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Ace... and Her Dimples (Dragonfire)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel announce a new direction for the podcast (to be starting in about a month) and discuss the Seventh Doctor story "Dragonfire." Was there ever any doubt that Shana was going to fall in love with Ace?

Main Topic: Dragonfire. Glitz as Han Solo. A fuck-you to Robert Holmes. Drinking today. Daniel the dominant male patriarchal figure. Shana the flirt. A podcast announcement. "If you don't like it, let us know." Shana cackles. Jack Graham and Hamilton. Steven Universe. From McGann to David Lister. Moving on to Dragonfire. The least important element. Mel and Glitz? Mel and Ace. "Grandfather seems to be enjoying himself!" Stupid rich lady. Cyberpunk. Daniel's bad Magenta pun. Ace a genderswapped Dave Lister. Working-class Ace. Seven treats women as people. It factor. Sylvester McCoy can juggle. Whither Dibber? Ace... and her dimples! "Do you remember Dodo at all?" Dragonfire or Caves of Androzani? Creating fuck fantasies. "You are attracted to the Slitheen." The worst Ace episode? Psychoanalyzing Mel. "This is what we call 'my type'." Ace's sexual past. "I think this is completely appropriate." "It was a bad idea! You should have left it alone!" Kane, Space Nazi. Magenta Planet. The Professor. "There is no Turlough, only fan-Turlough." Ace vs. Tegan. A very happy Tegan. "Okay, whatever." The dragon. Wrapping up. 

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