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Fan Sexism Then and Now (Mindwarp)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast to discuss "Mindwarp." In theory, that's what they do. In practice the conversation becomes much more wide-ranging, covering issues of sexism in media, the treatment of Peri by the show and Nicola Bryant by the production team, convention misbehavior, and even Donald Trump's candidacy. It's a long but fruitful conversation.

Main Topic: Mindwarp. With special guest JB Anderton of the Who37 podcast. Masturbation. Patreon? C2E2. Artists and geek cons. Convention politics. Shameless plug. Chicago TARDIS and cosplay. Panels at C2E2. Hugging Alan Tudyk. Tweeting at Noel Clarke. The Rose/Mickey/Martha threesome. Welcoming fandom. Alex Kingston and Elliot Serrano. "Fuck you, you're a misogynistic asshole!" Moving on to Mindwarp. JB's history with Mindwarp. "30 years later not so much...." Brian Blessed, the big scary teddy bear. Christopher Ryan. Mad scientist. Execution. The Trial as device. Jiminy Cricket. Companions in danger. Behind the scenes. The Valeyard is the Master? Removal of Peri's femininity. The Doctor's sympathy for Peri. Turncoat Doctor. Peri and Clara. Lord Kiv, CEO. Rewriting "Mindwarp." Susan and Peri impressions. Metanerrative. A Peri/Yrcanos sitcom. Rewriting Peri. Ambiguity. Nicola Byrant and Colin Baker. "You had to be there." Dehumanization. Peri and Polly. Peri's backstory. Fanon. Actress pay. Representation issues. Tegan and Peri. Growling at Gatiss. Avoiding gendered language. Failing the counterculture. Giving up on fandom. "Fuck the feels." Belittling not saccharine. Problematic Who. A random aside about Donald Trump. The Fearmonger. The bright light is coming. Looking forward to The Happiness Patrol. A giant feminist rant. Next week: Terror of the Vervoids/The Ultimate Foe.

JB's girlfriend Darlene's art page
Alex Kingston sexually harassed at Chicago TARDIS 2015.
Hell You Talmbout.

Find JB's podcast Who37 at who37.com, and find him on Twitter at @who37podcast.


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