Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Episode 7: Fish Fingers and Custard Bullshit

In which Shana and Daniel get their Moffate Hate on and do a full hour talking about Matt Smith's first episode, The Eleventh Hour, and the Steven Moffat Era of Doctor Who in general. Sexism, feminism, puzzle-box storytelling, lack of respect for others... all are discussed herein. Lovers of Steven Moffat be forewarned.

Main Topic: The Eleventh Hour. Shana's annoyed at Doctor Who Legacy. But she's having a good time looking at cool Doctor Who cosplay online. Daniel's been showing Shana dirty Ten/Rose fanarts. Daniel's been hanging out in the Moffat Hate tag on tumblr. What if Caroline John had played the first female Doctor, with Jon Pertwee as her goofy assistant? Comparing the context of the Eleventh Hour with Spearhead From Space. Talking about our history of watching Doctor Who in general, and The Eleventh Hour in particular. Being distracted by problemmatic elements in Moffat era Who. Daniel was really excited to enter the Matt Smith era when first watching it. Daniel and Shana really test the patience of the listeners. Daniel really likes about twenty-five minutes in the middle of this episode. Fish fingers and custard bullshit. Shana is passionate about bacon. The fundamental change from RTD/Gardner to Moffat. Obsessive geekiness about fiddly details in Moffat's Doctor Who. (Reference: How Steven Moffat ruined Doctor Who.) Puzzle-boxy Who. Getting into Shana's notes about The Eleventh Hour. How small moments that feel wrong can totally ruin your experience of an episode. The Eleventh Doctor is a bully. Rory: "Hello, weird!" Daniel's epic rant about sexual immaturity in the Moffat era. Silly porn jokes in The Eleventh Hour. The travesty of Amy as a kissogram. We can rely on Moffat to always make the wrong choice. Moffat shoots himself in the foot in interviews. Talking about the "Queen should be a man" comment. Shana doesn't like the Doctor being able to write the computer virus and Fermat's last theorem. Daniel really likes the central conflict in The Eleventh Hour. Why couldn't Matt Smith have been a MacGuyver Doctor? Murray Gold's score being awesome but a bit misused here. Inconsistency in The Eleventh Doctor's character. Metatextual elements of the dates in The Eleventh Hour? Wrapping up with a quote that shows what Matt Smith does really well. Can't wait for the hate mail. 


How Steven Moffat Ruined Doctor Who: Part one and two.

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