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Ineffectual Oligarchy (Full Circle)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by James Murphy of the Pex Lives podcast to discuss the introduction of Adric (and, for this show, 80s Who) in Full Circle. Since James is a bit of a Moffat defender, they also put him on the spot and force him to defend the horrible sexism, racism, and general horribleness of the last few years of Doctor Who. (He survives, barely). It's an overall very fun and discursive conversation that barely even mentions oligarchy at all. 

Main Topic: Full Circle. Introducing guest host James from the Pex Lives podcast. James likes Steven Moffat, with massive reservations. Racism? What are we missing in the Matt Smith era? Agreeable James. Perspective shift. Writing for Tumblr. Looking forward to Series 9. Capaldi as the final author of the scripts. How do we keep watching a show we don't like? Moffat's next project. Moving on into Full Circle. Adric has a little brother complex. Adric is petulant and worried. Adric and Zoe. Behind the scenes with Lalla Ward. The focus on Tom Baker. Haggard Baker. 80s aesthetics and JN-T. A band of Viet Cong substitutes. Marshmen is fun to say. Marshmen costumes. Unquestioned belief in evolution. Full Circle as straight science fiction. Science as counterculture. Self-centered religion. After the end. James is not a sophisticated political thinker. Systemic political oppression. Solid entertainment. June Hudson and Tom Baker's new costume. A bathrobed musketeer. Daniel interrupts James. Adric the elite who can't steal riverfruit. James will have a legal pad. Next week: The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar.

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