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The Companion's Journey (Turn Left)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana are joined by Jessica from The Web of Queer in discussing the Donna-centric episode Turn Left. Other than the general aura of Donna squeefulness, the trio discuss Donna as the ordinary person who has the seeds of the extraordinary within, the political nature of the companion during the RTD/Gardner era, and the return of Rose Tyler. Also: the metaphysics of the beetle bubble universe.


Main Topic: Turn Left. With special guest Jessica from The Web of Queer. Huge Donna fangirl. "Donna Donna Donna squee." Political discussions on Web of Queer. An email from Henry. Classic Versus New Who. Separating the artist from the art. Capaldi and Lis Sladen. Adam Baldwin is an awful person. McCoy and Davison not liking a female Doctor. The tide of cultural opinion. Moving on to "Turn Left." Donna and her mother. Wilf crying. Political emotion. Radicalization of the companion. Turn Left as an RTD thesis statement. Rose/Martha/Donna as an extension of the same character traits. Daniel likes it when people agree with him. Donna as a flawed character. Rose and Donna. Empathy. She stands up and fights. Donna as suicide bomber? The metaphysics of the beetle bubble universe. Tourists. Quantum Leap Doctor Who. Rose in Series Four. Go listen to the Web of Queer. Wrapping Up. Next week: The Androids of Tara. 

Go listen to Jessica's podcast The Web of Queer. Her individual Twitter can also be found here

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