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Lister's Lost Future (Red Dwarf: The End)

Away we go. In this first episode of the long-awaited (by Daniel at least) new podcast "Red Dwarf: Searching For Fuchal" Shana and Daniel discuss the pilot episode of the classic sci-fi comedy series: "The End." Racial and gender politics, existential dread, and what it might mean to "interfere with a woman" are all discussed.

Main Topic: Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 1: "The End." A bad Doctor Who reference. Don't sully with Moffat. Introducing the podcast. "You're making me read?" How Shana found Red Dwarf. Attracted to Lister. Actors' names. Cat evolution. Minstelry. Gender imbalance. Existential Everyman, but funny. Daniel's introduction through Infinity. Disappointing. Sassy CP. Lister's dream. Kochanski/Lister. Potential future. Form versus content. Prestige is a made-up social thing. Trapped in a social milieu. Rosencrantz and Guilderstern. Worldbuilding. Working class audience and characters. The 80s sucked. Alcoholism. Officers and enlisted men. Rising in social class. Existential dread. Todhunter the hero. Rimmer's culpability. Density. Structure. Credits. Paint. Has to be science fiction. Pipe cleaners. A bro thing. Unappreciative Lister. "Interfere with a woman sexually." Frankenstein is out of fucks. Shana imitates the Cat. "Everyone is dead Dave." Black box theater. The Rimmer salute. Wrapping up.  

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