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The Dickishness of the Doctor

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the end of Series 7, with much misogynist writing, some shoddy stories, and some overall entertaining acting. Also comparisons between the Eleventh Doctor and Gregory House. And philosophizing. 

Main Topic: The last four episodes of Series 7: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, and The Name of the Doctor. We Don't Do Social Media Very Well. Looking Ahead to Series 8. Shana calls Capaldi "The Thirteenth Doctor." A quote from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor Reboots the Universe. The Doctor is overbearing and creepy. "The Doctor Lies." The Doctor isn't Han Solo. The Dickishness of the Doctor. Comparing the Doctor and Gregory House. Shana mistakes "The Name of the Doctor" with "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS." Liking much of the set design in "Journey." Learning more about the TARDIS. Sensawunda. Everybody knows women can't drive the TARDIS. Great to have an entire supporting cast made up of people of color, but boy are they problemmatic stereotypes. Overall a fluffy and cute episode. No quote for The Crimson Horror. Shana's process for looking for quotes. Steampunk and this weird leech puppet thing. A nearly all-female cast. Praise for Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling. There's not really a big "What If" idea at the core of most of Series 7. Shana didn't like the character design of Mister Sweet. You Fail Biology Forever. A Pilot for a Paternoster Gang series. The Doctor's Hard Cock. A Man Kisses a Lesbian. An entertaining forty-five minutes of television. A lot of time in Victorian England. Why can't Jenny and Vastra be full-time companions? Interrupted by our pets. "...squeezed into a skirt that's just a little bit too tight." Neil Gaiman's responsibility for Nightmare in Silver. Eleven is an asshole. Shana forgets which episode we're talking about. Warwick Davis. The Gaiman-ness of the episode. The cybermites are effectively gross. The borgification of the Cybermen. The haplessness of the punishment platoon. Mister Clever. The Seventh Seal is the fucking Seventh Seal. Matt Smith should have played the Master. Big Finish in twenty years. Name of the Doctor solves the Mystery Girl Arc. Shana sings about Red Herrings. #shanashutthefuckup. What if it hadn't been approached as a mystery? Daniel name-drops The Web Planet. We like River Song in this episode. The conference call and the presence of the Paternoster Gang are basically wasted time. Moffat is the writer of no consequences. Talking about John Hurt. It Should Have Been Paul McGann. Daniel likes a lot of the stuff on Trenzalore. Taking a few minutes to philosophisize about why we do this podcast. "It's for kids," is a ridiculous defense of the silliness of recent Who. Cotton Candy Who. "New Earth" and the Omelas. Trying (and failing) to rank these four episodes. Next episode: the 50th anniversary special and the most recent Christmas special. 

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