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Bootstraps, Memes, and Subjugation (Under the Lake/Before the Flood)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana are highly amused (and at least somewhat impressed by) the second two-part story of Series 9, "Under the Lake/Before the Flood." A base-under-siege with a nifty Golden Age SF time travel twist, this story inspires discussion of subjugated peoples controlled by mental conditioning, the way that that metaphor might reflect modern-day patriarchal structures, and the use of time travel paradoxes in Moffat Who. Also: email about military adventurism in the Western world, discussion of the space opera elements of Blake's 7, and a rough definition of the word miniarchist. All that and a rubber monster, too. 

Main Topic: Under the Lake/Before the Flood. Shana's Intro. Daniel didn't hate this. Where have these characters been? Semaphore. Sophie Stone. New producer. Our deaf listeners? An email from Henry, our miniarchist friend. Quote, unquote. Literally. "Don't ding a poet!" Blake's 7. The Underwater Menace DVD and the possibility of streaming. A letter from Tom and military metaphor. "Lean back and think of England." Toby Whithouse. Shana does her Susan Foreman impersonation for Jack Graham. Petroleum. I'm from UNIT. Pacing. O'Donnel versus Osgood. The Cold War. Prentiss and BDSM. The Tivolians and the Ood. Not Robin Williams. Daniel is an idiot. The love stories. Feels like a Classic Who four-parter. Still not a bossy control freak. Dynamic female characters. The bootstrap paradox. Breaking the fourth wall. Rock star anarchist Rod Serling. Our blind listeners. Doctor Who as a time travel story. Robert Osborne. Structure. Fixed points and Time Lords. Flood myths. Bigger pictures. "Can we call him Aladdin?" Consistent universes. Alien races in Classic Who. Trek vs. Who. "They can't say the Doctor's been racist for 2000 years." Future history. Creature design. The Fisher King versus the Graf Vynda-K. Screwdriver vs. Sunglasses. Next week: State of Decay. 

Full Battle Rattle, a documentary mentioned in the show. 
Shana and Daniel discuss The Mind Robber and the God Complex.

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