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His Name is Django (Django Unchained)

In this bonus episode, Shana and Daniel discuss a film they've been rewatching a lot lately, Django Unchained, and the horrifying legacy of slavery. Also folk heroes in fiction, "the father of gynecology," positionality, and the deep satisfaction of seeing slavers brutally murdered. Warning: this episode contains unusually aggressive language and themes, even for Oi! Spaceman. 

Main Topic: Django Unchained. Nominally a Doctor Who podcast. Identifiers. "I believe in racism." Positionality. The legacy of slavery is still with us. Not black. Holocaust. Werner von Braun. Gypsies versus Romanis. Dripping racism. Knoxville. Linguistics. Rocks and windows. Racially-motivated violence. Badass black heroes. Should this film even exist? Fun-and-games slavery. Tarantino's positionality. Use of the N-word. Spielberg. Maus. Basterds versus Unchained. Space Nazis. Tarantino and revolution. Will Smith. Christoph Waltz. His name is King. The immigrant experience. Clever to a fault. Diction. White guilt. His name is Django. Franco Nero. Appropriation. Not advocating white genocide. Chapelle's show. Two kinds of violence. Casual. Every day. Living to his skin. Beer as a reward. The Brittle Brothers. Django's agency. Joseph Campbell bullshit. The Broomhilda myth. Metatext. Cotton. Candie. Moguy the slave. "Why don't they kill us?" Quiet heroism. Jerry-rig. Tortured. Patriarch. Steven. Black Complicity. Fool. Too clever. Burn it with fire or live to fight another day? Informed consent. Candie's motivation. Walton Goggins. Faces. "Little Troublemaker." Heroes. Structure. Wrapping Up.

From NPR: Remembering Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy

The American Slave Coast

Chappelle's Show: The Time Haters

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