Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

In which Shana and Daniel discuss one of the most maligned episodes in Doctor Who History: Fear Her. Spoiler Alert: they love this episode. Listen to find out why.

Main Topic: Fear Her. Shana doesn't hate Fear Her, and doesn't read up on fan consensus the way Daniel does. Shana thinks Fear Her has a very direct line to a child audience. Shana does a brief summary of Fear Her. Rose is the really clever one. "In the name of the Shadow Proclamation!" Daniel summarizes some of the things people claim not to like about this episode. The shippiness of Ten and Rose. Shana and Daniel only have the second-best Doctor Who Love Story. Fear Her's troubled production history vis a vis script. Ultimately a life-affirming episode. The Tenth Doctor gets Rose involved and is very proud of her. The Doctor helps Rose gain sympathy for herself. All of the major non-regulars in this episode are POC. Complex, real characters. A plea for a UK-based listener to speak to the racial issues in their society versus the US. Matthew Graham writing a police procedural version of Doctor Who. Comparisons between Law & Order and Fear Her. How can the Doctor defeat an enemy that is, on some level, an innocent? The aftermath of physical and emotional abuse. The Doctor solves problems through communcation and empathy. Shana actually did research for this episode. "Pothole guy." Silly stuff in Fear Her. Anything that we hate in Fear Her? A bit heavy-handed on the leaving of Rose arc. Loving the Isolus in idea, design, and execution. Triumphing over adversity through empathy. The failure of psychoactive snow versus the children's drawings. Well-read Shana brings up Roald Dahl. Ending with a quote from the Tenth Doctor. Next time: Pyramids of Mars. 

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