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Class, Gender, and the Ziggurat (Red Dwarf: Balance of Power)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are (shockingly, I know) joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham to discuss the third episode of Series One: Balance of Power. Capitalism, class, gender, The Fappening, and Craig Charles's acting chops are all at least mentioned. 

Main Topic: Balance of Power. With special guest Jack Graham. A capitalist joke. Avoiding culture. Shana rises above. Shana's boobs. Teenagerhood. Jack's early Dwarf. Power. "I've been fished to death!" Craig Charles, Actor. Okaaaayyy... Challenging each other. Rimmer the goof-off. Re-ordering episodes. Lister the socialite. Loser's club. Post-apocalyptic. Ghosts. Exactly what a cat would do. Thematically dense. Recurring themes. Roko's Basilisk. Quasars. Horrible Rimmer. Kinship to Rimmer. Metaphorical hologram. Slut-shaming. Potential Rimmer friendship. Turning Rimmer on. Thinking it through. Being brought back. Stuff. Economics and artificial scarcity. Marxism not capitalism. Slave skutters. Fantasies of power and achievement. Class structure. Officer Kochanski. Misogyny or general disrespect? Private military. East India Company. The Inevitable Bit About Thatcher. Truckers in space. Class issues and the Cat. Teasing. Story versus ideas. "Middlebrow." A shallow reading of Jane Austen. Sartre. Government health warnings. Passing the chef's exam. "Sometimes you make those bullshit dreams work!" Ziggurat. Death video. Unemployed Lister. "Oh JPS!" Geeky Lister? No Exit. The end of heirarchy. Kochanski the muse. Purses. Waking Kochanski. Alternate directions for the show. Holograms in society. Creepy. "The Fappening." Easy to be a girl. What girls want. Clare Grogan's role in the show. Problems and opportunities. Dudebros getting drunk. Clever Lister. Density. Dumbest joke ever. Getting in touch with his feminine side. Wrapping up. The Double Rimmer. 

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