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A Silly Story Deserves a Silly Podcast Episode (The Three Doctors)

In this appropiately menadering and off-topic podcast episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the tenth anniversary story The Three Doctors. Much merriment was had by all, both onscreen and off. Plus: Omega and hagiography. 

(Note: Around the thirty-minute mark there is a brief mention of Thomas Jefferson and his relationship with Sally Hemings that may be triggering for some listeners. It's brief but those easily triggered by such topics should be aware it's coming. Thanks.)

Main Topic: The Three Doctors. The Bristol Boys. Answering machine adorableness from married couples. The first of the N Doctors Stories. Jo Grant is very Twiggy. Katy Manning is blind. Jo's longevity. The Brig satires himself. Omega was nearly Ohm. Benton is the Rory of the classic series. Jo just hanging out. The humor of The Three Doctors. A satirical sign? Austin Powers. All of the anniversary stories are silly. The Second Doctor plays the comic relief role. Emo Tenth Doctor and Jazz Hand Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3. A cheerleader movie reference. William Hartnell. What if the First Doctor met the Eleventh Doctor? Shana does her Susan impersonation. Hartnell's last performance. A scientist and a Sam Seely character. Cooking tips with Oi! Spaceman. Reminding the audience of what a "Sam Seely character" is. Scooby Doo. Time Lords from Tron! A section of Daniel's notes. Why the Doctor left the Time Lords. Paradise Lost in a silly story. Omega. The sympathetic villain. Thomas Jefferson raped his slaves. Comparing Omega to the Mind Robber. The Bubble Wrap Crap Octopi? The Amber Crab Blob? Family entertainment. The deeper ideas of "The Three Doctors." Deferring to the wisdom of my fifteen-year-old-self. Time Lord Mind Meld. Official versus unofficial anniversary stories. Daniel complains. Wrapping up. 

Peter Capaldi and Katy Manning recreate a photo from the Pertwee years.

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