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This Podcast Does Not Support Orson Scott Card's Homophobia and General Wingnuttery (Flatline)

Another episode, another recording style. And another Doctor Who episode (Flatline) we both really liked. Score another point for Jamie Mathieson. Here we discuss what we want the Doctor to be, how the simple matter of the show being remarkably less sexist and problemmatic affects our enjoyment, and the ethics of dealing with alien species with whom one can have little hope of clear communication. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Flatline. Interfering audio. Jamie Mathieson for showrunner! Additional thoughts on Mummy of the Orient Express. Moving past the sexism. Scientist Capaldi. Turning a corner. What traits do the companions pick up from the Doctor? The companion as Doctor-surrogate. The puppy starts to play with a toy. The dog goes outside. A more competent Clara. The prongs of the Bechdel test. Clara lies. Daniel references Neil Labute. Shana is an easy sell on the 20s and trains in space. Visual elements of Flatline. Shana quotes from badass Capaldi. Choosing to play a role. Daniel references the Ender's Game series, but this podcast does not support Orson Scott Card. Daniel ruins the end of The Iron Giant. Riggsy's final moments. Class distinctions in Doctor Who. Speculating about Missy. What we want from special effects. Verity Fucking Lambert. Moral ambiguity. Jamie Mathieson come back! Shana loves Selena Gomez. Did the Pandorica come from Gallifrey? Not just angry eyebrows. Comparisons to Tom Baker. Shana says "dang." Looking forward to the final three. Wrapping up. 

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