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Sisyphean Grief Without Existentialism (Sleep No More through Hell Bent)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel do a whirlwind discussion of the last four episodes of Series 9, focusing on the death and resurrection of Clara (spoiler alert!) and Moffat's treatment of grief. Also the return of Ashildr, authoritarianism and collateral damage, and deterministic systems. 

Main Topic: Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, and Hell Bent. Sheep Go to Heaven. Completely irrelevant. Gatiss and whimsy. Bethany Black. Not puzzleboxy. Nancy Kress. Found footage. "That's not how subduction zones work." Face the Raven. The Doctor and young black men. Harry Potter. Non-queer Me. Sexual dimorphism. The weight of Clara's death. A response to Journey's End. Moffat proving his feminist bonafides. Leaving the show. Refugees and the Men in Black. Restructuring. The wall of diamond. Leaving Heaven Sent exactly as he came in. The Perfect Companion. A brief digression on fan response to Clara's tits. Authoritarian Me. "Jenna Oswald." The longest time between beginning and end of an episode ever. Overkill. Groundhog Day. Doctor/Me equivalence. Sisyphus without existentialism. "Story on rails." Secret Honor. Philip Glass. Grief porn and torture porn. Poker chips. Doctor Who as a Western. Fanboy Daniel. Dropping social meaning for the personal. Clara versus Amy. Clara versus Charlie. The Hybrid and MacGuffin. Me as a representation of human history. Shana hasn't seen Brain of Morbius. Gender among Time Lords. The Doctor shoots a guy in the face. Clara vs. Tasha Yar. Overstuffed but undercooked. Jenna Coleman's legacy. Looking forward to the Christmas special. Next week: Planet of the Ood. 


Sheep Go To Heaven

Web of Queer: No More Mind

Beggars in Spain.

Phil Sandifer and Elliot Chapman chat "Heaven Sent." 


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