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Jack and Daniel Confront Their Male Privilege (The Caves of Androzani)

In what is sure to be the single most controversial episode of Oi! Spaceman to date, Shana doesn't much care for The Caves of Androzani. Basically for predictable gender politics reasons, but it's broader than that. They are joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham once again to discuss the story, Holmes's legacy, Withnail and I, and other off-topic things. 

Main Topic: The Caves of Androzani. Mamet. Gender politics. "Super gay and Jack." Podcast boyfriends. One thing about Castrovalva. Frontios and the tractators. Nostalgia. A query to Shana. The greatest? Fourth Doctor as performed by Davison. "You had to be there." Snarky and caustic. Sympathy for Matt Smith. Jek and Davros and Vaughn and Chen. Costuming. Out-Sawarding Saward. Suffocating. "Killing the Fifth Doctor." Fibro fog. Best ever? Androzani and Ribos. Cocktail party Jek. Empathy. Shakespeare. Rapey Jek and damseled Peri. "She does not have big tits!" One-note Peri. Adorable bunny. Opposite ends. Holmes and the marginalization of women. Timmin and Diana Goddard. "Adric." "I can hear Shana's eyes rolling from here." American. The politics of Caves. Thatcher's eighties looks like utopia. Cynicism. Holmes' navel. Chain reaction. Androzani lacks a Binro. Expecting better of the eighties. Withnail and I. The sound of a man getting old. Hugo-nominated Jack. Shabogan Graffiti Conglomerate. Next week: The Mysterious Planet.

Shana on Shabcast 17 talking about Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal.

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