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Moon Abortion and You Fail Physics and Biology Forever (Kill the Moon)

This one's going up much later than we wanted, but better late than never? Hopefully. This time, Shana and Daniel discuss "Kill the Moon," in particular some horrifying science content and the inherent sexism of certain elements of fandom. Also: the abortion of the moon.


Main Topic: "Kill the Moon." Bad Astronomy. Question: sexism on Doctor Who versus other similar shows? If you're on Tumblr.... We expect better from Doctor Who. "You cis-het white dude." The science of "Kill the Moon." Not ranting about numbers. Summarization. Laughing Shana. If Martha was in this episode. You Fail Biology Forever. You Fail Physics Forever. Gravity. Amniotic Fluid. Age of the moon. Prokaryotic spiders. 99 Biology Problems. Talkin' about eggs. Parody science? A promise of math. Clara tells off the Doctor. Shana paraphrases a long quote. Unique in Doctor Who history. Dudebro fan response to Kill the Moon. Dragon abortion. A boy's club on Doctor Who. Not the hero. "I think you look like giants." The Trolley Problem. Patting ourselves on the back. Forgetting Martha Jones. "Are you high right now?" Talking about plot arcs. As angry as Clara. As feminist as Sarah Jane. The Voice of Reason. Deb Stanish gets a shout-out. The ends do not justify the means. "Would the Doctor think I'm fat?" The Pixar comparison. "Not bad for a girl from Coal Hill School." President Courtney and Blinovitch. 

"Would the Doctor think I'm fat?" http://rointheta.tumblr.com/post/98044754716/i-am-so-heartbroken-by-the-convo-i-just-had-with-my-cuz

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