Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

Recorded all of two hours after Episode One, we were perhaps a bit too sleepy to really grapple with "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Genesis of the Daleks," but no doubt we'll come back to these themes again and again. Lots of random douchiness from Harry Sullivan for those amused by such. 

Show Notes: 

Main topic: Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen. Daniel plays a joke on Shana, because he's a dork. Recording a couple of hours after recording Episode 1. Talkin' about Harry Sullivan. Forgetting about Harry Sullivan. "Old Girl" and the snippiness of Harry Sullivan. The male "action hero" as a companion in Doctor Who. Daniel uses the word "fisticuffs" unironically. Perhaps even Ian Marter realized how useless Harry Sullivan was? Shana barely remembers Revenge of the Cybermen. The plottiness of RotC. Reconnecting wires and red veiny face things as plague effects. Bad science to motivate reasonable storytelling. Daniel is bored by sequences involving court politics. (At least) borderline racist makeup. Repeated tropes from the Pertwee era. The "runaround" as a Doctor Who trope. Shana's first yawn. The Doctor becomes a suicide bomber. What would Shana do to revise the RotC script? Daniel references Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats. Shana gives intro essay writing instructions. This podcast is no longer PG-13. Moving on to Genesis of the Daleks: the greatest episode ever? This episode as the epitome of Space Nazis in Who. Shana yawns a second time. What about Harry getting his foot stuck in a giant clam? The genius of Michael Wisher as Davros. Daniel uses an extremely mixed metaphor. Shana wants a Time Ring for herself. Daniel talks about how wonderful the Daleks are for about six hours and completely loses Shana's attention. Shana yawns a third time. How the various Doctors respond to alien menaces. Possibly sympathizing with Davros? Science used for evil again. The creepiness of Nyder. Davros's largely unexplained deformities. All the stuff we didn't even get around to talking about. Shana yawns a fourth time. How responsible was Terry Nation for Genesis of the Daleks? The captivating speechifying of Tom Baker, and the ethics of genocide. The Tom Baker era's relative lack of recurring villains. Shana yawns a fifth time. Then a sixth. (It's very late at this point.) Overuse of recurring villains, particularly the Master in the David Tennant run. A bit on the use of the Daleks in the twenty-first century. Talking about Genesis vs. Robot. Sarah Jane's camo outfit. Wrapping up. Ending with the final lines of "Genesis of the Daleks" as our quote.