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Thankfully He Saved All the Rich White People (Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined once again by Elliot Chapman to discuss the end of the Sixth Doctor era in Terror of the Vervoids and the Ultimate Foe. History should be your guide here; they don't much discuss the details of the actual storyline, in favor of general conversation about acting and many examples of Shana's Mel impersonation. 

Main Topic: Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe. With special guest Elliot Chapman. Not as bad as she'd thought. Castrovulva. Brian Blessed. Casting Mindwarp. Feeling bad for Peri. Bonnie Langford's "It Factor?" Shana's Mel impression. Mel as tonic. Lynda Bellingham. Performativity in the courtroom. Platonic Six. The Ultimate Time Lord. Pushing the Trial idea further. The show shouldn't go on. Dissecting the Trial season. Budgeting Who. Not the fundamental issue. Daniel forgets a title. Noticing economics. Dramatic failure. Target novelizations. Turn the lights down! "A penis and a clit." "Pollinate me!" Explaining accents. Working-class Vervoids. Hybrids. Honor Blackman, 80s stereotype. "We didn't talk about that at all last week." The end of Bobby H-Dawg. An aside about Tim Burton. Pregnable Matrix. Better than The Deadly Assassin. The obligatory Kafka reference. The speech. Should've stayed home. Dichotomy. The Valeyard rejects the counterculture. The ultimate Bart Simpson. Thankfully he saved all the rich white people. Defending the Sixth Doctor. Eye performance. The costume. Agreeable Colin Baker. Capaldi versus Smith. Genderswapped Six. Yay Elliot has work! Next week: Dragonfire.

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