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Stupid Moffat Tricks

Winding up the discussion of the previous year of Doctor Who, Daniel and Shana discuss the 50th Anniversary special Day of the Doctor, the Christmas Special Time of the Doctor, and in addition the online special Night of the Doctor. Despite making an active intent to stay positive, much discussion of plot holes, silly family jokes, and the sexual activity of the Doctor ensue. 

Main Topic: The Night, Day, and Time of the Doctor. Excited about Series 8. The announcement that Jenna Coleman will be leaving the show. Trying to be more positive in this episode. Our favorites and least favorites from the main Series 7. Shana gets the numerous "...of the Doctors" confused. Daniel chooses not to make a bad pun. We are very positive on Night of the Doctor and Paul McGann. Loving the almost-companion and the worldbuilding of NotD. Narcissistic Eleven. The Sisters of Karn are a perfect example of a Classic Who reference. "Spooge-fest." Day of the Doctor is efficiently told. Harkening back to previous anniversary specials. Shana asks the perfect Daniel-puncturing question. Referencing The End of Time Part 2. The context of the end of the Time War. Shana doesn't understand the plot. Cleverness. The time travel stuff actually works here. Overstuffed with plot. Could have been a whole series. Speculating about why people like Moffat's writing. Fairy tale conflicts with slapstick. McGann's inner performance. The Eleventh Doctor is a big kid. Angry Eleven throws tantrums. Daniel doesn't think Matt Smith is the greatest actor. Shana doesn't want to be friends with Eleven. Daniel has superficial reasons to like John Hurt's Doctor. A parody of the Tenth Doctor. Jazz Fingers Ten. Zygon Ten and a shout-out to the moffat hate tag on tumblr. Why did Tennant come back for the anniversary? Talkin' about Zygons. Generic Moffat henchmen. The Tenth Doctor's relationships with women. The Doctor and the class struggle. Authoritarian Eleventh Doctor. Daniel summarizes Time of the Doctor. Turkeys and nudity. Inconsequential nudity. An interesting idea at the core of TotD. A comparison to Pertwee. When did Matt Smith decide to leave? Tasha Lem and the sexual behavior of the Doctor. Moffat needs a dominatrix. Sitcom sexuality. The collapsible plot. "It was all a dream." Clara's family. A thousand years defending Christmas. Worldbuilding fail. Consent fail. "The first face this face saw." We simply don't have an emotional connection to the Eleven/Amy relationship. An iniebriated commentary track for Time of the Doctor? Daniel ends with a quote from an interview with Matt Smith (with a bonus Christopher Eccleston quote). 

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