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Genocide and Polyamory (The Husbands of River Song)

This week Shana and Daniel discuss "The Husbands of River Song" and have bad flashbacks to the Matt Smith years. Cuddly genocidal monsters and our first canonical polyamorous character in Doctor Who are discussed. Also some general discussion on River Song as written and performed, Daniel's coarse comments on the sexual prowess of several Doctors, and looking forward to 2016. Also: a very brief discussion of why they didn't cover Earthshock last week. 

Main Topic: The Husbands of River Song. Flames. Earthshock. No shittier than what we've already done. Character dynamics. Moving on to The Husbands of River Song. Going to talk about sex. The Narrative of River Song. A return to the Eleventh Doctor era. "River's kinda dumb." Speculations on writing process. A female Captain Jack. The sexual prowess of the Doctor. Eleventh Doctor as creepy boyfriend Doctor. Boyish charm. Leftover Strax dialogue. Kilgraving. Getting nutritional value. Leching on Alex Kingston (sorry!). Address to criticism. Mixing of tones. Cartoony score. Metatextual. Polyamory or genocide? "Any other Doctor would burn this place to the ground." Hydroflax and the Tivolians. Scratch and the Shoal of the Winter Harmony. Four billion followers. Two responses to bullies. Krod Mandoon. A very limited amount of Hitler-talk. The polyamory of River Song. Stephen Fry and River Song? Not a show for adults. Not going to talk about Girl in the Fireplace. Marginalization of our PoC character. Low expectations. Looking back and looking forward. Wrapping up. Next week: Mawdryn Undead. 

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