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One Day, Even Here.... (The Ribos Operation)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana discuss one of the finest Doctor Who stories ever: The Ribos Operation. But first they re-introduce themselves for new listeners, indulge in a bit of fanwankery around some Series 9 pre-release, discuss geek culture for a bit, and respond to Jack Graham's comments about their previous episode discussing The Invasion of Time. Also: Binro as moral authority. 

Main Topic: The Ribos Operation. Fred and Whedon. Daniel's favorite. Reintroductions. Fanwankery. The Series 9 trailer, ComicCon, and geek culture. Addressing Jack's criticisms of our Invasion of Time Discussion. Finally getting into the Ribos Operation. K-9 Mark II. Furiosa and Fool. Harry and Four. Honest faces. Eyebrows. Daniel momentarily forgets Zoe. Shana relates to Romana. "What's his name and Unstoffe." Scringestone. Reclining Baker is Happy Baker. Praise for Bobby H-Dawg. Mamet. The Graff. Homphillic. A con-man with a heart of gold. Labyrinth. One day, even here.... Nazis in Argentina. Anarchic spirit. Colonel Sanders. The White Guardian and the Time Lords. Daniel confuses Argentina with Brazil. Crazy fan theory. Cassandra. Next week: The Pirate Planet. 

A link to our Episode 0, where we introduced ourselves originally.

"The Ballad of Russell and Julie." 

From IFC, "It's Time to Retire the Loveable Misogynist Movie Hero." 


Jack Graham: Binro Was Right.


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