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Split Personalities (City of Death)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast in discussing the Douglas Adams classic: City of Death. First though, lots of discussion of Steven Moffat and the general failures of the last couple of years of Doctor Who. They then discuss some personal history among the three of them, the relationship between Romana II and the Fourth Doctor, and debate the ethics of sexual consent with a maggot spaghetti man. All that and comparisons between Clara Oswald's being split in time with the Scaroth. 


Main Topic: City of Death. Introducing guest host JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast. Who has the more racist family? Onanistic podcasting. JB's history with Who. Splintered superfans. Moffaty plot holes. What Classic Who does for Shana. Meeting J.B. Whiny Sarah Jane. Chicago TARDIS panels. Why City of Death? Bye bye Duggan! Wandering around Paris and Dudley Simpson. "First draftiness." Production history. "Might could." Romana II. Duggan the parody. Julian Glover. The physical relationship between the Count and Countess. Consent. "Because we're all dirty perverts." The Doctor as asexual? The Fourth Doctor/Romana II relationship. Kerensky. Overpopulation. Authenticity. Packer. Authenticity. Art thievery. "The most important punch in history." Moral messages in fiction. Bill and Ted logic. Next Week: Full Circle. 

Our Chicago TARDIS 2014 episode including the JB Anderton segment.

JB's response to our Chicago TARDIS 2014 episode criticizing him. 

 Daniel has podcasted Revenge of the Nerds.


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