Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
I've Traveled Far and Wide and Come Back With Really Cool Band-Aids

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the second set of three episodes in Series 7: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and The Snowmen. Amy and Rory leave, Clara shows up for real, and lots of silly sexist jokes. 

Show NotesMain Topic: The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, and the Snowmen. Catching up with a bit from last episode. Comparing Brian to Wilf. The Second Doctor only *feinged* being incompetent. Capaldi's comments about the upcoming Series 8. The most famous quote from Power of Three. Amy's relationship with the Doctor. The Eighth Doctor has Will Sasso burned onto his hearts. "He Doesn't Like to See You Age." Too Little Too Late. Earlier Doctors and Patience. Our headcanon about Kate Stewart. Social media and the cubes. We're not even talking about the plot holes in The Angels Take Manhattan. Talking about the meaning of marriage and the Amy/Rory/Doctor love triangle. The theme of storytelling in Moffat's era. Heroic adventurer River Song. An overly extended pre-credits sequence. We're going to get sued by Disney. Talking about P.S. Cheating on the emotional content of the series by letting characters of the hook. Headcanoning about Amy and Rory's quite life in the past. Jenny, Vastra, Strax, and the Snowmen. Daniel likes letting Shana do all the work for once. Having very little context on Jenny and Vastra. Lipstick lesbians. Should have been a spinoff. The Doctor not caring was an idea from the late seventies. The Childish God. Can't we just let the Ponds go? Shana does like these characters in The Snowmen. Shana and Daniel rank these three episodes. Calling back to "The Abdominable Snowmen." Shana really likes Strax. Looking forward to Capaldi.  

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