity in the Dalek race. Political activism in Doctor Who, particularly in the Verity Lambert and Russell T. Davies eras. The Daleks as Nazi analogues. "Dalek" as a metaphor for Bush/Blair-era warmongering. Shana plays with the plush toy again. Bringing the show thematically to America as a commentary on Americans. A brief mention of RTD-era diversity policies. Van Statten as the man-child capitalist genius. These two episodes as showing the Doctor showing "non-Doctorish" characteristics. Empathy and emotionality in "Dalek." Philosophical questions posed by many Dalek episodes. Daniel isn't a huge fan of the Master. The lasting effects of the Time War on the New Series narrative. The monsters inside of us all, and a Vonnegut reference. The hidden (and perhaps unintentional) humor of "The Daleks." Susan as a useless character, not to the fault of Carole Anne Ford. Fashion victims: The Thals. The amazing richness of "Dalek" and Eccleston's performance. Historically speaking, the way the show changes specifically at the turn of each decade. Matt Smith is "Hipster Who." What would a hypothetical 90s Who have looked like? Imaginary casting decisions. The Doctor Wears Flannel? A request for fanfic. Wrapping up with three excellent quotes from "Dalek."

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Recorded all of two hours after Episode One, we were perhaps a bit too sleepy to really grapple with "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Genesis of the Daleks," but no doubt we'll come back to these themes again and again. Lots of random douchiness from Harry Sullivan for those amused by such. 

Show Notes: 

Main topic: Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen. Daniel plays a joke on Shana, because he's a dork. Recording a couple of hours after recording Episode 1. Talkin' about Harry Sullivan. Forgetting about Harry Sullivan. "Old Girl" and the snippiness of Harry Sullivan. The male "action hero" as a companion in Doctor Who. Daniel uses the word "fisticuffs" unironically. Perhaps even Ian Marter realized how useless Harry Sullivan was? Shana barely remembers Revenge of the Cybermen. The plottiness of RotC. Reconnecting wires and red veiny face things as plague effects. Bad science to motivate reasonable storytelling. Daniel is bored by sequences involving court politics. (At least) borderline racist makeup. Repeated tropes from the Pertwee era. The "runaround" as a Doctor Who trope. Shana's first yawn. The Doctor becomes a suicide bomber. What would Shana do to revise the RotC script? Daniel references Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats. Shana gives intro essay writing instructions. This podcast is no longer PG-13. Moving on to Genesis of the Daleks: the greatest episode ever? This episode as the epitome of Space Nazis in Who. Shana yawns a second time. What about Harry getting his foot stuck in a giant clam? The genius of Michael Wisher as Davros. Daniel uses an extremely mixed metaphor. Shana wants a Time Ring for herself. Daniel talks about how wonderful the Daleks are for about six hours and completely loses Shana's attention. Shana yawns a third time. How the various Doctors respond to alien menaces. Possibly sympathizing with Davros? Science used for evil again. The creepiness of Nyder. Davros's largely unexplained deformities. All the stuff we didn't even get around to talking about. Shana yawns a fourth time. How responsible was Terry Nation for Genesis of the Daleks? The captivating speechifying of Tom Baker, and the ethics of genocide. The Tom Baker era's relative lack of recurring villains. Shana yawns a fifth time. Then a sixth. (It's very late at this point.) Overuse of recurring villains, particularly the Master in the David Tennant run. A bit on the use of the Daleks in the twenty-first century. Talking about Genesis vs. Robot. Sarah Jane's camo outfit. Wrapping up. Ending with the final lines of "Genesis of the Daleks" as our quote.

In this first official episode of Oi! Spaceman: A Doctor Who Love Story, Shana and Daniel discuss Tom Baker's first three stories: Robot, The Ark in Space, and The Sontaran Experiment. Also discussed: Doctor Who: Legacy, Colin Baker's dickishness, the feminism of Sarah Jane, and much, much more.
Show notes:
Main topic: Robot, the Ark in Space, and The Sontaran Experiment. Doctor Who: Legacy. A bit on Colin Baker. Extra-legally-obtained episodes? Another little bit on William Hartnell's antepenultimate episode The Smugglers. Shana's physical attraction to the iconic Tom Baker. Everyone's love for Sarah Jane Smith. The Third Doctor Era and Benny Hill. First mention of Harry Sullivan and "old girl." Sarah Jane's investigative reporting instincts in "Robot." The Third Doctor as the prototypical "Scientist Doctor" versus the Scientific Reform Society. "Burninating." Doctor Who and Isaac Asimov? Sarah Jane as the everywoman. Previewing future episodes on Jo Grant and the Third Doctor. The Ark in Space: one of Daniel's all-time favorites -- Shana is skeptical. Daniel can't remember who wrote the Ark in Space and gets it totally wrong. The charm of re-using corridors. The joy of bubble-wrap monsters and lo-fidelity TV screens. Shana has no memory of the Wirn, but loves the character bits. Doctor Who as an anthology series. Standoff between the Wirn and the Doctor. The Doctor tweaking Sarah Jane's feminism: what do we think? Every episode with the word "Time" is bad, except for one, and Daniel can't remember it until he googles it: BAD FAN! Sontar-HA! Did the Sontaran Experiment exist on a far-future Earth or another planet? We're both Bad Fans. The Sontarans torture people off-screen, and Sarah Jane's outfit is adorable. Second mention of Harry Sullivan and "old girl." The Sontarans as Space Nazis. Questioning humanity through the lens of fictional alien species. Military red tape. Sontaran makeup issues. Harry Sullivan's incompetence. Third mention of "old girl." Tom Baker's injuries and comparing the action scenes of the Third and Fourth Doctors. Sarah Jane's empathy. Anti-climactic endings in Doctor Who. Shana prefers Robot to The Ark in Space. Laughing at the B-movieness of Robot. Podcasting at the speed of Google! Ending on the classic quote from The Ark in Space.
Links: Tom Baker talks about his 50th Anniversary Experience.
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