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The Zack Morris Effect (The Mysterious Planet)

In this episode, Shana is finally exposed to the many-colored coat as Daniel forces her to endure The Mysterious Planet. For some reason she insisted on watching The Twin Dilemma first, so both stories are covered here. 

Main Topic: The Mysterious Planet. Loud animals. The Twin Dilemma. Cosplay. Way more than kind of a dick. Unreliable. Sexist flamboyant gay man. Peri as the lead character. Baker's performance. "Whether you like it or not!" Double the Adric. Clara as a verb. The most 80s set. Mental health in Doctor Who. Delicious peanuts in a pile of shit. Elton Johnnie Doctor. Chemistry. Caves of Androzani or Twin Dilemma? Back to The Mysterious Planet. Not Shana's era. Nuanced. Distracted by makeup. Aesthetics. Showing its age. Boring production background. The Trial of Doctor Who. The Inquisitor. The Doctor narrates his own story. The Zack Morris Effect. Meta. Shana breaks out in ragtime. Peri. Technical changes. Projecting onto Colin Baker. Glitz and Dibber. Philanthropy. Intermission from a cat. "Better fucking look better than The War Machines!" Robert Holmes' Greatest Hits. Arcs. Valeyard. "Never mind I don't like this story anymore." Fangirl Shana. Next week: Mindwarp. 

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