Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Moral Clarity Amid Situational Complexity (Planet of the Ood)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jack Graham to discuss the Tenth Doctor story "Planet of the Ood." This one doesn't get political *at all* they assure you. Slavery vs wage slavery, the value of simpleminded politics, how to be a good ally to oppressed peoples, and capitalism are all addressed. Also, a brief discussion of what Jack thought of Series 9 and praise for Catherine Tate.

Main Topic: Planet of the Ood. The spectre haunting this podcast. Halves of a single corporate entity. Might get a bit political. If you don't like Planet of the Ood.... A clear discontinuity. "What have Daniel and Shana gotten wrong." Not the Shabogans. Thoughts on Series 9. Written by women. A future episode on "Listen." Moving on to the Ood. Robot Jack and emotion. Small-r romance and political idealism. Not just an it. Asking the right questions. Directness. Human resources. "Who Made Your Clothes?" Justifications of slavery. Just five million. Lawrence Miles' douchebaggery. A reading from Phil Sandifer. Privilege and dodging the question. Allyship. Too grateful. Ood vs Tivolians. House elves. Metaphorical anchoring. Multiple meanings of "possession." Authorial intent. The Song of Captivity and Freedom. Cutting out freedom. Circles. "Binro Was Right." Five stages of remove. Isn't Catherine Tate amazing? Donna working stuff out. Dismayed Jack. Daniel gets something wrong. Not sentimentality. Characters. Halpen is more than an evil capitalist. "The Age of Trump." Fear of slave uprisings. "Better off being slaves." Flattering Donald Trump. "Getting it wrong." Enforced empathy. Jack references Marx. Ood Sigma. Empathy injections. Jessica Jones. Everybody thinks they're a good person. "Mein Favorite Shoes." Confrontational. Color. An overly-tidy ending. Keith Temple. The Lovecraftian Inflection. "Fuck you Jack." Totemic Ood. Craig Ferguson. Not neurologically possible. Next week: Earthshock.

The Zygon Invocation
Phil Sandifer on Planet of the Ood
Jack Graham: 12
Concerning Tivolians
Koba the Ape
Naked Pictures of Famous People

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