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Myths and Legends and Memories and Relationships and Loops (The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Mikayla from The Web of Queer to discuss The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. It becomes a bit of a discussion of the Matt Smith era in general, and there's even a bonus rant about the Zygon two-parter at the end. 

Main Topic: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. With special guest Mikayla of The Web of Queer. Anniversary. Not the Web Planet. Mikayla at Gally 2016. The Asexuality of the Doctor? Asexual and Nonsexual. Quieted voices. Thanking Mikayla. Loops? Why this two-parter? Highs and Lows. Not going to fight the whole time. More of this River. Not a love triangle. Kissing Rory now. Hey, heteronormativity! River as femme fatale? Is River even canonically queer? Immature and superficial Sexy Italians. Rebooting the Universe and Relationships. Rory and the Box. Not okay with Rory's death. Rory has "the girl role." Nice guy Rory. Amelia's agency. Loopy Pandorica. Myths and legends and fairy tales. Erasure. Consistency? The Reversal of the Pandorica. Consequences. Mikayla and Moffat. Are we too rough on the Moffat years? It got so much worse. The Zygon rant. US gun culture. Sandifer and oversignification. Wrapping Up. Next week: Planet of Fire.

Mikayla on Two Minute Time Lord

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