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An Abusive Polyamorous Triad (Series 8)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the relationship dynamics of the now-on-Netflix-streaming Series 8 of Doctor Who, viewing the Danny/Clara/Doctor conflict as a deeply dysfunctional polyamorous triad. The topics discussed, including emotional abuse, toxic masculinity, and systemic misogyny, may be triggering or otherwise uncomfortable for some listeners. Also discussed: Clara as a "bossy control freak," some general impressions of Series 8 on a technical level, and a close reading of a pivotal scene from "The Caretaker."

Main Topic: The Danny/Clara/Doctor Relationship in Series 8. The Moffat-Hate Hour. Polyamory. Poly in Golden Age SF writers. Our personal histories with poly. Don't talk to Freud. Sexual identification words. Lies Higher Education Has Told Me. Appreciating the Sam Seeleys. The Doctor is Poly. Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack. Basic respect. General discussion of Series 8. "At the end of a silly show for entertainment I shouldn't want to punch the television." Praise for production design and for performance. Still Capaldi. Doctor Clara. Listen. "Abort the Moon." Twelve Angry Men. Production versus script. Pregnant Amy. "Bossy Control Freak." Clara Who. Daniel makes a calculus joke. Doctor/Clara/Danny: An Abusive Polyamorous Triad. A close reading from "The Caretaker." Military as patriarchy. Naive Clara. Gaslighting the audience. First World Problems. Superficial interiority. Inglourious Basterds and the Tenth Doctor. Cheeto emotions. Romance in fiction. How do we re-write the Danny/Doctor/Clara relationship? Chaotic Good Doctor. The dumbest bit in Flatline. The last line of Time Heist. Shana has green hair. We don't want to be having this conversation. Killing the boy. Comparing Moffat Who to other TV shows. Steven Universe. Rick and Morty. The Worst Parts of Three and Four. CGI by Havoc. Wrapping Up. 

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