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Does The Brig Have a Point? (Doctor Who and the Silurians)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel chat about the Third Doctor's second story: Doctor Who and the Silurians. Genocide (maybe), laggy pacing, and fucking adorable married couple antics reign supreme. 

Main Topic: Doctor Who and the Silurians. Nazi Godzillas. Titles. Hate having guests. Daniel was right. Pacing. Black and white. Pigtails. So married. Liz. Fulcrum. A37 and Z13. Squishy-squishy. "White Man Sit Down and Think." IT Crowd reference. Greatness. Lesbian innovation. "More like Twelve Monkeys." Noir Who. Peter Myles. Compression. White guys with clipboards. "Not my kink!" No sonic. Coup. The Upside of Dragging Ass. The Chick and the Doctor. Is the Doctor Right? Twilight. Alternate Hulke. Does the Brig have a point? Litter. Not genocide. Interpretation. Ambiguity. Palestinians. Allegory. Complication. Shades of gray. Bessie. One day, even here.... Excuse. Paperwork. Pet dinosaur. Missing. The one peacemaker. Nuance. Mind power in the bedroom. Jabberwocky. Boring biowarfare. Stupid faux-science. Continental drift. A more relevant statement. The Tenth Planet. Shut up. Mistaken title. Daniel was right. What this era looks like. "Is this why we have guests?" 

Daniel and Shana discuss Spearhead From Space: "Thunderballs and the Dirty Old Box." 

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