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Human Dog Food (Spare Parts)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana are joined by the writer of the Shabogan Graffiti blog and host of the Shabcast, Jack Graham, to talk about the Big Finish audio Spare Parts. If you know Jack's work at all, you won't be surprised that this one gets lefty, political, and ranty pretty quickly. Alas, poor Yvonne. 

Show Notes: 

Main Topic: Spare Parts, with special guest Jack Graham. An inaccurate summary? Shana's introduction to the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. "Beige." The Young Davison versus the Old Davison. Everymanish Davison. Headcanon. Why Jack picked "Spare Parts." Mark Platt's worldbuilding through dialogue. The Cybermen as a concept versus the on-screen reality. A story about the Sam Sealeys. The Doctor haunts the perimeter. Shana needs to ask culturally British questions. Yvonne. Human beings rendered as material. Cultural confusions. Self-described versus self-confessed. Space Communists. Jack goes off. "Qlippothic." Cybermen versus Borg. Dog food. The capitalist-totalitarian state. Big Finish creates rich narrative texts. The original design of the Cybermen. Ill-used Cybermen. Capitalist/Communist/Fascist. "Like a road accident." The limnality between human and robot. Crying Cybermen. Bandages. The mixed blessings of vidfire. Shana doesn't do titles. Willing suspension of disbelief. Thrown out of orbit. Looking forward to cyberconversion. Natural and real. Institutionalized genocide. Uniforms. A reference to Nixon? Jack doesn't play games. Sexy words. Double bind. The problem with Attack of the Cybermen. Jon Stewart and J.J. Abrams. Ranty Shana. A Bit of Fry and Laurie. The Doctor does not really exist. The Doctor as the origin of the Cybermen. Comparison to The Face of Evil. Kudos to Sarah Sutton. Missing codec and the aural blowjob. Political emotion. Real-life politics. Wrapping up. 

Find Jack's blog Shabogan Graffiti here and the podcast he hosts (The Shabcast) here. His essay on Phil Sandifer's blog "Steven Moffat: A Voice for the Prosecution" can be found here, and a post called "Missing Codec," referenced in the podcast, can be found here

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